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How To Smoke Moon Rocks? – 5 Simple Steps

How To Smoke Moon Rocks? – 5 Simple Steps

How To Smoke Moon Rocks

We have all been high at some point in our lives, but have you ever been very high where you can touch your eyebrows physically but cannot actually feel them? If you haven’t, then you just need to know how to smoke moon rocks – we can guarantee that you will be so high that you won’t feel your eyebrows even when you touch them.

Moon rocks are perhaps one of the most potent and effective methods of smoking. The best marijuana strains with high THC can’t make you feel how moon rocks will ACTUALLY make you feel. This is precisely why it’s difficult to find authentic moon rock products. Today, we will talk about moon rocks and how you can smoke these in five simple steps – stay tuned to find out.

What Are Moon Rocks?

What Are Moon Rocks?

Before you ask google or some other search engine ‘how to smoke moon rocks with a bong’ and sink deeps amidst the specifics of a bong or a pipe, for that matter, let’s ask what moon rocks are. Because if you do not know what these are, it’s best to find out before you can start smoking the same.

Moon rocks are basically made by taking different nugs of high-THC strains and subsequently dipping them together in hash concentrates or oil. These then coat the nugs with a thick, deep layer of yummy THC-packed goodness. Once the nugs are all coated, they are rolled in high-quality cannabis flower pollen or kief.

The final product? A nug that is super potent and appears to be completely covered with snow. This cannabis goodness comes with high potency and leads to the creation of a mind-blowing product with 50% THC approximately. As compared to moon rocks, most high-quality strains have THC levels of 25% – this is precisely why moon rocks are considered to be strong.

If you are thinking about whether we are exaggerating the impact of moon rocks, then you really need to stay tuned and find out how to smoke moon rocks by itself.

How To Smoke Moon Rocks In Five Simple Steps?

How To Smoke Moon Rocks In Five Simple Steps?

While you are wondering which variation of moon rock to smoke, like something exclusive like the black moon rock weed, we are more concerned about how you can smoke these – this is precisely why we have done some details research on your behalf.

If you were already googling ‘how to smoke moon rocks CBD,’ the stop – instead, without wasting any time, scroll down to find out how you can smoke this cannabis goodness in five simple steps.

Things You Will Need

There are multiple items that you will require if you want to learn how to smoke moon rock – scroll down and find out the items you will need for the same.

  1. Moon craters,
  2. Lighter,
  3. Scissors or razor blades,
  4. Standard flower, and
  5. Glass object (bubbler, bong, or pipe)

Step 1: Slice The Moon Rocks

Slice The Moon Rocks

The first step starts with slicing your moon rocks. You have to remember that you must not crush these babies – you have to slice them instead. Of course, it will end up creating a huge mess and subsequently clogging up that grinder of yours – in fact, after a few attempts, your grin

der might just become useless.

Instead, consider breaking up your moon rocks into different manageable bits witty the help of a sharp razor blade, scissors, or even your agile fingertips.

Step 2: Fill Your Bowl

Fill Your Bowl

The next step in the ‘how to smoke your moon rocks’ edition is to fill up your chosen glass object’s bowl with bits of your preferred strain, leaving some space for air on top. Of course, you can use a bubbler, a pipe, or even a bong. The point is to use a glass object that you are comfortable with, especially when you are smoking moon rocks for the first time.

Step 3: Insert A Moon Rock

Insert A Moon Rock

Once you have filled your chosen glass object’s bowl with your favorite marijuana strains, it’s time to put those moon rocks into use. Again, it’s a reminder not to crush your moon rocks – instead, you have to slice them up. Now, let’s get started with the potent moon rocks. In this step, you will have to top your bowl with a few sliced moon rocks.

Ensure that you are topping your bowl with only a few pieces – you can even just use a single piece. If you gently press down on these pieces, you will see the pieces are sitting firmly.

Step 4: Burn Modestly

Burn Modestly

You have to be careful when you are warming up your pebble – it’s best to take a gentle and delicate approach. It is best to use a hemp wick or a lighter for burning the moon rocks slowly and gently on low heat. If you try to heat the same rapidly, then you will find these smoldering – just the right balance you need.

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It is also best to light these sliced-up moon rocks for relatively long as compared to traditional flowers. Think of the whole process like lighting a nice campfire – remember how a blazing campfire might look nice in the beginning, but it will not really get you anywhere.

Step 5: Take In Low Heat

Take In Low Heat

The moment your bowl begins to burn, you can start taking deep and long breaths. It is highly possible that you might end up getting way too high too soon with moon rocks. So, it is best to ensure that you are keeping things minimal or at the least moderate. Plus, it’s recommended to take the same on low heat.

Bonus Step: Breathe Out

Breathe Out

Once you have held the smoke inside your lungs briefly, you can start exhaling. It is possible that you will be coughing a little, especially when you smoke moon rock for the very first time. And that is absolutely fine – don’t take it to heart. We coughed so much, we promise, that it is bound to happen to the best of us.

So just chill, take a deep breath, and then get ready for the next round!

And It’s A Wrap!

Now that you know how to smoke moon rocks with a pipe or any other glass object for that matter, what are your thoughts on these beauties? Are you ready to try out some potent sliced-up moon rocks? Or have you already experienced these?

We would love to hear your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

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