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Can You Smoke Roses?  Benefits, Risks, And Safety

Can You Smoke Roses?  Benefits, Risks, And Safety

smoke roses

Are we moving towards a tobacco-free world where people want to know whether you can smoke roses or lavender and the like? It’s good news if we are because you can totally smoke rose petals. The whole herbal smoking mix is commonly used as a natural flavoring ingredient. 

You just need to add a fragrance that’s relaxing when burnt and also provides a subtly discreet taste that will remind you of fresh raspberries, strawberries, and sometimes even those sweet red tarts. Don’t you think there’s nothing more romantic than a beautiful bouquet of roses except maybe a handful of smokeable rose petals?

Keep reading to find out about smoking rose petals, their associated benefits, and even their risks!

So, Can You Smoke Roses?

Can You Smoke Roses

Can you smoke roses? How do you do it? Is it reliable and safe? Yes, yes, we have answers to all such questions. But, firstly, did you know that roses could prove to be so much more than a gift that just smells and looks good for a temporary period of time? 

Conventionally, people have used roses for medicinal and cultural purposes for several thousand years. You can even smoke it like your everyday regular tobacco. You can simply crush the rose petals into small pieces and roll them into herbal cigarettes. Also, you can add your legal herb mix to this blend for a better experience. 

So let’s not waste any more time and find out more about roses and the petals you can smoke

La Vie En Rose: What Are Rose Petals?

La Vie En Rose

It is not unknown that rose petals are, in fact, edible, and people still collect them for such purposes – these are even dried and used in several recipes. If you ask us, we would recommend drying rose petals with the help of a dehydrator. 

Here’s a very interesting fact! Did you know that the whole rose family includes more than 130 species accompanied by hundreds of cultivars? Rose petals are also used while brewing tea, and the flavor can actually vary depending on the origin and species. 

Rose Petal Smoke Properties:

Rose petals are characterized as astringent, and any astringent herb adds body to smoking mixes. It will be a pretty smooth experience and, in the process, feel relatively more satisfying without must work, and you will also be less interested in coughing. 

This indicates that grinding rose petals with other smokable herbs or even cannabis works out as long as you do not really overdo it – it only helps you to smoke better. Smoking roses taste subtly sweet and, obviously, floral. The characteristic flavor and fragrance of rose petals come primarily from geraniol which is a type of terpene. 

Typically, rose petals contain nerol and citronellol. Rose petals pair very well with another smokable herb Damiana which also happens to be an aphrodisiac that comes with a full-bodied flavor. 

Looking Through Rose-Tinted Glasses: How To Smoke Roses?

Yes, it’s great that you can look at a tobacco-free world through rose-tinted glasses while smoking rose petals. But have you ever wondered how to smoke roses? 

When ingested, Rosewater can prove to be beneficial to your digestive system. In fact, it can increase the flow of bile, helping people with upset stomachs and bloating. And not just that, Rosewater is also often used as a type of laxative

However, it is highly possible that you might think that smoking rose petals might make things a little intense for you and also might not turn out to be a great option for your taste. So it might be an excellent choice to smoke roses as a part of herbal blends that taste nice. 

There are two ways of smoking rose petals,

  1. You can crush the rose petals and roll them into a rose cigarette. 
  2. You can also mix cannabis with crushed rose petals and roll it into a joint. 

What Types Of Roses Can You Smoke?

There are multiple species of roses that grow absolutely smokeable petals, so when herbalists talk about working with those roses, depending on the very context, they will just tell you, ‘Rosa spp.’

In biology, when you write down ‘Rosa spp,’ it typically refers to the species of the genus Rosa. Here, ‘spp’ is an abbreviation that stands for ‘species pluralis,’ a Latin term – it means several species within any genus. So, the term ‘Ross spp’ refers to multiple species of genus Rosa and not any of the specific species. 

However, Rosa is currently a pretty commercial plant. The kinds of roses that you might get to see in bouquets of Valentine’s Day or properly landscaped gardens are often sprayed heavily and then dipped in chemicals. 

This keeps the roses looking fresh and vibrant throughout their journey from the greenhouse to the florist’s shop. 

So before you randomly start plucking rose petals from a Valentine’s Day bouquet for smoking purposes, ensure that the flowers are all organic. Rose petals, including flowers and herbs, must be cultivated or organic without chemicals to make sure that you have a safe smoking experience.

Roses with smokable petals are as follows:

  • Dog Rose Rosa Canina,
  • Beach Rose Rosa Rugosa, and
  • Damask Rose Rosa Damascena

Benefits Of Smoking Rose Petals:

Benefits Of Smoking Rose Petals

Years before people could even attempt to smoke roses, the flower was considered beneficial, traditionally in different cultures. Proven for providing your health with a natural boost, rose petals can be used for soothing your sore throat as well as an ingredient in the skincare industry. 

Moreover, rose petals are used as a great topical agent, and these can also be ingested. However, there are no specific benefits of smoking rose blunts, but check out the benefits of ingesting rose petals in general – at least you know you can smoke roses without any risk!

1. High In Vitamin C:

Roses are a great Vitamin C source, even after all their petals have been cut off and eventually dried. In addition, they can help you with aging skin, giving your skin the natural boost it needs. So while smoking rose petal joints, you can always keep some aside as a treat for your skin! 

2. Soothes Sore Throat:

Did you know that ingesting rose petals have more than one excellent health benefit? Some rose tea will not just relax your stressed mind, these can also help you to relieve your sore throat. All the credit goes to the high amount of antioxidants present in rose petals. 

3. Boosts Sluggish Livers:

Again, the antioxidant properties of rose petals can be very beneficial for your health. It will not just soothe your sore throat, but it can also take care of your sluggish liver. The high content of antioxidants in rose petals can clean your liver and boost your gut health. 

4. Helps To Relax:

Roses are all about having your self-love moment – the rich aroma can relax you quickly. Moreover, have you checked out the famous TikToker Charly Jordan’s brand, Smoke Roses? Type ‘Charly Jordan smoke roses’ or ‘smoke roses Charly’ and check out all the delicious and organic rose petals available for an essential cost!

5. Treats Acne:

Have you ever wondered why so many skincare or even beauty products use rose petals? Because of the simple reason – rose petals are antibacterial. In addition, rose petals treat blemished and inflamed skin. This helps to reduce both puffiness and redness. 

Note: Rose petal blunts are not recommended vastly, mainly as a killer flavoring agent in different herbal smoking mixes for both its sophisticated taste and smell. These blends can help out recreational smokers to control or reduce their consumption of tobacco and instead use alternatives like rose petals. 

Dosage Of Rose Petals

The accurate dosage for rose petal consumption relies on who is ingesting the same. Simply put, to smoke roses, you need to be aware of the dosage since it will strictly depend on your health and other underlying conditions. However, since it’s a natural product, it’s best to consult with a doctor. 

Chinese medicine, for instance, traditionally uses Rosa Rugosa or Mei Gui Hua for treating different ailments. There are still so many cultures that depend on rose petals for various preparations. If you are a little convinced, we would suggest trying it out over anything that contains tobacco, comparatively. 

How To Roll A Rose Blunt? 

A rose blunt is indeed one of the most gorgeous things that you can roll, and it just adds a touch of class to the whole experience. If you think your regular blunts are good, a rose blunt is electric. Rose petal extractions are used in essential oils, candles, body products, etc, because of their calming properties.  

As cannabis also is a calming agent, you can imagine how irresistible their combination might turn out to be.  

What You Will Need To Smoke Roses.

Before you begin with the rolling process, you need to make sure that you have:  

  • Pesticide-free rose petals  
  • The best quality rose  
  • A small baking sheet  
  • Grinder  

If you wish to put rose cannabis in your ecstatic rose blunt, just know that there is no shortage of options. The classics like Chemdawg and Jack Herer are largely popular, and they indeed deserve a luxurious wrapping around them.  

Steps To Roll A Rose Blunt

While rolling a rose blunt is not the hardest thing to do, it is certainly not the easiest either. It will take approximately 15 minutes to get it done. However, if this is your first time, it might take you a bit longer. But that is okay. As long as you are learning how to make a perfect rose blunt, all shall remain good.  

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Gather All Your Supplies 

Make sure that you have all your supplies in one place. Smoking roses will require you to have the best quality, pesticide-free roses for the healthiest and best outcome. Other than the supplies mentioned above, you will need an oven too.  

Grind Up The Bud  

Whether you are taking your regular bud or the premium rose ones, grind them up as fine as possible. For your regular rose blunt, one gram of flower should work just fine.  

Preheat Your Oven  

You need to first preheat your oven to 250 degrees Fahrenheit.  

Arrange All Your Rose Petals 

In an overlapping row, arrange all your rose petals on the baking sheet. The length and thickness of the blunt will depend on how you prefer to smoke it.  

Toast The Rose Petals 

Once you are done arranging them, it is time for you to toast them. Rose petals require a very light toasting. This is because the texture of rose petals is mostly soft and silky. So, the aim here is to make them a bit rusty and hard for them to roll with ease. So, you need to bake them very gently for a few minutes at 250 degrees Fahrenheit.  

Fil The Joint  

After toasting the petals,, line up your ground flower right in the center of the row of petals.  

Roll The Rose Joint 

From here, it is the same as the steps that you follow for rolling your regular joint. Roll the rose petals just as you would roll your plain joint – tuck one of the edges under the other and lick the edges to form a seal.  

Toast Your Rose Blunt  

Once you finish rolling, put the blunt back in the oven for just 10 seconds.  

Let It Rest

After the littlest time inside the oven, take the rose blunt out and let it sit to rest for at least two minutes.  

Smoke The Blunt

After all the hard work you do, this is the much-awaited time that you have been waiting for. You may now smoke the gorgeous blunt that you have made with so much effort.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the most frequently asked questions about whether you can smoke rose petals mentioned below!

1. Is It Toxic To Smoke Roses?

Roses technically do not contain any harmful chemicals, dyes, pesticides, artificial glues, artificial flavoring, or even colors, so you can literally enjoy what you are smoking and even taste the same. Rose petals happen to be a great sustainable product made for smokers. 

2. How Do You Prepare Roses For Smoking?

You can roll a rose blunt by following the steps mentioned below.

• Grind and crush all your buds,
• Preheat the oven,
• Arrange the rose petals,
• Toast the petals,
• Fill up your joint,
• Roll your rose joint, and
• Toast the joint.

4. Can Smoking Lavender Hurt You?

Lavender plays a crucial role in both herbal medicine and aromatherapy, but there are more ways than one when it comes to putting the flower to practical use. For example, smoking lavender can actually present certain risks that are already associated with the act of smoking, such as respiratory issues and lung cancer. 

Ashes Blunt On Your Opinion: Smoke Roses Instead!

Truly, looking for alternatives to tobacco is a noble idea considering all the harm it can cause your body. Instead of typing ‘rose pedal’ just check out herbal brands that are promoting so many products with different organic blends. However, if you want to quit smoking tobacco, you must attempt to smoke roses soon! 

In the meantime, tell us what you think about smoking rose petals or any other herbal blend, for that matter. Also, share your experiences of smoking herbal blends if you have ever done something like this in the comments section below. 

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