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CBD 101

Candyland strain: A Complete Guide In 2022

Do you know what happens when the tasty Bay Platinum Cookie strain meets the equally…

Everything You Need To Know About The Jet Fuel Strain
Everything You Need To Know About The Jet Fuel Strain

Having a good smoke has become a necessity for many stoners globally. Going to sleep…

cooking with cannabis
A Beginner’s Guide To Cooking With Cannabis In 2022

Cannabis is one of the most beautiful substances on this planet. So many people –…

PGR Weed: How to Spot If Your Marijuana Is Toxic?

PGR weed has been gaining a whole lot of popularity in recent times and what…

moldy weed
Are You Smoking Moldy Weed? Here’s How To Check

We only must smoke good, green grass as a stoner. Many stoners believe that pure…

high songs
15 Best Songs to Listen to While High Smoking Weed

When I go back to those nostalgic colleges days, I can’t help thinking about my…

Strongest Weed
Top 10 Strongest Weed Strains In 2022

As a stoner who likes the finer things in life, seeking the strongest weed strains…

best weed strains
10 Best Weed Strains For Beginners In 2022

Access to legal cannabis alternatives has multiplied in the recent past, and so has the…

Reggie Weed
Reggie Weed: What It Is and Why You Should Stay Away

In a utopic world, nobody should be acquainted with the concept of ‘Reggie Weed.’ But…

how to grind weed without a grinder
How To Grind Weed Without A Grinder: 10 DIY Hacks In 2022

‘A friend with weed is a friend indeed.’😎 It’s quirky, right? Do you agree with…

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