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Is Lavender Oil Safe For Dogs? Let’s Find Out!

Is Lavender Oil Safe For Dogs? Let’s Find Out!

is lavender oil safe for dogs

Essential oils have become extremely popular these days due to their unmatched benefits. This has made pet owners wonder if these same benefits are applicable when it comes to the well-being of their pets. Lavender oil, especially, is known for its calming properties, which may as well be helpful to calm dogs that suffer from anxiety.  But, before deciding to buy lavender oil, think twice: Is lavender oil safe for dogs?  

Well, it is important to note that essential oils may not work the same way they do in humans. If not properly used, it may cause serious irritation or even become toxic for your dogs. So, it is always important that you consult with the vet before using any essential oil, particularly if your pet has an underlying health condition.

As for the use of lavender oil and how safe it is, this article is just the right one for you. Stay with us till the end as we discuss the much-acknowledged benefits of lavender oil and find out if it is a safe option for your dog.  

What Is Lavender Oil?  

What Is Lavender Oil

Lavender is a high-concentration extract that is curated from the flower spikes of the lavender plant. The oil does not have any color and will certainly not dissolve in water, either. It contains just the same phytochemicals that are present in the lavender plant, like linalool and linalyl acetate. While neither of these chemicals is safe for use in animals, smaller doses are still acceptable for others.  

Lavender oil is mainly used in perfumes or for aromatherapy. It is also a very popular ingredient when it comes to skincare products. In recent days, people have started to use lavender oil for a variety of purposes, especially to promote relaxation.

Why Use Lavender Oils On Your Dog?  

Why Use Lavender Oils On Your Dog

Why not? You probably already use a whole lot of deodorizing, grooming, and other products on your dog. And, if they at all suffer from anxiety, you probably have visited the vet a number of times to get the heavy, high-dose medicines that are probably more harmful than useful.

What if you knew about an already existing natural remedy that can substantially reduce anxiety in dogs and help them stay calm and relaxed? Well, you guessed it correctly. Lavender oils have been extremely popular in aromatherapy for thousands of years, and their effects have been proven scientifically.

Being one of the safest and most gentle oils, lavender is particularly popular as a natural sedative, soothing, and calming alternative that eases depression and anxiety and promotes deeper and more peaceful sleep.  

While it is still a lesser-known fact, lavender oil also has properties that can soothe pain from burns and bites, smaller wounds, treat itchy and dry skin, and is a very popular bug repellent. Its mesmerizing smell acts as a cherry on the top.  

Is Lavender Oil Safe For Dogs?  

Is Lavender Oil Safe For Dog

So, you may think what’s good for humans is good for dogs, too, right? Well, it might be in principle. While we say that lavender oil is particularly safe for dogs, there is a “but.”  

First of all, we would like to make it absolutely clear that lavender oils are completely gentle and safe to help dogs suffering from a number of health conditions. But, when it comes to your little furry baby, you just need to be a bit more careful and pay a bit more attention.  

Any essential oil is highly potent. Around 3 pounds of lavender flowers are used to produce only 15 ml of lavender oil. This, along with an entire host of biologically powerful and active compounds, may present certain potential challenges when it comes to your little four-legged furry friend.  

Their High Sense Of Smell  

For example, dogs have a higher sense of smell than humans. It is estimated that dogs are able to smell somewhere 1,000 to 10,000 times better than humans. While sight is the primary sense for humans, smell is for dogs. So, what is just a soft, delicate smell for you might just become pretty aggressive when it comes to their dog senses. Therefore, it is super important to dilute any essential oil, particularly lavender, when it comes to using it for dogs.  

The Age, Size, And Health Of Dogs  

Dogs have a different body structure and weight than humans. While they can very safely inhale lavender oil or absorb it through their skin, it is important that you keep an eye on the dosage. The same dosage that works for you may not be the best option when it comes to your dog. Their little bodies may not be able to deal with what you can easily. This is where things become a little trickier as the age, size, breed, and health of your dog will all decide the right dosage of lavender oil for your pet. You may consult your vet if it is at all necessary.  

Dogs Have A Different Metabolic System 

Apart from their small size, a dog’s metabolism is also pretty different from that of humans. So, make sure that in no way does your dog digest any amount of lavender oil. Also, make sure that there is no lavender oil lying around where your dog can easily get it. It will make them very sick.  

It is also important that you choose a 100 percent pure, top quality essential oil for use on your dog. This is the only way you can be assured that it is absolutely safe for pets. Many brands claim to sell essential oils when, in reality, it is just perfume. They may smell nice but won’t perform as well as lavender oil. So, before you go on to purchase it, make sure that you check the brand online and look for credibility and for pets.  

Benefits Of Lavender Oil On Your Dog  

Benefits Of Lavender Oil On Your Dog

When you use it correctly and safely, lavender oils come with a number of healthy benefits for your dog. It acts as a natural sedative, soothes itches, and acts as an antibacterial, making both your dog’s and your life simpler.  

Lavender Oil Can Give Comfort And Calm Your Anxious Dog  

Nothing is more painful than seeing your little fur baby anxious and fearful. Thunder, fireworks, car rides, getting separated from their favorite person, and being left alone are some of the most common triggers of anxiety in dogs. This usually becomes worse as they start to age and their mental and physical health starts to deteriorate. In some cases, you may have a hyper dog that is difficult to calm down. Lavender oil is extremely beneficial for its magnificent calming properties for both anxious and hyperactive dogs. It is also an impeccable aid if your dog suffers from insomnia.  

Lavender Oil Soothes Allergies, Itchy Skin, And Small Wounds Or Burns  

Do you see your dog scratch itself at every possible instance? There might be a chance that they are suffering from allergic dermatitis. Lavender oil, being a powerful anti-inflammatory and natural antihistamine, can help soothe your dog’s irritated, red, itchy skin. Along with antibacterial properties, lavender is also useful for skin or sunburns, small wounds, cuts, and even bug bites. It also helps in soothing and restoring dry skin.  

Lavender Oil Helps Reduce Pain  

Lavender Oil Helps Reduce Pain

If your dog is going through any pain – be it from an injury or arthritis pain – lavender oil is an excellent remedy here, too. There are multiple studies and research that prove that lavender oil is an excellent pain reliever.

Lavender Oil Is An Insect And Flea Repellent  

While lavender oil will necessarily not kill bugs or insects, the fun part is that bugs hate the smell of lavender oil on both dogs and humans. So, if your dog goes through a problem of ticks and fleas or gets attacked by mosquitoes, spraying a little bit of diluted lavender oil may help chase the bugs away.  

Lavender Oil For Controlling Dog Odor  

The benefits of lavender do not just stop at its medicinal properties. It has a soft floral aroma, which is one of the most effective ways to control pet odor. Lavender has a beautiful smell that you are going to love, too.  

Side Effects Of Lavender Oil On Dogs

Side Effects Of Lavender Oil On Dogs

While it may be a great remedial option for your dog, it does not eliminate certain side effects that lavender oil may also possess. A little fluctuation in the dose may end up causing lavender poisoning in your dog.  

Some prominent symptoms that your dog is suffering from lavender poisoning are:  

  • Bloated abdomen  
  • Abdominal pain  
  • Dog diarrhea  
  • Fever 
  • Loss of appetite  
  • Inability to pass stool  
  • Vomiting 
  • Shock 
  • Difficulty in breathing  
  • Trembling 

These symptoms mainly occur when your dog eats huge quantities of lavender straight from the plant, eats a candle with lavender oil in it, or licks lavender oil directly. Administering balanced doses will reduce the risks of lavender poisoning, but you need to be careful regardless.  

How Can You Safely Use Lavender Oil For Your Dog?

How Can You Safely Use Lavender Oil For Your Dog

It just takes one or two sniffs of your dog for the lavender oil to get absorbed in their bloodstream and start working. However, lavender oils are extremely potent. While using it may be simpler when it comes to you, you need to be extra careful when using it on your pup.

There are a handful of ways to use lavender oil in the safest possible manner for your dog. 

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Diffusing the lavender oil is one of the easiest ways to create a comforting and calming environment for your dog. However, it is to be kept in mind to not overdo it.

For humans, it is better if you don’t diffuse it for more than an hour at a time. But, for your little companion, the session needs to be reduced to 10 minutes, with a 30-minute break that follows. Start with just one or two drops of lavender oil and a water-based diffuser. Then, confirm with the vet if the pet’s age, size, and health will allow it to handle more.  

Topical Application  

Before using lavender oil directly on your dog’s skin, make sure that you dilute it first. 

The best way is to mix one drop of lavender oil with fifty drops of carrier oil like fractionated almond, coconut, or jojoba oil. If you are conflicted about the dilution levels for your dog, it is best if you consult the vet before taking any step.  

A soft massage with some diluted lavender oil may help in easing joint pain, along with soothing irritated or itchy skin. You may also put a drop of the diluted oil on the back of their neck or the base of their tail to help with ticks, fleas, or any other pests.  

Inhale Directly

Inhaling lavender oil is absolutely safe and brings multiple health benefits to your dog. It is quite simple to introduce lavender into your dog’s everyday routine so that they may safely inhale it without the smell being too invasive or strong for their tiny bodies and sensitive noses.  

Mist Sprays

Rather than applying lavender oil directly on your dog’s collar, it is better to make your customized version of lavender oil mist sprays. Slowly start by mixing one to two drops of lavender oil in 4 fluid oz. of distilled water. With time, you can slowly regulate the dose as per their needs.   

A mist spray is multi-functional and can be used in more than just one to help your dog. 

The Bottom Line  

Is lavender oil safe for dogs? Well, yes, you can. As long as you are using it carefully and administering it well.  

The oil must not be anywhere near your dog’s mouth, eyes, nose, or its genital area. Also, make sure to never use undiluted essential oil on your dog. Keep an eye on it so that your dog never ingests lavender oil. Keep the oil away from your dog’s reach, and remember never to add it to your dog’s water or food.

Try not to mix lavender oil with any other essentials unless your vet gives a green signal.  

While lavender is the most gentle and therapeutic oil you can use for your dog, it is better to check for the dosages before you get started. 

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