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Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Wedding Pie Strain

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Wedding Pie Strain

Wedding Pie Strain

It is unique, it is creamy, and it is exotic. So, a Wedding Pie Strain is everything you are missing out on now from that fancy wedding plan. We want people to remember our wedding day, don’t we? So, make it super memorable with these pie strains.

You better know about its taste, smell, effects, and medical purposes before you decide to include it in your wedding. So, read this article thoroughly to get a good grip on this fascinating concept.

What Is A Wedding Pie Strain?

What Is A Wedding Pie Strain?

When you crossbreed the grape pie and a wedding cake, you get an Indica dominant hybrid strain. The fragrant and fruit dessert aroma of the pie will lure you to taste this item. The great mixture of effects will calm your mind fast. And, you will enjoy the feeling of getting high more than ever. The craftsmanship of this wedding cake success story is indeed appreciation-worthy.

The cherry undertone of Indica gives it a citrusy taste that encourages you to get happy for the night. Sweet and sour- both flavors can be enjoyed equally after you take a good high from it. It does not make the THC level of marijuana too high, so this strain is perfect for just about anyone.

You won’t witness any mind-altering sensations in your brain that will make you regret your decision. Instead, you will be happy as you are supposed to be if it’s a wedding. The feeling will be all breezy, so all the tension of the marriage will be blown out of your mind. You will extract possibly 16-21 ounces of pie strain from each plant. So, you better follow the cultivation instructions carefully.

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Does Wedding Pie Strain Have Any Medical Use?

Does Wedding Pie Strain Have Any Medical Use?

A ton of medical patients across the world prefer wedding pie strain more than anything. Is it because it keeps you happy for the time, or is it because it lets your body relax? Well, both. A moderate range of THC is present in this strain that is often effective for patients with mental health issues. But, of course, we are talking about chronic stress, insomnia, depression, anxiety, and other kinds of mood disorders. 

Not only mental, but the Wedding Pie Strain is even more effective when it comes to curing some physical illnesses. Inflammation, pain, migraine, muscle spasms, headaches, nausea are common illnesses that this strain can cure. In addition, people suffering from lack of appetite, eating disorders, or anorexia seem to prefer it a lot. 

It can even help you sleep peacefully where your mind and body will completely relax. So, people who have insomnia or even sleepwalking sometimes prefer to use the Wedding Pie Strain as a backup. That is why besides getting an excellent high, the medical benefits of this pie strain are undeniable.

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How Do We Cultivate A Wedding Pie Strain?

How Do We Cultivate A Wedding Pie Strain?

It is tough to cultivate a wedding pie strain, and that is for several reasons. First, the leaf structure is bushy, and the leaves are vast and watery. Second, of course, we have some strong genetics there. But, when it comes to monitoring the humidity, that’s the real trouble. The humidity level of your room has to be just perfect to avoid any sort of powdery mildew. So you must remember it before you decide to cultivate it. 

If the powdery mildew seems to settle on the thick leaves, it will take you longer to remove it later. Especially in small rooms, the growth of this Indica dominated pie strain can be crowded and stuffy. That is why you need to monitor the development of the plant regularly. And, you must also trim the top occasionally so that it does not go out of control. 

The room temperature, or the area where you think of cultivating the Wedding pie Strain, must be 70 degrees Fahrenheit. If it grows outside on rich soil, the plant might be just ready to harvest around the time of October. However, it will take you an approximate time of 7-9 weeks to cultivate the whole strain. Therefore, it’s better to keep the temperature around the plant relatively warm. 

There are some differences in the cultivation instructions from indoor yielding to outdoor yielding. For example, if you are cultivating the strain inside your room, the hefty yielder will mature by the 9th week. But, if the temperature and humidity are right from the beginning, it may flower by the 7th or 8th week. However, if you are cultivating it outdoors, it may mature around the 3rd week of October. Then again, if the temperature is right from the beginning, it may blossom early, like the last week of September. 

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How Does A Wedding Pie Strain Look? How Do We Know When It’s Ready?

A Wedding Pie Strain looks lovely with its bushy leaves and its THC enriched trichomes around. The THC-trichomes spread so beautifully around the bushy structure of the plant; it gives the entire thing a crystalline look. You will notice some massive colas, which will further break into some nugs. The nugs will have a spade-like shape and will be greenish. If you choose to harvest the strain with cold weather, the nugs may have a streak of purple on top. The flowers have shiny pistils in amber or green colors that make the resinous trichomes look even more beautiful overall. 

What Are The Characteristics Features Of A Wedding Pie Strain?

What Are The Characteristics Features Of A Wedding Pie Strain?

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Do you know why a Wedding Pie Strain is so popular at weddings? Because it lets you enjoy the sugary rush of desserts like any reminiscent of vanilla wafers. As soon as you take one hit from it, you will get this feeling. The mouthwatering sweetness is something that lets you enjoy the sweetness of vanilla that settles under your tongue. 

All these sweet flavors are intentional because two such beautiful things were joined to make this pie strain. Not only for smoking, but you can also add it in custards, cookies, sauces, or in other baked goods. It will help your sweet dessert retain the same taste. If you take a big inhale, you will also taste the tinge of ginger and nuts that kick inside. It will make you get flavors from other species, too, which makes this strain so unique.

The effects are more lasting when you have the cake than when you smoke the strain. Of course, you will not be euphoric initially, but your body and mind will be more relaxed as time passes. So, if you are struggling with the loss of appetite, sickness, or chemotherapy, Wedding Pie Strain is your option.

But, there are some adverse features to this as well. Excessive dry eyes and dry mouth are two negative features of the Wedding Pie Strain that we hate. Especially if you smoke it, it hits you the hardest with these side effects. However, the usual side effects of smoking weed like paranoia, dizziness, nausea are not so typical with this pie strain.

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What Do People Think Of The Wedding Pie Strain After Tasting It?

All the reviews that we collected from people about their feelings about Wedding Pie Strain are all quite excellent. They appreciate the look of the strain, its flavors, its aroma, and especially its after effect. Some people who don’t have too much of a sweet tooth may be disappointed with the sugary rush taste. But, apart from that, everyone enjoys it. It’s a perfect dessert for any day. The moderate level of THC makes it easier for people to doze off slightly into sleep. It does not even cause any hallucination or psychoactive brain effects while you try to sleep. 

For people who are suffering from medical issues, the Wedding Pie Strain comes as a lifesaver. It does not overdo the feeling, but the feeling after tasting it is just about right. If you don’t want to have it from someone else, there are wedding pie seeds available in the market. These seeds will let you cultivate the strain all by yourself. So, get over your fear of missing out and try one of these yourself.

The Bottom Line

Judging the overall quality, aroma, taste, after-effect, and medical use of a Wedding Pie Strain, it deserves a 5-star rating. How can one thing be so right in everything? Unfortunately, that is what all the junk heads think when they try out this strain. But, with the right amount of high, it can let you enjoy the feeling. You won’t be fast asleep as soon as you take a hit from it. Instead, you will know what you are feeling, and that relaxed state of mind is worth all the money. So, we recommend you to try out the Wedding Pie Strain yourself and enjoy the feeling. 

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