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Top 3 Types Of CBD – A Beginners Guide Of 2023

Top 3 Types Of CBD – A Beginners Guide Of 2023

Types Of CBD

While many individuals want to consume cannabis products, they are not sure about different types of CBD. They don’t know which one to select from the plethora of options available. Here, I have not just explained various CBD products such as capsules, tinctures, chocolates; I have gone a step deeper and defined the technical aspects that include:

  • Full-Spectrum CBD
  • Broad-Spectrum CBD
  • Isolate CBD

By the end of this article, you will be able to understand various types of CBD and cannabis products and which one is right for you. 

Types Of CBD

With the varieties of CBD products available in the market, many people don’t know the basic types of CBD. 

Full-Spectrum CBD

Full-spectrum means it contains the whole plant, including tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). As per definition, it’s the whole plant extract that includes flowers, THC, and all cannabinoids.  The full-spectrum cannabinoids are legal under the Farm Bill. However, the government warned to maintain the THC level within 0.3%. 


Since it contains the whole plant, it offers various health benefits. The flower and other types of cannabinoids have many therapeutic potentials to reduce anxiety, depression and enhance better sleep.


Although many individuals claim that full-spectrum CBD provides many potential benefits, some experts raise concerns about the inclusion of THC. Since tetrahydrocannabinol is a psychoactive substance, some people don’t prefer to consume full-spectrum CBD. 

Broad-Spectrum CBD

Among the three major types of CBD, broad-spectrum is relatively new. It contains other types of cannabinoids but entirely eliminates THC. Since it doesn’t contain any THC, it is legal under the Farm Bill. However, the federal government restricts retailers because of mislabeling of broad-spectrum CBD. 


Whether you want to take THC or not, a broad-spectrum is suitable for everyone. It offers several health benefits, and it’s becoming increasingly popular among those who don’t consume THC. 


One of the biggest concerns of broad-spectrum is it can be costly. Extracting THC is an expensive process, so consumers have to pay a high amount to consume this product. Apart from that, some companies also mislabel their products that don’t contain THC, but in reality, they do. 

Isolate CBD

As the name suggests, it’s an isolated form of CBD that contains only a single cannabis extraction, such as CBD. Since Epidolex is an isolated CBD that has medicinal properties used for the treatment of pain and stress caused due to epilepsy or seizures, it’s legalized. 


Even if broad-spectrum has come into the market claiming that it doesn’t contain any THC, isolating CBD is better than broad-spectrum. Since the process of manufacturing isolated CBD ensures that there is 0% THC, it’s a better option for consumers who don’t want to consume THC.


Some individuals and groups of people say that CBD is not as effective as cannabis. It is not as beneficial as full-spectrum CBD. Even though it doesn’t contain THC and cannabinoids other than CBD, the application is very specific and used for medical purposes. 

Which Types Of CBD To Consume?

Now that you know about different types of CBD, which one to choose from these three options?

To answer this, ask yourself why you want to consume CBD products. Do you want to use it for improving your mental health or relieving pain, or for what purpose? If you want to use it for reducing pain and stress, isolating CBD would be the best option. 

For recreational purposes, you can use both full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD. However, there are different varieties of CBD products available in several forms in the market. Take a look at the types of CBD products and choose which is best for you. 

Popular Forms Of CBD Products

CBD products are available in many forms, including tinctures, capsules, etc. Here are some of the popular forms of CBD products you may want to purchase.

1. Tinctures


The most common form of CBD available in the market is tinctures or oils. Perhaps, it’s the purest application of CBD as there is no extra processing like other forms of CBDs. However, some manufacturers add extra flavors to give a good taste to their consumers. 

2. Capsules


Another popular form of CBD products is capsules. It’s also one of the most effective and convenient ways to consume CBD. Just like any other capsules, such as vitamins, supplements, and medicines, you can take these capsules in your daily regimen. 

3. Topicals


Topicals like lotions, creams, gels are some of the popular forms of CBD products. These have become increasingly popular due to several benefits for skin and pain. It helps in reducing inflammation, skin rashes, acne, swelling, psoriasis, etc. Among all the topical CBD products, skin-care products are more popular. 

4. Gummies & Chocolates

Gummies & Chocolates

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Who doesn’t love candy and chocolates? Keeping the consumers’ interest in mind, manufacturers have come up with CBD gummies and candies that are sweet in taste and easier to consume. However, some people may not prefer this because of sugar. Apart from that, you should also check the ingredients before consuming any types of CBD products. 

5. Vapes


Another instant relieving way is smoking CBD vape oil. Although they don’t stay in your body for a longer period, many individuals say that it gives instant relief. On the flip side, it also has harmful side effects and can also cause serious health problems. Smoking CBD vapes that contain psychoactive cannabis are not good for health. 

Medicinal Benefits: Deep Dive

We have already discussed that CBD is a medicinally beneficial substance that can greatly help individuals deal with a myriad of problems. This section will look at some of the conditions that CBD can help you. 

Anxiety: A few years back a small experiment was conducted. In that experiment, two subjects with anxiety were selected who were to give a public speech. During the speech, their heart rate was monitored. One subject was provided some CBD and another was sent clean. It was noted that the person who was given some CBD was in a calmer state of mind, while the other had an elevated heart rate. This shows CBD works positively for patients with anxiety.

Sleep: CBD is known to calm a chaotic mind. Several users claimed that CBD helped them calm down. As a  result, it enabled these users to relax and rest. In fact, the calming effects of the substance are so potent that it can help people with some of their REM disorders. REM disorders include sleepwalking, sleep paralysis, etc.

ALS: Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or ALS is a neurodegenerative disease that attacks the nerve cells of our brain and spinal cord. It reduces functionality and renders individuals useless. The analgesic, relaxing, and psychoactive properties of this substance can greatly help patients in dealing with the symptoms of the disease. 

Addiction: Several studies claim that CBD can help people with withdrawal effects. Since CBD is in itself a psychoactive substance, it can help people deal with the withdrawal effects of other psychostimulant substances like methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, etc.

Final Thoughts

I hope the above information has helped you to get some insights into different types of CBD. To make it more clear, I have described each type separately. If you want to use it for the treatment of any kind of mental problems or health issues, don’t shy away from consulting a CBD expert.

You should also be aware of the side effects of CBD before you consume them. You can also consume raw cannabis instead of CBD because it contains several nutrients like vitamins, fatty acids, antioxidants, and amino acids.

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