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The New Runtz In The House: Obama Runtz

The New Runtz In The House: Obama Runtz

Obama Runtz

The weekend is nothing without some good ganja. And that is why I have brought you the perfect weekend cannabis called the Obama Runtz. A unique strain that even put a horse to sleep. So stick around to know all there is to know about the iconic Obama Runtz strain. 

Overview Of The Obama Runtz Strain

Overview Of The Obama Runtz Strain

The cannabis industry is currently going through some drastic changes. The power dynamic is shifting. New and young novelty strains replace old-school legends every day. One such young Turk is the latest Obama Runtz strain.

The Obama Runtz is an Indica dominant hybrid strain. The strain boasts around 15% to 20% THC. As a result, it can be too much to handle for some people. But apart from that, this is a fantastic strain with some amazing properties. 

In this article, I will extensively talk about the all-new Obama Runtz strain and different aspects regarding its growth, characteristics, genetic lineage, etc. 

Genetic Lineage Of The Obama Runtz Strain

Understanding a strain is not just understanding the high. It is a combination of several different things at the same time. One such aspect is the genetic lineage of the strain. I usually start off my reviews by talking about a strain’s genetic lineage. This helps me to educate you about the strain more effectively.

So, the Obama Runtz strain is a mystery. The streets claim that it is an original strain and not a hybrid. However, recent research shows that this strain is actually a hybrid between the legendary OG Kush and the Afghani strain. Both of these are legendary in their own little ways.

Here is a more detailed look at the OG Kush and the Afghani strain to understand the Runtz phenomenon.

OG Kush

OG Kush is one of the most iconic strains of all time. The strain has earned a cult status among cannabis connoisseurs. OG Kush first broke into the scene back in the 90s. Since then, it has steadily earned a cult status. Currently, the strain is seen as equivalent to other iconic strains like the Pine Apple Express, Purple Haze, etc. 

OG Kush is also a hybrid strain. It is apparently a cross between Chemdawg, Hindu Kush, and Lemon Thai strains. OGK boasts around 20% to 25% THC. As a result, it is one of the highest-hitting strains of all time.


Next up is the iconic indica-dominant strain known as Afghani. This strain made its way to the USA back in the late 80s. The Afghani strain instantly became one of the best-selling cannabis of all time. The history and the origin of the strain add a layer of mysticism and exoticness to the strain. 

Afghani was a revolutionary strain of its time. It had a sweet olfactory experience, along with a potent kick. The strain is known to boast around 25% THC, and this is why it was one of the first strains that ever got selected as a medical cannabis strain. 

Characteristics Of The Obama Runtz

Characteristics Of The Obama Runtz

The point of studying a strain’s genetic lineage is to eventually understand the strain’s characteristics. This is because a hybrid strain receives a lot of its genetic mapping from its parent strain. As a result, it is crucial to understand the basics and then get into the meat of things.

The Obama Runtz strain is one of the most iconic strains of recent times. This is a result of its characteristics. As a result, this section will primarily talk about some of the iconic aspects of the strain that adds to its appeal.

Here we go!


Cannabis plants are made up of several chemicals like CBD, CBG, THC, etc. All of these chemicals add to a strain’s overall appeal. One such class of chemicals is known as terpenes. Terpenes are versatile and serve a series of functions like adding an olfactory experience along with other aspects. As a result, I decided to dedicate a whole subsection to a discussion of some of the major terpenes found in the Obama Runtz strain. 

Caryophyllene: This is one of the most common forms of terpene found in this strain. It adds a peppery kick to the strain, along with amazing anti-inflammatory properties.

Limonene: This terpene is mainly found in citrus fruits and cannabis strains. It adds a hint of citrusy feeling to the whole mix. Moreover, it boasts some mood-elevating properties as well. 

Myrcene: This is the final piece of the terpene puzzle. This terpene adds a sense of sweet and natural essence. Furthermore, this terpene also adds a sense of sedation to the whole mix. 

Flavor & Aroma

I am very particular about the olfactory sensation of the cannabis I am consuming. I have a specific taste, and I hate deviating from that taste. However, I was kind of surprised, but not fully. 

Like many people, I assumed that the olfactory experience of the strain would be akin to strain like Obama Kush or Runtz. However, I was sorely mistaken. In fact, the flavor and the aroma profile were absolutely different and were kind of unique. 

The olfactory essence of the strain can best explained using one single adjective, ‘sweet’. In other words, this is a sweet-tasting cannabis. Howevevr, it is not desserty sweet, but it kind of goes its own way. 

I personally picked up hints of earthy and peppery undertone. Therefore, the strain starts out sweet but eventually turns into a peppery experience. 


Appearance is probably the last thing that you care about. But I like to consume aesthetically appealing cannabis strains. It enriches the whole experince for me. As a result, I extensively discuss a strain’s appearance. 

I think Obama Runtz is probably not the prettiest, but it is an eye candy. Then again, I have never seen a bad-looking strain anyway. The strain’s primary hues are neon green, purple, and orange. The foliage mixes neon green with purple, but the pistils come in rust-orange hues.

The bus boasts an amazing texture along with a pretty trichome layout. The glistening trichomes add a sugary aesthetic to the strain, which enhances the whole visual experience. 

Effects & Usage Of The Obama Runtz

Till now, the strain mostly fared well. The lineage was great, and the characteristics were spot-on. But what about the experience? A cannabis strain with amazing lineage and spot-on characteristics, but a shoddy experience will never fare well. 

The Obama Runtz took care of this aspect beautifully. While ‘reviewing,’ I could feel that the 25% THC content and the Indica-dominant lineage were working wonders on my psyche. As a result, I started recording my experience with the strain. 

Going by my personal experience, I have made a point of discussing some of the potential uses of this strain and some of its downsides. So do not buy the Obama Runtz strain before you read this section of my review. 

Recreational Usage

The foremost form of usage that I would like to discuss is the recreational side of things. I personally found that the Obama Runtz strain was kind of restrictive in its execution. Now, this is both a good and bad thing.

The good part is that it is a perfect strain for weekend or end-of-the-day smoke sessions. My weekends were just all about this iconic Runtz strain. It is a perfect strain for lazing around and chilling by yourself. The sedative and the relaxing properties of the strain make it one of the best strains for relaxing.

The downside is that this strain will not be helpful when you would like to be productive and high at the same time. Just to experiment, I wanted to start my day by waking-n-baking the Obama Runtz. Trust me, you do not want to do it. 

So, stick to the pattern, and you will see that this is an amazing recreational strain for weekend usage.

Medicinal Usage

Obama Runtz is a great strain with high potency. This makes it versatile and perfect for several different forms of usage, such as recreational, industrial, and medicinal. In fact, the medical community is accepting this strain as one of the next chapters of alternate medicine. Keeping that in mind, here are some of the most common ailments that this strain is known to deal with.

See Also

Depression: As per recent studies, strains with high levels of limonene, like Obama Runtz and Forbidden Fruit strains, can actually help people deal with their mental ailments. 

Insomnia: After about 30 minutes into the session, I kind of felt a little drowsy and sedated. However, it was nothing too much to handle. Therefore, controlled levels of this strain can help people with insomnia.

Anorexia: I kind of spent most of my afternoon snacking after ‘reveiweing’ this strain. Therefore, the strain can actually help you to build up hunger.

Pain Management: I have not experienced any pain management capability of this strain. However, Indica-dominant strains with high THC content are known to alleviate pain. Therefore, people who experience chronic or acute pain can find this strain helpful in several ways. 

Side Effects

Om=bama Rintiz is a versatile strain, to say the least. However, it can be a little too much at times. As a result, it is very important to have a clear understanding of the strain and its downsides so that you can save yourself from some awkward moments and memories. 

Dehydration: The Obama Runtz strain is a sucker for moisture. It can literally seep the moisture out of your body. This can have some cascading effects like blood-red eyes and cottonmouth. Both of which are actually manageable. 

Anxiety: The Obama Runtz strain is absolutely popular for its mood-altering capabilities. However, this works both ways. The Obama Runtz strain can leave people mellow or in shambles. Several people claimed that they have experienced extreme bouts of anxiety attacks and even breakdowns.

Greenout: I personally love cannabis and all it has to offer. But I believe that nobody should forget that it is a psychoactive substance in the end. As a result, people need to understand that moderation is the key. Overconsumption of the Obama Runtz strain can trigger greenout episodes. These episodes are usually characterized by extreme loss of motor function, nausea, temporary memory loss, breathing problems, etc. Therefore, never go overboard.

Growing The Obama Runtz

Growing your own cannabis is like a wet dream for several cannabis connoisseurs. Even though I do not second that opinion, I can relate to the feeling. As a result, I have made a point of discussing how the strain might perform as a crop. 

In this section, I will only talk about aspects like the yield, the growing station, and the flowering period so that you can have a fair idea about what to expect from this uniquely beautiful strain. 

Sources suggest that this strain is moderately challenging to grow, depending on your skill set. As a result, you can expect smooth sailing. However, there are specific markers that you need to follow in order to maximize your production.

Grow Station

As per sources, this strain grows best in an indoor growing station with SCROG or SOG techniques. However, I would suggest you to start slow and do not invest too much money on your growing operation. 

Indoor growing station with optimal humidity (50% to 60%) and temperature (20 degrees Celsius to 30 Degrees Celsius) is needed in order to produce the best results. Be very careful about the humidity as you do not want to experience a bud rot. 


The Obama runtz strain can be best described as rewarding. As per sources, optimal conditions can allow this strain to grow up to 2.5 inches. Subsequently, each plant will yield around 1 to 2 ounces per plant. But outdoor growing can produce 10% more. However, outdoor growing can be a gamble.

Closing Thought

There you have it. That is all I have for the new Obama Runtz strain. It is a truly unique strain with some amazing characteristics, and it has up its sleeve so that it can easily topple any of the legendary old-school strains. Keep following our page for more such content.

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