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Is CBD Safe For Puppies? Let’s Find Out!

Is CBD Safe For Puppies? Let’s Find Out!

is cbd safe for puppies

CBD, as we all know, is one of the most beneficial supplements for dogs. However, it is still very common for dog owners to ask questions like “Is CBD safe for puppies?” or “Can I give CBD to my puppy?”

The simplest answer to such questions is Yes. Just like every other animal, puppies too have an endocannabinoid system in their body. This system reacts with the CBD just as it happens in adult dogs.

However, the concerns relating to the consumption of CBD and puppies are justified. To begin with, most dog parents worry about the size and age of the puppy. Because they are small in size, there are always concerns about how CBD will actually interact with their endocannabinoid system and what the consequences will actually turn out to be.

In this article, we shall discuss “Is CBD safe for puppies” and if yes, how can you effectively use it to get maximum benefits.

Can You Give CBD To Puppies?  

Can You Give CBD To Puppies

Giving CBD to puppies has been one of the major concerns among dog parents. To end the confusion once and for all, yes, you can give CBD to your dog regardless of its age or size. This means you can very easily give your puppies CBD, too. CBD will not make your puppy high. It will most certainly cause intoxication, either. 

CBD made for dogs is free from any TCH, which means it eliminates the one component that is responsible for causing high or intoxication in animals.  

If you are concerned about how much CBD you can give to your puppy without any worry, the answer is 1 to 5 milligrams for every 10 pounds of body weight. This is the standard equation for all dogs, regardless of their age. Depending on the reason why you are giving CBD to your dog, you may adjust the doses throughout the day.


However, if you are thinking about adding CBD to your puppy’s everyday routine, there are two vital considerations that you need to keep in mind:

As young puppies have a pretty sensitive stomach, the only feasible way to start is with smaller amounts of CBD. This will give them enough time to adjust to the foreign component and prevent upsetting their stomach.

Under no circumstances should you exceed the recommended dose. Yes, experimenting is okay, but only with bigger dogs. Small dogs have sensitivity issues and might get overdosed with too much CBD.

However, an overdose is nothing that you should be worried about. It will not cause intoxication in your dog, and they will probably just sleep through the side effects.  

However, before you choose to use CBD for your puppy, you must consult with a vet. Using CBD for pets is not yet approved by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. Thus, veterinarians are not legally allowed to prescribe any CBD-infused products to their patients.

Therefore, it is better to get a holistic vet who is willing to have a conversation on the topic and answer any questions that you may have related to using CBD for your pet.

Is CBD Safe For Puppies?  

Is CBD Safe For Puppies

Yes, you can give CBD to your puppies, and it is absolutely safe for them, regardless of their age.

CBD does not come with any age limitations, does not have any toxicity level, and is pretty beneficial for puppies, big dogs, and senior dogs.

It is like goodness is a bottle. Cannabinoids like CBD, which is extracted from full-spectrum hemp plants, are known to have a number of health benefits for your puppy, regardless of its age.

When To Give CBD To Your Puppy?

When To Give CBD To Your Puppy

Based on research and anecdotal evidence from dog parents, CBD oil can help puppies with a number of health issues, behavioral problems, and chronic conditions.  

Underneath, we have mentioned some health issues that are only related to puppies. See how CBD can help solve them and help your pup lead a very healthy life.  

Painful Teething 

Pet owners often complain about their puppies biting off their furniture and literally anything that falls within their reach. For some, this may just be a habit. But for most of them, this happens because of teething. While this may seem like a very simple process, teething is a painful process.  

In such a scenario, CBD can help sort two things – pain and inflammation. CBD is rich in anti-inflammatory properties, hence reducing inflammation in the gums. CBD is also a brilliant component when it comes to pain management it helps reduce the feeling of pain. Reducing chronic pain improves the overall mood of your puppy, supports their good behavior, and prevents their destructive chewing.  


The immune system in puppies remains underdeveloped till they grow up. CBD oil helps boost their immunity by promoting gut health, enhancing the effectiveness of the natural killer immune cells, and featuring anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative properties. This immune modulation profile gives a healthy start to a puppy’s life.  

Hyperactivity And Anxiety  

CBD promotes relaxation and calmness, helping puppies that are particularly prone to stress, separation anxiety, or other hyper behaviors. CBD creates a balance in their moods and helps with stress that arises from loud noise, as well as the aggressiveness that arises from stress. It also helps increase the total hours that your puppy can sleep in one go. CBD also helps increase the quality of their sleep, which is extremely necessary for a proper developmental process in puppies.  



CBD may inhibit histamine release; thus, it plays a very important role in preventing allergies. CBD is explained to be a therapeutic opportunity and a pretty new possibility for treating skin diseases and health. Also, CBD helps with contact allergies, food allergies, and atopic dermatitis. Allergies are a pretty chronic condition and too common in small puppies.

Epileptic Seizures  

CBD is a very promising anti-epileptic drug that helps balance the nervous system in dogs. It also reduces the intensity and frequency of such seizures. Seizure medications, unfortunately, have more side effects than benefits. Hence, CBD comes as a great alternative that works for the right purpose and does not have any adverse side effects on your dog.  

For Proper Sleep  

In the initial days at your home, the puppy will have an irregular sleep routine – this is pretty normal. Your pup is learning too many new things to be able to sleep peacefully at night. But with all the learning and fun, it is also important that they get enough sleep to stay energetic and healthy.  

With the right amount of CBD, you can promote a healthy sleep routine for your puppy and make them relax at the appropriate times so that they get their good share of rest.  

Puppy Pain  

Full-spectrum CBD can be a natural form of pain relief for small puppies – something way better than their usual pain medications. CBD, as we mentioned before, has anti-inflammatory properties in it.  

CBD provides natural and safe pain relief by changing the ways in which the CNS communicates the sensation of pain to the brain. This weakens the pain signals and significantly reduces the feeling of it.  

What Is The Correct Dosage Of CBD For Puppies?  

What Is The Correct Dosage Of CBD For Puppies

There are multiple reasons why dog parents prefer CBD for their puppies. It can be for anxiety, stress, seizures, teething, or any other reason. However, there is one thing that one needs to keep in mind while giving CBD to their puppies: dosage. Dosage plays the most important in how CBD is going to work in your puppy or, if it is at all going to work.  

The correct dosage of CBD for a puppy will depend on the size of the little one. For puppies, it is vital that you start with the lowest concentration of CBD of whichever products you wish to try.  

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Initially, go for the product that is particularly made for smaller dogs, even when your puppy belongs to a large breed. You might even have to break down the smallest dose of CBD into smaller bits for your little pup. Every CBD oil for dogs comes with the right dosage information that you need to follow, depending on the weight of your dog. The standard quantity is 1 to 5 milligrams for every 10 pounds of body weight. You may also use this calculation to determine the right dose for your puppy, depending on its weight.  

Start with the smallest amount for at least 30 days and see how your dog reacts to it. Then, gradually increase the dosage depending on your pup’s specific needs.  

When Should You Avoid Giving CBD To Puppies?  

When Should You Avoid Giving CBD To Puppies

When you ask, “Is CBD safe for puppies?” expect an answer in a more generalized form. However, the answer is not universally indicated. This means that even though CBD is safe for dogs, it does not mean that it is safe for every puppy.  

While the goodness of CBD is impeccable, there are a few exceptions that you need to keep an eye out for, too. This will make sure that you do not harm the pup in any possible way.

Here is a list of all the circumstances that require you to keep your puppy away from CBD for their own good.

When They Take Certain Prescribed Medicines  

While there is very little research on the said subject, it is considered that CBD has an impact on the production of certain liver enzymes. This may boost or inhibit the effect of certain medications. Therefore, if your puppy is following a prescription or is taking any medications regularly, you need to first have a discussion with a trusted vet before giving them CBD supplements.  

When You Have A Non Medical Solution For The Problem 

For instance, if your dog is suffering from an underlying issue such as anxiety or aggression, your first management measure should be behavior modification or training. If their aggression or anxiety does not go away with training, only then you should refer to CBD. CBD is not an everyday treat that you can give to your puppy for no apparent reason.  

When You Do Not Have CBD Made For Pets  

It is often a topic of argument that CBD for pets and humans is just the same thing. While practically they do, it does not mean that human CBD can be used for pets. Suppose pet CBD is not available, it is better not to give CBD to your puppy at all. Human CBD, while it has the same ingredient, is not suitable for dogs. Those products may have a higher concentration of THC or other additives that are extremely toxic for dogs.  

What Is The Best Age For Dogs To Start CBD?  

What Is The Best Age For Dogs To Start CBD

Once again, there is no age limit when it comes to using CBD oil for your puppy. CBD is safe for puppies regardless of the age bracket. However, just as it is with any other supplement out there, using CBD also comes with a number of warning signs and precautions.  

And, with the pace at which CBD products are spreading around in the market, it is time that you be extra careful and responsible about how you use CBD on your puppy.  

For instance, you need to always go for the best quality, full-spectrum CBD product that is particularly made for pets. It must not contain THC or any other harmful additives that are highly toxic for your dog. Finally, it is important that you monitor how your puppy reacts to it and accordingly modify the dosages to avoid any adverse side effects.  

The Bottom Line

“Is CBD safe for puppies?” is one of the most common questions that every pet parent asks before starting to use CBD. Well, yes, it is safe for consumption despite the age or size of the puppy.

There are multiple concerns that CBD can solve, and very effectively, without any side effects. From sleep issues to teething and aggression – CBD can solve it all. However, just because it is safe in general terms does not mean there are no exceptions. If your dog is under a medicinal routine, or if pet CBD is not available, kindly refrain from giving CBD to your pup.

Also, always make sure to administer the dose. Start with the smallest dose and gradually increase it as per your puppy’s needs and requirements.

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