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Moon Rock Weed: What Are Marijuana Moon Rocks?

Moon Rock Weed: What Are Marijuana Moon Rocks?

Moon Rock Weed

Have you ever heard of moon rock weed? These are canna products that consist of cannabis buds, first dipped inside cannabis concentrate and subsequently rolled into a kief. Kief is a basic collection of dust-like, loose trichomes, also known as resin glands. At the same time, moon rocks are considered to be extremely potent.

This product is valued for its high percentage of THC content – no wonder these are called ‘cannabis caviar.’ Kurupt, a West Coast rapper, collaborated with Dr ZodiaK, a music artist, for creating his own brand of moon rocks known as Kurupt Moonrocks – and since then, marijuana moon rock has been under the spotlight.

Once the product became popular, multiple brands launched their own varieties of the same, including several THC-free, high-CBD varieties. Today, let’s talk about moon rocks – what are these? Stay tuned to find out more!

Exploring Marijuana Moon Rock Weed: What Are Marijuana Moon Rocks?  

What Are Marijuana Moon Rocks

Basically, marijuana moon rock weed is the ‘champagne of the pot world!’ Moon rocks are valued for having a high percentage of THC and are, in fact, known as ‘cannabis caviar.’

The name ‘moonrock weed’ originates from the product’s similarity with moon rocks and, of course, their ability to actually give consumers an astronomical high – it literally feels like you are on the moon. These are made from various pot products – all of which are rolled into one potent nug and then smoked.

As for its name, these definitely look just like the moon rocks – but moreover, their ability to get the most seasoned marijuana consumer stoned might have a lot to do with the name as well.

How Are Moon Rocks Made?  

How Are Moon Rocks Made

Unfortunately, we are not going to tell you how to make moon rock weed – but we can most definitely tell you how moon rocks are made.

Moon rock weed is made by dipping a potent marijuana nugget in hash oil or cannabis concentrate – some people also prefer spraying the nugget with hash oil or cannabis concentrate instead of dipping the same. Generally, these are made from Girl Scout Cookies (the strain, not the Thin Mints), but of course, other strains can be used as well.  

Once the nuggets are coated (dipped or sprayed), these are rolled into kiefs – kiefs are also known as dry sift or pollen since these are the sticky crystals which are known to cover cannabis flowers. This particular crystal residue is known to contain cannabinoids and terpenes.

How Strong Are Moon Rocks?

How Strong Are Moon Rocks

Before you can type ‘moon rock weed near me’ on Google, it’s best to have a clear idea of how strong are these moon rocks. These vary with every batch – the basic potency depends entirely on how the particular batch is being made, the ingredients that are being used, and ultimately who is making the batch.

Typically, moon rocks hover around fifty percent THC(50%), at least according to the data we found on Leafly. In order to put that number into perspective, the popular strains you can find in dispensaries range between 17% to 28% THC generally.

How Are Moon Rocks Consumed?

How Are Moon Rocks Consumed

Of course, you want to know how to smoke moon rocks – and we already have an article on it! So it’s best that you check our article on smoking moon rocks in five simple steps.

However, in case you do want to keep it short and simple, let’s briefly talk about how you can consume these miracle weed nugs! You can consume moon rocks just like other nugs – break these up for your pipe, vape, bowl, or even a joint.

But remember, these are super greasy and dense – so it would be difficult to keep them lit for long. This is precisely why using a pipe or a bong is the easiest way when you are smoking moon rock weed.

How Long Do They Take To Kick In?  

How Long Do They Take To Kick In

Nope, you don’t need to go through different moon rock weed reviews to find out how long does these take to kick in – we are here to help you with that!

Moon rocks produce this slow burn accompanied by a few immediate effects, all of which start kicking into high gear once 30 minutes pass. Based on the different reviews, it is practical to expect the buzz to stay for hours, and sometimes it can move to the next day as well, especially if you are new to the world of high-THC strains or even moon rocks.

Experiencing Marijuana Moon Rock Weed: Effects Of Moon Rock Weed  

Effects Of Moon Rock Weed

1 gram of moonrock weed is enough to convince everyone about the high potency of this cannabis product. Of course, moon rock weed is potent. The smoke clouds that come out when you smoke moon rocks are fragrant, big, and full. Plus, the kief tastes pleasant and rich.

The primary psychoactive ingredient is THC in cannabis – and it is THC that is responsible for getting you ‘stoned’ or, more commonly ‘high.’ Since moon rocks have a relatively higher percentage of THC, the effects are actually more pronounced compared to what you might experience from the usual cannabis products.

The severity of the impact depends on more than one factor, including the consumer’s tolerance and the strain that was used for making the product. For instance, if someone is not used to high levels of THC, it is possible that they feel the effects more intensely. At the same time, using larger amounts also ends up boosting the intensity of the impact.

Before you can indulge in some potent asteroid moon rock weed, let’s check out the most common effects of this product!

  1. Paranoia,
  2. Dizziness,
  3. Anxiety,
  4. Dry Mouth,
  5. Increased heart rate
  6. Headaches,
  7. Sleepiness,
  8. Red, dry eyes,
  9. Impaired memory,
  10. Extreme hunger, and
  11. Cough or any other respiratory issues.

Are There Any Risks?  

There Any Risks

Of course, there are both physical and mental risks associated with marijuana and moon rock weed. You don’t need fake moon rock weed to figure that out! According to the experts at Healthline, most researchers are yet to discover the complete impact of high-THC marijuana on the consumer’s brain or body.

However, if you are new to consuming marijuana, it does increase the possibility of harmful reactions. At the same time, when you start opting for high doses frequently, the addiction risk also increases.

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If you are currently pregnant, it is safe to conclude that smoking or consuming marijuana in any form can lead to multiple birth complications. At the same time, marijuana consumed in any quantity can weaken your body’s immunity system, making it relatively harder for your body to fight germs. Plus, it also puts your lungs at risk.

Safety Tips To Consider While Smoking Moon Rocks:  

Safety Tips To Consider While Smoking Moon Rocks

Moon rock weed is extremely potent. If you do decide to try these out, then it is vital that you consider a few safety tips, especially if you are new to the world of marijuana consumption. Since these nugs can mess with your head and body, it might become impossible to do any task accurately during that time.

So if you are trying it for the first time, it is best to clear that schedule of yours or just do it when you have a lot of time on your hands.

Here are a few safety tips you can follow while consuming marijuana moon rock weed!

  1. Eat – always eat first. Yep, you will experience hunger anyway later, which is why it is vital to eat before as well.
  1. Hydrate – ensure that you stay hydrated since you are bound to experience a dry mouth for quite some time.
  1. Check Your Surroundings – find a safe place where you feel comfortable sitting and chilling when you are high.
  1. Go Slow – it’s best to take your time and go slow when you are consuming anything with high-THC levels.

An Alternative To Moon Rock Weed: Sun Rock. 

Since we are discussing moon rock weed and different aspects regarding it. I think we must also take a moment to discuss about sun rock weed as well. Think of this cannabis form as a more mature and premium version of moon rocks. Sun rocks are made using the same process as making moon rocks. However, there are a few distinctive features that enhance the overall potency up to 80% THC.

The First Layer 

The first layer of the sun rocks is all about the bud. One major difference between sun and moon rocks is that sun rocks are only made with highly potent OG family strain. This makes a huge difference. The people who consume sun rocks include hardcore cannabis aficionado. These people are willing to pay top dollars for their product and only expect to be provided with the best. The go-to strain that manufacturers prefer includes the iconic OG Kush.

The Second Layer 

The second layer of the rocks include solventless cannabis oil. If you are following us for a while, you will know that cannabis oils are not at all made equal. While some manufacturers provide clean solvent-less cannabis oils, some manufacturers are willing to compromise with the quality to maintain a higher profit margin. However, if you are opting for sun rocks, you can be assured that you are getting the good sh#t. Sun rock manufacturers know who they are catering to and which is why they keep their product without as much impurities as possible.  

 The Final Layer 

And now comes the final layer of this new cannabis product. The final and most crucial stage of manufacturing the rocks is to add kief to the process. But when you are talking about premium cannabis products, you cannot compromise on the quality. Sun rocks manufacturers go for the best kiefs in the business to build the final layer of their products. Similar to the choice of strain, manufacturers primarily go for finely-grained kief of the premium OG Kush strain. However, some manufacturers jazz things up and add kiefs from other premium complimentary strain. As a result, the effects of the strain can be varied and dynamic.

And It’s A Wrap!  

And that’s a wrap on marijuana moon rock weed! The next time you are planning on a smoke-n-chill session, consider opting for moon rocks – give these a try, especially if you are a seasoned marijuana consumer. However, if you are new to consuming marijuana, maybe wait a while before you get there! So tell us, what your thoughts on these potent nugs are? While sharing your thoughts, in case you have experienced these nugs in the past, feel free to tell us about your experiences with moon rocks.

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