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Frosted Gelato By The Jungle Boys Strain Review In 2023

Frosted Gelato By The Jungle Boys Strain Review In 2023

Frosted Gelato

Are you a marijuana connoisseur always on the hunt for the next big body-numbing buzz? Are you always up for trying out new strains? Well, you have arrived at the right destination because today I am going to tell you all about the magic of the Frosted Gelato strain – you just have to stick with us till the end! 

Keep reading to find out all that you need to know about this crazy strain by the Jungle Boys – scroll down now!

On The Hunt For A Body-Numbing High: What Is The Frosted Gelato Strain?

What Is The Frosted Gelato Strain

The Jungle Boys already has a pretty cool reputation for coming up with the ultimate strains in the past. My favorite strains by Jungle Boys, for instance, are as follows,

  • Mad Scientists,
  • Banana Punch,
  • Perfect Triangle, 
  • Citron Cookies, and
  • Fuji OG

The frosty gelato strain is their latest innovation, and I am ready to review this one. So without wasting any more time, scroll down to find out all about the Frosted Gelato strain! 


The Jungle Boys are known for crossing and even back-crossing their past creations – the Frosted Gelato strain happens to be an example since it was made from back-crossing Gelato 45, an earlier. The Frosted Gelato strain was made by crossing Mike Larry and Gelato 45, while Mike Larry is a cross between Gelato 45 and Larry OG. 

26.09% THC and 0.06% CBD in frosted gelato

The strain is hybrid and Indica-dominant, with 26.09% THC and 0.06% CBD, making it an ideal option for any beginner marijuana consumer. Additionally, the strain’s dominant terpene is Limonene. Thanks, Jungle Boys, for experimenting with strain genetics so much – it makes the purchasing experience so much better! 

Appearance And Aroma:

The strain comes with flowers in a blanched blend of deep purple and light green hues, all covered in these trichomes crystals accompanied by some orange hairs. In fact, the bud was quite fresh and pretty much on the larger side instead of being smaller in size or too dense. 

If I have to talk about the aroma, then I have to point out how both parent strains make appearances within the aroma. So the strain has this complex blend of different aromas – a sweet floral with a sharp and peppery yet delicate and herbal aroma. And that’s the best part about the strain because all the notes complement each other. 


Bred by Jungle Boys, the Frosty Gelato weed strain has a distinctive sweet and creamy flavor that comes with hints of OG fuel and vanilla when you exhale. If you try out the Frosted Gelato strain from somewhere else, then you are likely to get the taste of sweet berries accompanied by an earthy, pungent aroma. 

On inhaling the frosted gelato strain, you will experience a blend of delicate peppery notes and smooth herbal piney ones. The inhaling experience will remind you of the Larry OG strain, while the exhaling experience comprises creamy, sweet berry notes accompanied by a lingering yet delicate muskiness reminiscent of Lavender. 


When Jungle Boys was initially creating killer strains, everything they made would get you super high. Unfortunately, once the brand became famous, the quality of the strain fell off, but that being said, it’s vital to point out that the Frosted Gelato strains are always clean and fresh. The best part? Of course, the high – it was a clean, smooth high.

There’s literally no drowsiness, and instead, you might experience startling mental clarity. The official website of Jungle Boys claims that the strain provides a happy cerebral high that has a relaxing effect on both the body and mind. If you have checked the frosted gelato strain Leafly review, you will see that the site has explained the gelato high as energetic and euphoric. 

Moreover, medical users of marijuana can choose this strain for dealing with any common symptoms of anxiety, stress, and ADHD/ADD.

Consumption Experience: The Frosted Gelato High

The inhale of Frosted Gelato comprises of delicate pepper notes and smooth herbal pines showing more Larry OG, while the exhale comprises creamy, sweet, berry notes with a subtly lingering muskiness of delicate lavender. 

In the past, Jungle Boys was a great brand, but obviously, their quality has fallen off now. Nevertheless, the flowers are still fresh and burn clean. The high is a clean one, almost at a point where there’s no clarity in consuming them – also, you are not as drowsy, not forgetful. 

Is Frosted Gelato By Jungle Boys Worth The Hype…And Money?

Yes, as well as maybe. For starters, we had a pretty great experience with this strain. Nonetheless, when it was time to repurchase this strain, unfortunately, we realized it wasn’t what we bought the first time – this time, we had to smoke something abolsutely different, and it was definitely not as good as the initial batch. 

But if you do want to purchase the strain from trusted sources, then there are three Los Angeles locations, 

  1. Los Angeles Farmers (AHPS), 
  2. TLC, and
  3. Downtown Patients Group (DTPG)

Alternatives To The Frosted Gelato Strain:

Alternatives To The Frosted Gelato Strain

Yes, you just read the ‘frosted melon gelato strain review,’ but what if the strain’s not available anywhere right now? Then what can you do in that case? Obviously, look for alternatives! 

The alternatives of the frosted gelato strain are as follows,

See Also

  • Frosty Gelato,
  • Pineapple Pomegranate,
  • J-27,
  • Tidal Wave, and
  • Dr. Grinspoon.

User Reviews: Is The Frosted Gelato Strain Reliable?

User Reviews frosted gelato

Check out what users of the Frosted Gelato strain have to say about their experience!

Review By RatafakPlachta:

“Bought a vape by ‘Kind Tree’ that they named “Frosted Melon Gelato,” which could be a different strain, but seems to be the same one as Frosty Gelato. The taste is great, composed of dankness, plants, and sweet melon. I felt the cerebral effects before the exhale. Very potent and effective strain! Highly recommended!”

Review By Cleanhippie65:

“Oh my! What can I say? This is a true quad strain! The color is rich green with purple hues, and the nugs look just like the picture. The taste is floral and fruity and very smooth. This girl washes your cares and stress away and creates a sense of well-being. Great high and would recommend!”

Review By Harold Wright:

“I had this for 2 1/2 weeks, and the bud still sticks to my fingers, this is some “fine” and gorgeous looking bud! It hits real fast and hard with the Euphoria and high energy levels that never taper off even when the slight Indica kicks in, it’s just a nice relaxed body and mind with all the euphoria in tact, pain-killing is high on the list as well! Great overall strain. well worth it!”

Review By D…7 (Anonymous):

“Picked up this Sativa pheno Monday and gave it a try today. The good daytime buzz that’s energetic and clear. I got a good bit of work done, and time flew by today. It made me pretty giggly at one time but never really made m hungry like most sativas. Great taste Gelato came through heavy.”

Our Verdict: A Must-Try For Marijuana Lovers!


On Leafy, 14% of marijuana users claimed that the Frosted Gelato strain has helped with pain and headaches, which are common for people undergoing depression. The strain not just uplifts you but also makes you feel energetic and can get you talking non-stop – it does sound like a fun strain.

So what are you waiting for? Try it out today, and in the meantime, don’t forget to tell us about your experiences with the frosted gelato strain in the comments below!

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