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Comprehensive Guide To The Best CBD For Dog Seizures 

Comprehensive Guide To The Best CBD For Dog Seizures 

Is CBD for dog seizures a viable solution? Well, this article will try to answer that question and help you decide what to do with that piece of information. Scroll down to read everything you have to know about CBD oils and your dog’s health.  

Seizures In Dogs 

Cannabidiol, or CBD, has gained immense popularity in recent times. The medical community believes that CBD can be helpful for several things in the long run. In fact, studies show that CBD has the potential to work as a deterrent to cancerous growth.  

According to some researchers, CBD contains anticonvulsant properties. This means it can help people deal with seizures and control their severity. In this article, I will try to study and elaborate on some of the best and trusted CBD for dog seizures. 

But first, I need to talk a little about CBD and seizures in dogs. This will help me to establish a topic and answer some crucial questions regarding a dog’s physiology. According to medical journals and veterinarians, dogs experience seizures due to some impairment or abnormal electrical activity in the brain. 

Depending upon certain factors, seizures can be broadly classified into three general kinds. These include:  

Generalized Seizures: This form of seizure includes both sides of a dog’s brain.  In this form of seizure, the pooch will fall to the side, become stiff, and paddle their legs. 

Focal or Partial Seizure. This form of seizure generally originates in a specific part of the brain. Some of the most common symptoms include partial facial paralysis, twitching in one limb, uncalled aggression, and intense chewing movements. 

Focal To Generalized Seizure. This is a more complex variant of dog seizure. This form of seizure usually starts off in a specific part of the brain and eventually spreads to the other part.  

Causes Of Dog Seizures 

There are several reasons why your dog might be facing seizures. Some of them might be mild, while some of them could be fatal. Hence, it is very important to know some of the more common reasons behind dog seizures.  

As per vets, epilepsy is one of the most common reasons behind dog seizures. According to a recent study, 63% of dog seizure cases are due to epilepsy. Meanwhile, other major causes include genetic predisposition, accidents, tumors, cancer, etc.  

Furthermore, some of the rarer causes of dog seizures could be related to liver, kidney, infections, etc. Hence, you have to take your pooch to the vet if it is having frequent seizures. A lackadaisical approach to this might prove fatal for your dog. So, be very vigilant with your dog, and do not take things for granted.  

Is CBD Safe For Dogs? 

Now that I have discussed extensively about CBD and dog seizures, I think I must address the elephant in the room. Is CBD safe for dogs? Well, this is a contentious topic that requires detailed discussion.  

As per sources, CBD is believed to be safe for felines and canines. As a result, your cat or dog will not face any problems if you supply them with CBD products. HOwevevr, this does not mean that studies are conclusive.  

CBD for cats, or CBD for dogs, is a fairly new topic of discussion. It requires a specific approach and methodology to understand. Hence, we need more data and more detailed research to answer this question conclusively.  

As of now, research suggests that CBD is a good alternative medication that can help your dog deal with a myriad of medical issues. According to a study conducted by Colorado State University, around 89% of dogs demonstrated positive results after they were supplied with CBD products like gummies or tinctures.  

Moreover, CBD can also be used in order to help puppies deal with behavioral issues. In fact, studies show that dogs who were supplied CBD on a regular basis demonstrated less aggression and behavioral issues.  

So, the general answer to the aforementioned question is a resounding yes. CBD can help dogs to deal with certain ailments.  

How to Treat Dogs Using CBD? 

Several health concerns can be fixed using CBD.  However, the amount of research available is not yet conclusive. Still, that is not stopping vets from using the true power of the substance to deal with ailments in dogs.  

Every organism has an ECS system in its body. This ECS system is also known as the endocannabinoid system. This system determines the proper functioning of several different aspects like pain management, sleep cycle, emetic response, hunger, libido, etc. CBD works by directly interacting with this said system.  

ECS is a complex network of nervous receptors CBD works by binding with this system to produce certain specific results. Some of the most common and useful responses of CBD on our ECS are as follows: 

  • Better sleep 
  • Appetite inducing 
  • Increased mental clarity 
  • pain management 

Proper CBD Dosage For Dogs With Seizures 

CBD is a highly useful thing in moderation. Overshooting can become problematic, it can break the overall balance. Breaking the overall balance might affect the dog’s health in a detrimental manner. Hence, if you want CBD for dog seizures to work, you need to understand the moderation. Otherwise, your dog would run the risk of overdosing or having a negative reaction to CBD. 

Studies regarding dosage options are still in their initial stages. In fact, it is one of the most crucial aspects of cannabis and CBD usage. A general rule of thumb is that you should only provide your dog with 2mg of CBD per kg. 

If your dog weighs around 10 kg, you should give it 20 mg of CBD product. Try not to exceed this amount. Exceeding this amount can result in a condition called the greening out. This is a prevalent condition that is a result of CBD overdose. Some of the most common symptoms of CBD greenout include loss of bodily movement, seizures, abnormal emotional responses, etc. Therefore, you need to be clear about the right dosage for your pooch. 

For more structured advice, you must consult a veterinarian. Do not go gung ho with the CBD oil or topical for your dog. Otherwise, you might not like the result.  

Call For Specialised CBD Products For Dogs 

CBD for dog seizures is a great topic of conversation. However,  the CBD industry seems to be unsure about its execution. As a result, pet owners or parents are only treated to third-party products that kind of work. These products are not meant as a permanent or specific solution. Instead, they are patchwork. In other words, they are meant for a different purpose, but pet parents use them to treat their dogs who suffer from seizures. 

Keeping this in mind, I think it would be better if the CBD industry brought newer and more specified. Products that can help pets with their respective health ailments. As a result, in this section of CBD for dog seizures, I would like to elaborate and elucidate some of the points as to why specific CBD for dog seizures is the need of the hour. 

Tailored interest: As a dedicated paw parent, you do not want any run-of-the-mill product for your pooch. Instead, you would like to have a product that has a specified use and interest.  

Dosage: Pet parent are looking to get their hands on the right CBD product for their dogs. However, they are unsure about the right dosage. Having specific CBD products can help solve this issue. As a pet parent, you will not have to worry about dosage and other similar issues.  

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Palate: Flavor Palate is something that pet parents usually do not care about much. However, I think that it is a very important issue that needs to be dealt with. This can help your dog to feel good about their medication. Subsequently, it will make administering the right dosage a much easier task.  

Pure Products: Dogs can be very sensitive to certain chemicals. Therefore, a specified CBD product for your dog will ensure that your pooch receives the proper nutrition minus the additives and other harmful chemicals.  

Our Top Picks: CBD For Dogs With Seizures 

Now that I have covered most of the major aspects of CBD for dogs, I think that it is time that I start wrapping up my discussion with a detailed list of some of the most helpful and best CBD for dogs with seizures. This is not a ranking list. In fact, this is an informative list that is meant to help you decide what is best for your puppy.  

 Penguin CBD Oil 

Penguin CBD oil is one of the most celebrated CBD oils for puppies. As per the manufacturer, the oil is made using non-GMO organic products. Therefore, your pup will not demonstrate any negative reaction to this oil.  

Everest Full-Spectrum CBD Oil 

Dogs love to play in the mud, dirt, and rain. As a result, they need to be in the best health. Hence, Everest full-spectrum CBD oil is the best choice for your pooch with specific needs. Everest Full-Spectrum CBD Oil is made using full-spectrum ingredients. However, the THC content is low enough to not cause any trouble for your pup. 

Verma Farms Salmon CBD Oil 

Verma Farms is one of the most established brands in the CBD product landscape. The brand has a long and rich history in manufacturing CBD products. However, the products can be a little pricey. Hence, you need to look out for a cheaper alternative. Otherwise, the products are great and offer a myriad of benefits.  

Medterra Pets CBD Tincture 

Medterra Pet CBD Tincture might not be as established as Verma Farm’s Solomaon CBD Oil. Still, users claim that it is better than most other leading CBD oil farms. The brand offers sustainable and organic options for your pet, so you can choose which fits them better. 

FOCL Premium Pet CBD Drops 

FOCL Premium Pet CBD drops are one of the most convenient and effortless ways to administer CBD to your dog. The FOCL Premium Pet CBD drops are the only brand on this list that offers human-grade products for your dogs. In fact, you can go to their website and look at some of the manufacturing and processing steps that the company follows in order to bring the best product to you.  

Joy Organics 

Joy Organics is an industry leader when it comes to CBD products. But the best part about the oil is that it is one of the finest and most organic CBD oils in the market. However, Joy Organics is a premium brand, so expect some hefty prices to go along with its reputation. Otherwise, the company offers some of the best pet products of all time.  

Holistapet CBD 

Holistapet is one of the best solutions to calm your ailing puppy. This pet CBD oil is a unique product that is potent enough to knock down a horse. Therefore, it is a perfect CBD for dog seizures. But you need to be a tad bit careful with the dosage as it is one of the most potent CBD oils in the market.  

BATCH CBD Bacon Oil 

The final product that I would like to talk about is the BATCH CBD Bacon Oil. This CBD oil product is an industry leader because of two primary reasons. Firstly, they offer non-GMO organic products that add to your pup’s good health. Secondly, this oil is one of the most affordable variants in the market.  

Closing Note 

There you go. This was all I had to say about CBD for dog seizures. CBD is a great alternative to modern medicines. However, CBD oils are not yet regulated.  Hence, it is important that you consult your veterinarian before you make any sort of decision.

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