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Could CBD Be The Next Innovation In The Hard Seltzer Sector?

Could CBD Be The Next Innovation In The Hard Seltzer Sector?

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It looks like that the hard seltzer companies of the U.S. will encounter some positive growth opportunities in the market. It still has some chance to be the most demanding industry among the alcoholic beverages category. 

Current Market Scenario Of The Hard Seltzer Sector

According to the consumer insight research report of Veylinx, there have been some recent changes in the hard seltzer purchasing behavior of customers. That’s why the Seltzer industry will need some severe innovation in this sector to keep the business up and running again. 

As per the findings, CBD boosted the customer purchasing intent by 12%, while including Kombucha in the drink reduced it by 6%. Other factors were also put up to the test, such as sustainable packaging, high alcohol concentration, low alcohol concentration, vitamins, immunity, energy, etc.

Among them, only the sustainable packaging category increased customer purchase intent for some brands. But, none of the other parameters managed to boost any excitement in the customers. 

Since the hard seltzer has taken up the spacer of alcoholic beverages in such a short time, Veylinx CEO said they wanted to inspect this industry’s growth opportunities. Their findings highlight that eight brands in the market have got the most fantastic reputation among customers. Their credibility, uniqueness, and premium taste quality are what sets them apart from their competitors. 

The research also finds out that White Claw has the most chances to rule the hard seltzer market after this innovation. But, Corona and Truly are also not lagging. They score second and third, respectively. 

Is CBD Going To Be The Next Innovation Of The Hard Seltzer Industry?

The CBD-infused energy drinks seem to excite customers more than anything. However, although White Claw is the most customer-preferred brand, it may not be so in the near future if they don’t include a positive innovation in their product line.

All the eight brands that scored the most had one added factor in common: CBD. For Top Chico also, CBD had the highest purchase intent of 18% when they mentioned it as an added innovative factor. 

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What came as a surprise to the researchers was that none of the customers considered the health benefits of hard seltzer as an important factor compared to alcohol. Only a negligible amount of customers (22%) were interested in its health benefits, while the overall demand drive towards CBD-infused drinks was skyrocketing.

Even the research had different findings across several regions also. But, that variation mainly happened because of the brand names. For example, Corona was more popular in the western part of the U.S., while White Claw dominated the Northeast and Midwest market. But, the CBD was a potential demand-boosting factor in all the regions, and only the West had considered sustainable packaging more critical. 


Since the research report signals that customers are willing to increase their purchase intent if the seltzer drinks contain CBD, they might have to rethink their manufacturing process. Unfortunately, we don’t know yet if the seltzer industry will include CBD as an ingredient. But, we will update you as soon as we get a confirmed report on this.

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