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Zaza Strain: A Complete Review In 2023

Zaza Strain: A Complete Review In 2023

Zaza Strain

Attention all marijuana connoisseurs! We are back with another review – today, we are reviewing the all elusive Zaza Strain. This indica-dominant strain has been winning hearts for some time. And the best part? This one’s strong – experts call it Runtz, but only stronger. This exotic strain is known for its gassy yet candy-like taste, and today, we will discuss the effects of this dreamy strain in detail. 

So without wasting any more time, scroll down to check out all that you know about the Zaza strain in some detail – keep reading to find out all that you know. 

On The Hunt For The Exclusive Zaza Strain: What Is The Zaza Strain?

What Is The Zaza Strain

If you are wondering what is Zaza strain, then you have come to the right destination because today we will talk all about the Zaza strain! Did you know that the strain is famous for providing a happy lift that’s intense? It will keep you locked to your couch and end up destroying all that anxiety. You will find yourself snacking, and then sleeping with the strain gives that spicy punch inside your brain. 

The Zaza strain was first bred by South Bay Genetics when they combined The Gas Station Bob and Scott’s OG – the end result provided a sleepy high that can last forever! So scroll down and check out all that you need to know about this strain!


Genetics of zaza strain

Also known as ‘Za Za,’ any real Zaza strain is basically hybrid and essentially indica-dominant, with 30% sativa and 70% indica. Popularly known for its long-lasting and super sleepy high, the Zaza strain was first created by crossing the Gas Station Bob strains with Scott’s OG strains. 

Perfect for anyone who wants extra sleep, the strain can be a great option for treating insomnia, anxiety, appetite loss, chronic stress, depression, or even nausea. Moreover, the strain also has a high THC level between 19-21% which makes this strain perfect for treating all sleep-related problems. 


If you google ‘Zaza strain Leafly’ you will be disappointed when you find out that Leafly for once doesn’t have much to say – yes the strain’s that exclusive. The strain has this distinctive taste of chemical funk, dank earth, ammonia, and zesty circus. 

The strain is certaining not meant for everyone but at the same time the musky pine flavor makes it absolutely impossible to hide, especially once you begin smoking the same regularly. In fact, the Zaza strain is everyone’s dream woman – the way in which the strain convinces you to live with its complexities and then how it cuddles you to sleep. 


If you are already looking for the  ‘Zaza strain weed’ then it’s best to read a little about the effects first. While smoking the Zaza strain, it is highly possible that you will end up feeling locked to your couch, completely sedated with this heady feeling all around. Mentally, you will feel relaxed with no stress inside your body. 

This is exactly why the Zaza strain is considered to be so good for treating Insomnia and anxiety. At the same time, the strain makes you feel very hungry which makes it an even bigger choice for anyone with nausea issues or a low appetite. 

Alternatives To The Zaza Strain: 

Alternatives To The Zaza Strain

Yes, you have read the Zaza weed strain review, and you want to try this exotic strain out. But what is the strain’s not available at the moment? The best thing that you can do in that case is to look for alternatives. 

The alternatives of the Zaza strain are as follows,

  • Black Velvet,
  • Lohan,
  • Honey Bun, and
  • Donna OG.

User Reviews: Is The Zaza Strain Reliable? 

User Reviews of Zaza Strain

Before you can head over to stores in search of the all elusive Zaza weed strain, you must check out what regular marijuana users have to say about the strain!

Review By Mrbriansykes:

“I’m on it as I write this. One of the most potent strains I’ve tried. The 30% sativa side is definitely there, and the 70% is definitely there, also. I feel trapped between sleep and partying. The head is high in intensity, but so is the body. Not for thinking of inventions and shit. Definitely for parting but only with friends. I say that because it’s so heavy you are definitely slipping. 

My wife lost her phone.02 miles away from our hotel off Bourbon st, and I can’t begin to remember where it even COULD be. And I lost a little money…I think?.. It’s that heavy. But I like it enough to store some away for my next vacation.👍. Definitely grade A”

Review By TOOZeal:

“Most ZaZa(means Exotic) Most I had was sweet and heavy to smoke. I will not recommend it for light smokers, maybe mid-smokers, either. The strains are tough to obtain and cost more depending on the dispensary. Nowadays, you just need to search it up and hope u find a good plug with Exotic strains.”

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Review By Usurper333:

“This shit is UBER strong. I am a veteran smoker of about 35 years and still going. Let me tell you, this shit will knock you on your ass for sure. The first bong rip left me feeling relaxed and all smiles, the second one hit me like a ton of bricks, and by the 3rd rip, I was seriously TOASTED but sooooooo happy. No negative vibes here whatsoever. 

You can definitely feel the brain surge from the Blue dream sativa side, but the rare dankness indica hits harder, so you have a totally relaxed and super happy high. It’s so potent that I really would not want to be driving my car on anything over two bongs. So glad my budtender talked me into buying this. I’m going to go back today and grab some more for sure> If you see this strain, do not hesitate to pick some up. My batch clocks in at 22.5 % .”

Review By Jimmy Rawlings:

“Bro, I got the Zaza, but mine is the best ZAZA, it’s either cross with a runtz, though. Look for that Zaza. The og one doesn’t sound bad, though. I would like to get my hands on that one and cross them. Maybe even the blue dream one, there are three different ones I’ve heard of. I like to get them all and cross them. All it the super Zaza.”

Our Verdict: Handcrafted For Stoners, Definitely Not For First-Timers!


The exotic Zaza strain is a must-try for all stoners out there. But at the same time, if you are not a stoner and you are just planning to smoke some weed at the next big party, then Zaza is not really your thing. Since the high you experience is quite good, it’s best that you opt for a strain that gives light high. 

Thus, if you smoke every other, then it’s a green signal on Zaza but if you are new to this, give it some time before you can try out something as frisky as this exotic strain! In the meantime, don’t forget to tell us your thoughts on this exotic strain, and in case you have tried this one out already, how was the experience? Tell us in the comments below!

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