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Know You Cannabinoids: Delta 11 THC

Know You Cannabinoids: Delta 11 THC

delta 11

What is Delta 11? An enigma that is not well documented as of yet, but shares some major characteristics with one of the most widely available and popular cannabinoids. So, if you are looking for an article that will deal with some of the fundamental points of the cannabinoids, then this is the right place for you to be. 

What Is Delta 11 THC?

What Is Delta 11 THC

Delta 11 THC, more popularly known as Delta-11-tetrahydrocannabinol, is a minor cannabinoid. This is an isomer of Delta 9 THC. Both Delta 9 and Delta 11 share a similar chemical formula. However, the overall features of both cannabinoids differ largely. One of the key differences is the overall arrangement of the atoms, which changes a few key chemical aspects of the cannabinoid.

The reason why THC has so many variants lies greatly in the chemical structure of the cannabinoid. The chemical structure of THC makes it highly susceptible to variations. Simply rearrange the double bonds of the carbon atoms present in the cannabinoid’s chemical structure. It is that easy. This is why there are so many variations like Delta 9, Delta 10, and Delta 11. 

If you are a cannabis connoisseur who likes to stay in the loop of knowing how cannabinoids are made or formed, then I am pretty sure the tale of the formation of Delta 11 is familiar to you as well. The cannabinoid does form in the plant but in very trace amounts. This is not enough for commercial usage. Therefore manufacturers use heat and chemical catalysts to form Delta 11 from CBD. 

Okay, before we dig deeper into the whole technicality of the cannabinoid. It is important that we look at the fact that Delta 11 is often confused with 11 Hydroxy THC. We would like to clarify that these two are absolutely different. 11 Hydroxy THC is the substance that is formed after the liver breaks down the THC compounds. With that point out of the way, I think you are sorted for life, as things will be much clearer, and you will not get confused between the two. 

Effects Of Delta 11 THC

Effects Of Delta 11 THC

Well, the curse of being a lesser-forming Delta 11 THC is that it gives a different experience than usual, but at the same time, there is very little information available to study. So, we have decided to compile as much data as possible in order to help you understand the true nature of the cannabinoid and how it functions. 

One of the foremost points that you need to know while discussing the effects of Delta 11 THC is that it binds with receptors of the endocannabinoid system and causes the user to become high and under the influence. This is how most other cannabinoids we have discussed here on the page work very similarly. 

Although there is a lack of any literature that documents the overall effects of Delta 11 THC, some users claim that the potency is as high as up to three times Delta 9 or other major cannabinoids. This is a purely subjective anecdote as it does not use any proper metrics to study the effects. 

Since Delta 11 THC shares a lot of characteristics with cannabinoids like Delta 9 and 10, the general range of effects can be assumed to be mostly the same. The cannabinoid is known to increase appetite. Help enhance the sleeping pattern of the user. Alleviate stress and chronic pains, etc. Therefore, the cannabinoid is a great substitute for mainstream medications.

But if you do plan on using cannabis as a method of treatment, you must get it checked by your physicians first. Do not make a decision on your own onus. It can definitely backfire if you are not careful. Consider your respective co-morbidities and other ailments before you go ahead with your decision.

Will It Show Up On Drug Screening?

Will It Show Up On Drug Screening

This is something that can greatly define the overall appeal of the cannabinoid. Even though the answer you might be expecting is a ‘no.’ Sadly, the reality is different from expectation, and the answer is ‘yes.’ Delta 11 THC will show up in any sort of drug screening, looking for THC metabolites. 

Again there is not much information that is present regarding the cannabinoid. However, if we do rely on the trends that its well-studied counterparts like Delta 9 and 10 demonstrate, we will see that there is a great possibility that the cannabinoid will light up any drug screening meant to detect traces of metabolites in urine, blood, and saliva test.

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One primary reason why drug screenings might detect traces of the cannabinoid is because they are not actively looking for delta 9 or delta 10. Instead, what they are looking for is traces of THC-COOH. This is the compound that gets formed only after THC is broken down in the liver.

Now, since Delta 11 THC shares a great deal of its chemical composition with  Delta 9 and 10, it is assumed that it will break down in a similar way. Therefore, it is highly likely that the compound will be detected in some screenings that are meant to look for traces of THC-COOH. 

Health Hazards

Health Hazards

So, it is difficult to assess the true nature and side effects of the cannabinoid. But again, if we bank on its counterparts, then the nature of its side effects can be better documented. Some of the biggest downsides or side effects of the cannabinoids include:

  • Red Eyes
  • Cotton Mouth
  • Impaired cognition
  • Incoherent Speech
  • Vomiting
  • Losing Consciousness
  • Increased heartbeat, which increases the chance of a heart attack. 

End Note

There you go; we have reached the very end of the article studying the effects and several other aspects regarding Delta 11 THC. Even though it is not as well documented as its other counterparts, it is still a highly potent cannabinoid that can greatly affect a user’s ability to think or function. But at the same time, it also looks at the benefits that this cannabinoid might possess.

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