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Cannabis 101: Rainbow Chip Strain 

Cannabis 101: Rainbow Chip Strain 

rainbow chip strain

What the hell is the Rainbow Chip Strain? Well, stick around, and I will answer all the questions you might have about this iconic stain. Scroll down to learn more about the genetic lineage, characteristics, effects, and even some growing tips.   

Overview Of The Rainbow Chip Strain  

The cannabis industry is saturated with unique novelty strains like the OG Kush, Pineapple Express, Garanimals, Sour Diesel, etc. Each of these novelty strains offers something new to the users. As a result, grow houses are investing more and more in creating newer novelty strains.  

One such cannabis strain is the Rainbow Chip strain. It is a 50/50 strain with 50% indica lineage and 50% sativa lineage. Subsequently, the strain boasts around 18% to 22% THC. As a result, it is popular for its zany effects covering the indica and the sativa side of the spectrum.   

This lovely lady might seem the sweetest of all. But trust me, she has got some dirty tricks up her sleeves. So you better watch out and read my review of this strain to know what you are getting yourself into.   

Genetic Lineage Of The Rainbow Chip Strain  

The Rainbow Chip strain is a hybrid strain. Therefore, it is crucial to know more about the parent strains to know more about the strain’s appeal. Otherwise, your knowledge would be half-baked.   

The Rainbow Chip Strain is a result of crossing two novelty strains, Sunset Sherbet and Mint Chocolate Chip. Both of these strains are absolutely amazing and bring some amazing characteristics to the table. As a result, we get an amazing cannabis strain called the Rainbow Chip Strain.  

Here is a detailed rundown of the parent strains of the iconic strain of the day: Rainbow Chip. Let’s go!  

Sunset Sherbet

If you have been following my content for a while, you will definitely know what I feel for Sherbet. I am absolutely obsessed with this iconic strain. In fact, it is one of the best strains ever made.   

Sunset Sherbet is a hybrid strain like its offspring. It is a result of splicing Girl Scout Cookies with Pink Panties. As per Leafly, Sunset Sherbet contains around 18% THC. However, some growers have reported that their batch demonstrated 22% THC as well.   

It is primarily an Indica-dominant hybrid. As a result, expect some old-school sedation and drowsiness. This also makes it a perfect strain for a medical cannabis user.   

Mint Chocolate Chip

Next, I have the Mint Chocolate Chip strain. Sadly, I have never really tried this strain. Therefore, I have no first-hand experience to share with. However, most users I talked to claimed this is a unique strain.  

Firstly, the Mint Chocolate chip is a hybrid strain of opposing genetics. This is a result of crossing the Green Ribbon strain with the SinMint Cookies. As a result, this strain is known to make users as high as kites but keep them functional at the same time.   

Medical research papers on this cannabis strain are limited. However, given my experience with strains and their effects, I think I can safely assume that this strain would be studied in order to determine its medicinal usage.   

Characteristics Of The Rainbow Chip Strain  

Next up, I would like to talk about the characteristics of the strain. As a cannabis connoisseur myself, I think that one should be aware of the different aspects of your favorite strain. This section is aimed towards that.  

 The rich genetic lineage of the Rainbow chip gives it some unique characteristics to deal with. As a result, I think It is important for you to know a bit more about them. This would enable you to identify this strain in a sea of greens.   

Terpene Flavor

Cannabis plants are made up of several chemicals. These chemicals include CBD, CBG, THC, and Terpenes. Terpenes are crucial in several different aspects. Firstly, it adds flavor/aroma. Secondly, it adds some more attributes to the strain. Here we go!  

Limonene: As per studies, limonene is the most dominant terpene found in this strain. It comes with a citrusy essence and adds pain management attributes to the starin.  

Caryophyllene: The second terpene found in the strain is called the Caryophyllene. Caryophyllene is mostly found in peppers, chilies, etc. It has a peppery essence and can help people deal with anxiety, depression, etc.  

Pinene: Pinene is the third form of terpene found in this strain of cannabis. This has a woody undertone that grounds the whole experience.   

Aroma & Flavor  

The next factor that I would like to discuss is the olfactory experience of the strain. The flavor and aroma of a strain are among the biggest USPs that cannabis companies try to capitalize on. Therefore, it is seminal to understand a strain’s aroma and flavor profile.   

From my experience, I can say that the strain has a mix of everything. It is spicy, it is earthy, and, at the same time, has a sweetness to it. This makes for an amazing concoction that would beautifully pleasure your olfactory senses.   

However, the strain was becoming too sweet in some areas. As a result, it kind of broke my experience a little bit. I do not like sweet-tasting cannabis. I am more of a skunk weed lover. Therefore, the olfactory experince was around 8.7 out of 10.   


Appearance is probably one of the most redundant things to review. Am I Right? Well, no, it is not. I think the appearance of a cannabis strain is also one of the properties, and people should talk more about it.   

I love aesthetic-looking strains. At the same time, this strain might not hit a home run. But it certainly can awe people with its beauty. The buds of this strain are medium in size. Subsequently, these buds are heavily covered with thick layers of trichomes. This makes the strain very beautiful.  

The general hues of the strain include green, fiery orange, and dense forest green. Therefore, this strain is a chromatic marvel. In fact, this strain is probably one of the more aesthetically pleasing strains of recent times.   

Effects & Usage Of The Rainbow Chip Strain  

A strain cannot just be pretty or flavorful. It needs to pack a certain amount of punch. And Rainbow Chip strain has that punch for sure. I prefer strains with high THC content and some flavor. As a result, I was fairly satisfied with my experience.  

Discussing a strain’s genetic lineage and characteristics is just the beginning. The real deal is to understand the strain potency and the effects that it might have on the human mind and body.   

Here are some of the usages based on what I experienced during my ‘review’ sessions.   

Recreational Usage  

Let me start by saying that the Rainbow Chip strain is an absolute master when it comes to recreational usage. I tend to review most of the strain during my weekend or day off. As a result, I choose to review this strain on one such weekend.   

I felt that the strain has three stages. The first stage was a burst of energy. This lasted for 30 minutes. As a result, I was able to finish most of my household chores.   

The second stage of the experience is mostly about coming down. After 30 minutes of household activities, I started feeling a little tired. As a result, I resorted to lazing on my couch. This lasted for another 1 hour. I mostly spent my time on the couch lazing around and eating greasy foods.   

The final step of the process is all about sedation. I was sleepy and tired after spending my afternoon doing house chores and lazing around high. As a result, I decided to take a small nap that lasted for one or two hours.  

Therefore, this is a great strain to consume after a hard day’s work or on weekends. However, wake-and-bake sessions might be something I am ambivalent about. The indica side of the strain might take over your senses and make you a tad bit slow. Otherwise, this is an amazing strain for recreational purposes.   

Medical Usage  

Next up is the medicinal usage of the strain. I want to clarify something beforehand. I am not a medical practitioner, and I have no idea about your complications. Therefore, do not take my word and start self-treating yourself with cannabis. As a result, consult a medical professional in order to have better clarity.   

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Still, given the strain’s general effects and characteristics, scientists believe that this strain has the potential to work beautifully as a medicinal cannabis strain. Here are some of the most common and probable uses of the Rainbow Chip strain as medicinal cannabis.  

Mood Elevator: During my review, I personally felt that the strain made me more sociable. Therefore, people with mood disorders can find this strain to be helpful.   

Analgesic: Medical research on this strain is not extensive. Still, some believe that high THC content, along with a rich Indica lineage, has made it suitable for dealing with acute or chronic pain.  

Appetizer: Given my personal experience with the strain, I can safely assume that the strain can help people develop an appetite. As a result, people with low appetite can use this strain to accelerate hunger.  

Sedative: The final medicinal prospect of this strain is its soothing capabilities. According to sources, this strain can help people fall asleep. Therefore, people struggling to lose sleep can find confort with this strain.   

Side Effects

The Rainbow Chip strain is an amazing strain. The strain is very versatile and can be used medically as well as recreationally. However, it is psychoactive in nature. Therefore, you must be aware of some of the most common side effects of this strain. Here are some of the more common side effects of the Rainbow Chip Strain:  

Paranoia: 22% THC is no joke. In fact, it can be really difficult to handle for some people. Most new users claimed that consuming this strain made them more paranoid and focused on the negatives. Therefore, be careful.  

Dehydration: The Rainbow Chip strain can really dehydrate an individual. In fact, I personally felt that my throat and eyes were dying up quickly. As a result, drink a lot of water in order to counter this side effect.  

Greenout: People who have been following reviews for a while most definitely know what greenout is. It is a situation where the user reaches cannabis saturation and demonstrates symptoms like losing consciousness, memory loss, loss of motor skills, extreme levels of paranoia, nausea, etc. Greenout episodes are never fatal. Howevevr, it has the potential to land you in the ER.   

Habit-forming: Cannabis is not a habit-forming drug. Howevevr, some users claim that the euphoria was habit-forming in nature. As a result, this can lead to more consumption. This can eventually become a habit and prove detrimental in the long run.   

Growing Of The Rainbow Chip Strain  

Growing is a very specific niche. However, I tend to cover it in my reviews for future growers and cannabis business people. The good news is that this strain is an easy-to-grow strain. However, you need to fulfill an unquestionable requirement in order to grow it like a boss.  

Grow station: This strain can be grown indoors as well as outdoors. As a result, you do not have to worry about your growing station.   

Flowering Time: As per veteran sources, the general flowering time of this strain ranges from 80 to 90 days.  

Yield: Under ideal conditions, a single plant of the Rainbow Chip strain is known to produce around 550 grams of cannabis. Hence, it is a generous yielding strain.   

The Final Thought

With that, you have reached the very end of my article about the Rainbow Chip strain. This hybrid 50/50 strain is one of the best and flavorful strains I have ever reviewed. However, it is not a strain to mess with. The high THC value of the strain can easily make you regret your life choices and throw you into absolute chaos. Keep following our page for more cannabis-related content. 

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