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The HIGHLY Anticipated Debate: Live Resin vs Distillate 

The HIGHLY Anticipated Debate: Live Resin vs Distillate 

live resin vs distillate

Live resin vs Distillate. Which one do you think will win? Well, this paper is about to discuss everything you need to know in order to help you decide which one is the best for you. So stick around as we will help you navigate the nuanced world of cannabis products. Stick around. 

What Is What?

The first thing that we need to understand in order to truly under the live resin vs distillate is to understand the substance that we are comparing. This will truly help us understand what is this HIGHLY anticipated debate about. Without wasting any more time, let us dive right in!

Live Resin

Live Resin

So, if you put things in the simplest of manners, Live resin is nothing but a concentrated form of cannabis that is essentially formulated by freezing fresh flowers of cannabis. And then, these frozen flowers are put through a complex process of extraction using a solvent such as ethanol or butane. Since the cannabis flower is rapidly frozen, the primary chemicals and properties of the plant get frozen as well. In fact, the frozen cannabis becomes so well preserved that even the terpene profile of the flower gets frozen.

Live resin comes in three primary forms, which include sugar, sap, and sauce. The primary method of consuming live resin is via vaping or dabbing. Users can also use a combination of blunts and bongs to consume this highly concentrated form of THC.

Since the resin retains most of the characteristics of the cannabis plant and does not lose any in the extraction process, it is known to provide an enhanced experience. This is a much more potent option when you compare it with other concentrates. The extraction process of the resin involves a higher degree of temperature and solvents in order to extract the resin. 

Now, before you get confused between resin and rosin, just remember that resin uses fresh cannabis and solvents. While rosin does not use any solvents in its extraction process. 



Distillate, also known as liquid gold, is a type of cannabinoid concentrate that involves a more complex extraction process than the resin. The extraction process shares most similarities with other extraction processes. However, there is an extra step that is present. A distillate is made using a specified heating technique which vaporizes the desired cannabinoid and can definitely be separated from the rest of the compounds. 

The final product, or the distillate, is a much lighter product. Once the process is done and the extraction process is complete, the distillate becomes all the more light. When you go into the technicality of THC distillate, you will know that the THC distillate is almost 90% THC. However, the effects of the concentrate will mostly vary from different products since it depends on the strain the THC is taken from. 

If you are an experienced cannabis user who has or is looking to up his or her cannabis game, then the distillate is the next step to take. A product that is pure 90% THC. Just imagine what it could do to your senses. However, distillate is for the big leagues, so if you are someone with low capacity or have just started, then distillate is not for you. 

Live Resin vs Distillate: The Key Differences & Similarities

Resin vs Distillate

So, you already know that when you pit Live Resin vs. Distillate, you will know that both of these concentrates are two of the most potent concentrates out there. But what sets them apart and brings them closer? This section will explore that.


As you know, the extraction process of Resin retains most of the characteristics of cannabis. Therefore, it is seen that the terpene profile retained by resin can amount to around 4 to 12%, as per the strain. Meanwhile, Distillate is 90% THC. Therefore, it retains trace amounts of terpenes. 


If you like to judge the experience of both these products, you will find that they mostly provide similar experiences. While resin gives a true-to-life experience along with terpene profile and highness. You will note that distillate’s only selling factor is the intense effect that it provides. 


In terms of Live Resin, the THC retained by it ranges from 45 to 90 percent. Live resin is also a CBD-rich material that retains up to 90% of the compound. Meanwhile, the cannabis distillate contains around 90-99% of its primary cannabinoids like CBG, CBD, CBN, and  THC.

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Pros & Cons

Both the components of the live resin vs distillate argument really make it hard for the users to decide between them. Both substances are quite strong and provide an intense experience. Therefore, knowing the pros and cons of these two products can definitely help you in navigating the treacherous waters of being high with either. 

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Live Resin

Well, if you have some experience with cannabis but do not want to try distillate just yet, as you want a more intense true-to-life experience, then live resin is the way to move forward. The terpenes retained really make the experience real and more true to life.

Another pro is that this is much cheaper or more affordable than a distillate. So you definitely do not need to spend an exorbitant amount of money to get your hands on it. 

But one downside is that this is a potent substance, and if you, by any chance, overshoot even by a minuscule amount. You will pay the price dearly. So you need to be careful


The distillate is a much more intense experience than Resin. This is pure or 90% THC. It will knock your socks off for sure. However, if you want to experience THC in a more true-to-life form, live resins work the best

Another important aspect of the product you need to consider is its potency. The high potency of the substance is a double-edged sword. So, you need to be careful. Overshooting, even by an integer, can result in a terrible trip if you do not have the mental capability to navigate through it.  

End Note

So this was all we had to say about our live resin vs distillate discussion. While both the products are quite intense and provide an amazing high experience. Still, I believe that I will prefer using live resin instead of distillate as I enjoy the terpene profile as well for a more true-to-life experience.

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