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Know Your Cannabis: White Widows Strain

Know Your Cannabis: White Widows Strain

White Widows Strain

Want to have more ideas about White Widows Strain? Well, this is the place you need to be if that is what you want. This article will look at some of the major aspects of the strain and see if it will help you understand this enigmatic strain. 

White Widows Strain Genetics

White Widows Strain Genetics

The White Widows strain first broke into the cannabis scene back in the year 1990 in the coffee shops of Amsterdam, the cannabis haven for Europe. The strain is a culmination of crossing Brazilian strains with South Indian strains. The crossing gave the strain an iconic look that is hard to rival. The white trichomes of the cannabis really give the strain a frosty appearance. This helped the strain in gaining widespread popularity in the cannabis community. Therefore, the strain has won several accolades, but the most prominent was the 1995 Cannabis Cup.

The strain is 60% sativa, laced with 40% indica. Therefore, this strain has major characteristics that resemble sativa, along with few indica tendencies. The overall THC profile of the strain is around 15% to 20%, depending upon the seller. Even though the overall stats are not that high or extreme, it is one of the most sought-after strains of recent times since it packs a potent punch.  In fact, new users are often suggested to start with hemp-based hybrids that mimic the widow’s intensity. Therefore, do not take the numbers into account. They lie. 


The widow is one of the most iconic strains that have held a prestigious position in the community. One can say White Widow walked so that Gelato and Girl Scout Cookies could run. But what are the primary characteristics that set this amazing strain apart from most other strains on the market? To answer that, we have to look at the strain closely in order to truly understand it. 


From a distance, the bud of the strain mostly looks round and chunky. But as you move closer, you will note that the strain is actually conical in shape. One might argue that the strain looks moldy due to white trichomes. However, it is the trichome that makes it look all frosty and white.

The strain primarily looks fluffy, unlike many other strains, which is why it looks fuller than it is. This is an amazing characteristic as it adds volume to the overall aesthetic. Now, a novice cannabis enthusiast might believe that the leaves of the bud are white. But that is wrong. The leaves of the strain are spring green in color. However, this hue is usually under a thick layer of trichomes, which is why the bud looks whitish gray. 

Flavors & Aromas

This strain came way before the era of sweet fruity cannabis. Therefore, the general flavoring of the strain is mostly comparable to the classic musky diesel smell of old-school pot. The specific flavoring varies from breeder to breeder. But the general flavoring of the strain is mostly earthy in nature with sweet yet citrusy undertones of fruits. 

Consuming the strain is a smooth experience. The subtle hints of flavoring make it easy to inhale. Yet, if a user who is used to the sweet aromas of dessert-based cannabis tries this, they will find the smoke a little too harsh. Therefore, we suggest that you consider trying this strain using a water bong or pipe if you know how to smoke or make a bong. The water filters out all the gunk and harsh aspects of the strain, and what remains is the clean and green smoke. 

General Effects Of White Widows Strain

General Effects Of White Widows Strain

Knowing the characteristics of a strain is one aspect. But in order to truly understand the White Widows strain, we have to look at the effects that the strain produces. In general, the strain is prominently known for its sativa-dominant characteristics. The moderate THC content of the strain produces potent enough effects but, at the same time, will not make you a potato.

The strain is known for producing one of the cleanest and meanest cerebral highs you can expect. The high will make your mind clear and unclouded. Something that is rare to find. Subsequently, the strain also produces a good level of body high. Well, it might not knock off your sock, but you will feel the weight on your eyelids and a certain body buzz that will quickly subside. The cerebral high also produces a great sense of euphoria and relaxation.

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Medicinal Usage

Okay, medicinal benefits might be too far-fetched of a label. But the strain is definitely a helpful strain if you want something to help you with your ailments. Due to potent mood-altering capabilities, the strain is usually used by patients of depression, anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, etc. It helps clear the fog of your mind, keeping you more focused and coherent. Something that is rare. 

Side Effects

Side Effects

Now does the strain have some side effects? Of course. What do you think? The strain is a powerful psychoactive strain that has some real and potent side effects that can make anybody go through reels of emotions and feelings that are not always great. Users who got on the wrong side of the strain have agreed that the strain can be very unpredictable and can make users go through reels of emotions, like too much anxiety, depression, withdrawal, paranoia, etc. But nothing fatal will happen to you. 

Some other side effects include cotton mouth, dry eyes, anxiety, paranoia, etc. Also, the strain has a strong aroma after burning. So if you are smoking cannabis, be prepared to smell like a lit joint. Other than that, you will be good. 

End Note

So these were all the information you needed in order to truly understand the magic that White Widows Strain holds. It is a perfect blend of sativa and indica that makes one feel the highs of sativa along with the lows of indica. However, the strain is very unpredictable if you let it dominate you. So, be careful of the dosage and make sure you do not go overboard. 

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