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Marijuana Sunset Sherbet Strain Review in 2023

Marijuana Sunset Sherbet Strain Review in 2023

sunset sherbet strain

If you have not tried the sunset sherbet strain, you are missing out on life! Well, don’t you worry about all the major FOMO you are experiencing now because we are here to tell you about everything that you need to know about this yummy strain! There’s something rewarding about smoking a good strain, and for a first-timer, it’s even a better experience. 

Marijuana strains have become increasingly popular. Initially, healing was a primary reason behind this popularity, but 2023 and the past few years have witnessed an increase in the recreational use of marijuana. Thus, it was no surprise a lot of people wanted to find out more about the sunset sherbet weed. 

So without wasting any further time, let’s dive right in!

About Sunset Sherbet Strain

A delectable fruity strain. An unforgettable flavor. A smooth experience. What more do you guys want? The sunset sherbet strain tastes like berries and sherbet with a hint of forest-like natural freshness. Although mostly used recreationally, sunset sherbet is also a great mood-enhancing substance mainly used by people who suffer from frequent changes in mood. 

The sherbet is often referred to as Sherbert. With strangely interchangeable spellings, the sunset sherbet strain is sweet intoxicating that can lift up your mood and spirits. Consequently, any stoner out there will love feeling the effects of this strain – the effects are not necessarily mind-altering but instead uplifting. 

When used medically, the sunset sherbet weed strain is prescribed to be consumed in the evening or in the post-work hours. However, people who smoke up regularly know how much better a joint feels right after a long, hard day of work. Thus, even when prescribed medically, try to consume anything related to marijuana post a tiring day for lasting effects. 

Keep reading to discover more about the sunset sherbet marijuana strain. 

Sunset Sherbet Strain: Attributes


The sunset sherbet strain yield is an Indica-dominated hybrid also including cannabis. It contains, 

  • Indica – 85%
  • Sativa – 15%

It’s no surprise that Girl Scout Cookies has a crazy global following with fans desperate for the unique, righteous high. The sunset sherbet strain obviously derives partially from GSC (Girl Scout Cookies). Although the sunset strains are relatively less popular than GSC, both are the same when it comes to taste and experiencing its effects. 

But that’s not all. The other parent strain that the sunset strain originates from is the infamous Pink Panties, a cannabis Indica relative to the fruity Blackberry Kush. So while reading the rest of the article, keep in mind where the sunset strain originates from – this is because the sunset strain is strangely very similar to its parent strains. 

Most strains of sunset sherbet contain THC between 18 to 23%, making it a favorite among stoners who love a high that’s strong and lasts over a period of time. If you are one of those THC-loving stoners, you will love the dream-like impact of this strain – while your head will be in the clouds, your heart will be happy. 

Aroma, Flavor, And Appearance

The main reason behind the popularity of this sunset sherbet strain is the aroma and flavor of the strain. If you are considering buying it, simply open the jar and smell it – that first whiff will immediately convince you to purchase the same. If all the sunset sherbet strain grow info was not enough to convince you, the aroma sure will. 

While some users love the strain for its earthy, fresh flavor, others call it the blueberry sunset sherbet strain simply because it tasks citrusy and fruity like berries with just the right amount of freshness added – it’s sweet on your tongue with zero to no bitterness associated to it. Sounds tasty, right?

The sunset sherbet strain looks exactly like any potent cannabis bud, with the exception of a few sunset-like shades thrown into the equation – this, of course, suits the bud owing to its innovative name. The leaves with sugar in the bud are all of the different colors – from shades of yellow neon green to a rusty shade of brown. These leaves are then blended with pistils in bright orange color. 

Additionally, strains of sunset sherbert are also coated with crystalline trichomes thickly, which is the reason why this strain gleams and glows when placed under the light. This medium in height strain is packed with potent herbs and flowers, perfect for a Saturday night with friends! For people who have been doing this for some time now, try it alone for a better impact and lasting high. 

There are several types of sunset sherbet strain available in the market, but there are two types that are very popular with stoners.

  • Indoor sunset sherbet strain, and
  • Blueberry sunset sherbet strain


Sunset Sherbet Strain is an Indica-dominant strain that will provide you with all the goodness of indica high but with a hint of sativa effects. Users who have used the strain have claimed that this strain provides a cerebral high as well. In fact, this strain also has some mood-altering capabilities, like bouts of euphoria and a sense of relaxation. 

Even though the strain is known for providing a calm relaxing high, it will never make the user drowsy or anything. In fact, it will provide you with some imaginative energy helping you to concentrate on some artistic project that you have been working on.  It is also a strain that is perfect if you have social anxiety, as the strain will enable you to be more sociable and extroverted. Therefore, the attributes suggest that the strain is a good choice for evening consumption once you are done with the day’s work.

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Several medical users claim that this strain is a very good strain with analgesic capabilities. The predominant THC content of the strain is great for helping people dealing with chronic pain. In fact, some users also claimed that the strain has helped them deal with the pain of chemotherapy. Moreover, for users who face problems with stress and want something that deals with anxiety and panic attacks, this strain is a perfect choice for them as well. 

Apart from the nature of the high, the duration of the high is also important. Studies show that this strain has a long-lasting effect on the user. Which means the effects or the high would last longer. So, if you are using cannabis for medical purposes, then this factor alone should get you to switch. But then again, if you are planning to opt for medical cannabis, then you must consult a doctor and get a prescription. Only then can you be sure that your cannabis intake is not counterproductive to the health problems that you are facing? Otherwise, you can give this strain a try if you are just a recreational user.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Sunset Sherbet A Good Strain?

Yes, it’s a great strain with a fruity, citrusy flavor and aroma. Originating from two Indica-dominant strains, this one’s famous for uplifting the moods of people. 

2. What Strain Of Marijuana Is Sherbet?

The sunset sherbet strain of marijuana originated from a female Girl Scout Cookie strain and a male Pink Panties strain, which explains the lasting results of this strain. 

3. How Does Sunset Sherbet Make You Feel?

Sunset Sherbet strains are generally prescribed to people with fluctuating mood swings. So, naturally, this is a result of how the strains affect people smoking it – thus, it acts as a mood enhancer of sorts. 

Wrapping Up

Indulging in some good old sunset sherbet strain is a dream come true for most stoners. It’s relatively new and has the same taste as its parent strains of GSC and Pink Panties. Both of these strains are dominated by Indica and have potent effects on users of the same. The results of smoking the sunset strain are very similar, if not better. 

Thus, the next time you plan to indulge in some recreational use of marijuana, ditch the same old strains you are always smoking. Instead, this time go for something new – how about the sunset strain? Try that out, and you might never go back to what you were smoking before!

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