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Startups Might Start Investing In Magic Mushrooms As Its Mainstream Popularity Rises

Startups Might Start Investing In Magic Mushrooms As Its Mainstream Popularity Rises

Magic Mushrooms

Investors are looking forward to making magic mushroom pills to help you get the same high, now in a healthier way. 


  • The consumption of magic mushrooms for recreational purposes has increased considerably over the years.
  • Its increased use and mainstream popularity have attracted many startup firms to look forward to investing in them.
  • One of the primary interests of this investment is to make magic mushrooms widely available to consumers as psychoactive pills.

Move over prescription drugs; magic mushrooms have arrived. Many pharmaceutical startups have shown interest in investing in magic mushrooms and increasing their production and availability worldwide. 

With the advent of technology and the onset of the Covid pandemic, the number of cases of anxiety and depression has increased dramatically. For such people, taking refuge in psychedelics and alcohol has been their primary coping up mechanism.

As per the reports by WHO, nearly 25% of all adults are currently suffering from some form of a mental condition like depression, anxiety, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), and lots more. This is because of stress caused due to the current workplace cultures and social disparity created due to social media. 

With people taking refuge in psychoactive substances, pharmaceuticals are now looking forward to investing in green-high substances. This includes mostly marijuana and magic mushrooms since these are naturally available psychedelics. In addition, they are also not synthetically made like other drugs like cocaine and heroin.

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In the USA, there are approximately 50 companies that trade in psychoactive substances like marijuana. These companies are looking forward to investing in magic mushrooms, too, to increase awareness regarding their healthier and safer use compared to synthetic drugs.

The biggest challenge that these companies face currently is the fact that they need to prove the health benefits of magic mushrooms first before mass producing them.

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