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Know Your Canna Products: What Is Live Resin

Know Your Canna Products: What Is Live Resin

Live Resin

Understanding live resin is not that complicated. Think of it like a super cannabis product that has all the best parts of cannabis and none of its vices. Let us take a stroll down an informative lane in order to understand what the hell is live resin and what does it do? Stick around. 

Live Resin: The History

The first step to understanding live resin is to understand the history behind it. Back in 2010, a man named William ‘KindBill’ Fenger was the first ever man to start a legal grow operation. This growing operation was the first of its kind, as its primary motive was to grow cannabis in order to create concentrates that have a similar flavor profile and potency.

The first-ever attempt at creating concentrates was created using the famous sour diesel strain. Back then, the primary method for creating concentrates included flash freezing to create something called BHO. This was a low-yield substance that retained the characteristics of the parent strain.

Cut to 2013, the first-ever lab for creating concentrates was created. This was possible because of someone named Jason ‘Giddy up’ Emo, who installed the first-ever lab for creating concentrates.  

Emo and Fenger tirelessly worked in order to perfect the manufacturing process of manufacturing BHO. This collaboration was the primary reason behind the first-ever successful batch of live resin. 

How To Consume It?

Live resin is a pretty flexible substance to consume. You can consume BHO in several different ways. As a result, the substance is preferred by many cannabis enthusiasts. Here are some of the most popular ways to consume live resin.

  • Vaporizing: The most popular method for consuming these cannabis concentrates includes vaporizing. The primary purpose of these machines is to heat up the resin to a specific temperature so that it vaporizes. Users then inhale this vapor to get a feeling of being high.
  •  Flower: BHO or Live resins can also be smoked in a bong or a bowl. This method of consumption can be quite intense for some users as the method retains most of the THC profile and even enhances the effects.
  • Edibles: This is another consistent method of consumption. However, you need to put the substance through a process called the decarboxylation. This activates the passive THC chemicals present in the concentrates  In fact, some popular edible recipes, demand Live resin. In other words, some dishes work better when cooked with resin instead of other products like THC Vapes or Rosin
  • Tinctures and Topicals: We suggest that you try fusing the resin with tinctures and topicals if you particularly feel jazzy and want to try something new. Like edibles, tinctures are made with decarboxylated resin. Tinctures are consumed orally or sublingually. In the case of topicals, you can put them on the skin to get some localized relief. 

Is It Beneficial?

A grower or a vendor has to first like a certain strain or product before he or she can start selling it. This section will help you do just that. 

The foremost thing that sets this product apart from many other products is the cost-effectiveness of its manufacturing process. The process of manufacturing live resin is very cost-effective as the process skips certain steps. As a result, growers can invest that time in some other ventures. 

The next benefit from a financial perspective is that high-quality resin can be quite lucrative. Cannabis enthusiasts can pay top dollar to get access to some of the most premium resins out there. Therefore, if you are looking to invest in resin, now is the best time.

The final benefit is its versatility. As has already been discussed, live resin can be consumed in varied ways. You can have it in the form of tinctures, edibles, dabs, and even bongs. A perfect substance for somebody who likes to experiment from time to time.

The Manufacturing Process

The only true way to understand resin is if we peer into the manufacturing process of it. But before we can even start, I just want to say that this is a highly dangerous process and should not be replicated by anybody inexperienced.

Step 1

Extractors harvest the crops when they become the fullest. After harvesting, the plant is flash-frozen. The best way to flash freeze anything is to expose it to extreme temperatures or liquid nitrogen. The plant remains frozen for the entire process.

Step 2

The grinding team steps in once the material is frozen. The team carefully breaks down the plant into smaller pieces. However, they have to be careful and not let the plant thaw. 

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Step 3

Extractors load the ground, frozen plant into a closed-loop extractor. The extractors then add solvents like Butane and Butane/Propane mix into the extraction process. The solvent then passes through the frozen plant material to dissolve the terpenes, cannabinoids, and other relevant compounds.  

Step 4

After the previous process, extractors collect this solvent. At this point, you will start seeing the iconic golden color of the concentrate showing up. However, this mixture still has some impurities and will have to go another step before completion.

Step 5

The final step is to purge and store the mixture. The most famous method for purging the solvent includes the vacuum oven method. This is the most time-consuming stage as it can take some hours to even days before it is done. Once the mixture is purged, it is stored in airtight containers and away from sunlight. This helps to age and retain the potency and terpenes.

If you are storing the substance for a longer period of time, we would suggest that you take some extra notes and do it right. Refrigerating the substance is a great way to proceed. Lowered temperatures will keep the terpenes from degrading over time. Secondly, try not to move or disturb the substance too much. Let it rest if it is not being used.

Final Thought

That is all we have for live resin at this moment. Resins are amazing concentrates that are perfect for experimentation. But the best part is that you will not smell like weed after consuming it. That is a bigger plus in my book. Keep following our page for more sports-related content and stories.

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