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Decoding The Myth: Hashish Oils

Decoding The Myth: Hashish Oils

hashish oil

Want to know what is hashish oil and is it illegal? You stumbled upon the right article, my friend. This article is meant to discuss everything related to hashish oils so that you can decide whether it is for you or not. So relax and let me take you on a journey. 

Substance Overview 

Hashish, most popularly known as ‘hash,’ is a cannabis or marijuana concentrate that is one of the highest or most potent products you can extract from cannabis. Hashish is primarily formed by compressing and collecting trichomes. This is why it is a substance that can have very, very high levels of THC. 

The primary process of creating has out of a cannabis or hemp plant is by frying the plant and then pressing it into small blocks so the concentrated THC seeps out of the plant. The after-product is usually pressed into small blocks, transformed into hashish oil, or even added to foods to make edibles. Therefore, this is a versatile product that can come in handy anytime and anywhere.

In retrospect, marijuana and hashish both have the same active ingredients. However, in Hashish, the THC level is much higher when compared with a bud of marijuana. Otherwise, the general effects and experience might be quite similar. However, during a hash trip, your senses may be dialed to 100 due to it being stronger. Other than that, both have the same origin.  

Now it is clear what hashish is, let us dive a little deeper and discuss our subject for the day: hashish oils. But before we go deeper, let us first start with a brief overview of the substance. 

What Is Hashish Oil?

In order to properly know what hashish oil is, we need to understand the basics of the chemical composition first. Hashish oils are concentrated cannabis or marijuana extract that can be vaped, used as a skincare product, or smoked. Hashish oils mostly come from cannabis plants, and therefore, the primary chemical found in these products includes delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. It is the same psychoactive agent that you will find in cannabis plants.

While a bud of marijuana can contain around 40% THC on a good day, a small volume of Hash Oil might contain up to 90% THC. Therefore, you must understand the potency of the substance. Even when you compare the THC concentrate of hash oil with other cannabis products, you will see that these products usually contain around 12% to 20%. Therefore, hash oil is the strongest you can go. 

List Of Hashish Oils

List Of Hashish Oils

Since the concept of hash oils is clear to you, it is only fair that you get an overview of some of the most popular and widely available hashish oils that you can check out. The list below will try to discuss some of the most popular forms of hash oils so that you can make an informed choice for yourself. 

Before we proceed, we would like to clarify that these concentrates may be popular amongst the cannabis crowd, but these oils and concentrates can be very expensive at times due to the complex process involved. So make sure you know what you want from your concentrates or if you need them at all. 

NamesFormsConsistencyTHC Levels
Batter, BudderLiquidThick and spreadable.90% to 99%
Butane Hash Oil (BHO), Butane Honey Oil, Honey OilLiquidGooey70% to 85%
Honeycomb, Crumble, Crumble WaxLiquidSpongy60% to 90%
Pull-and-SnapSolidTaffy-like70% to 90%
ShatterSolidBrittle and glass-like70% to 90%
Wax, EarwaxLiquidThick and sticky60% to 90%

The Experience

Understanding the general experince of hash oils is seminal in understanding the overall substance. Due to a high THC concentration, Hahsish oils are one of the most psychoactive cannabis products that is available for retail. As a result, individuals need to weigh every aspect of the substance in order to know whether this product is suitable for them or not. Therefore, in the following section, we will look at hashish oil benefits as well as side effects so that you can decide for yourself.


When talking about the benefits of hash oils, they share striking similarities with marijuana. In other words, hash oils and marijuana share the same chemical composition. As a result, they share the same properties to a great extent. Like marijuana, hash oils are known to create a sense of euphoria and can help individuals manage pain, nausea, or inflammation. 

Unlike marijuana, hashish oils can have a THC level that can reach up to 99%. Hence, be ready to feel stronger effects than marijuana. Subsequently, it can produce better pain or inflammation management than marijuana. This is why medical practitioners believe that such marijuana concentrates have better analgesic capabilities than other concentrates.

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However, we would definitely like to clarify that these are mere speculation. In order to get a piece of more accurate medical advice on hashish oil as a medicine, you need to seek professional help. Since hashish oils legal status changed in several states, practitioners are prescribing the substance more and more. But that does not mean that you can use the substance for your medical ailment without getting the bigger picture. Be careful and seek professional help. 


Similar to the benefits, hashish oils share a lot of side effects with marijuana. But, since hash oils are much more potent and have a higher concentration of THC when compared to marijuana. The side effects can be more potent and severe as well. Some of the general side-effects of the substance include:

  • Altered perception.
  • Impaired movement.
  • Short-Term Memory Loss.
  • Bouts of extreme anxiety and paranoia. 
  • Psychosis.
  • Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome or CHS.
  • Dependency (very rare).
  • Hallucinations.
  • Impaired cognition.
  • Altered mood.


Is hashish oil legal in US? Fortunately, the answer is yes. In fact, hashish oils enjoy the same legal status as marijuana. In states where marijuana is decriminalized or legalized, hash oil also enjoys the same status. That is to say, anybody in need of hash oils and possesses up to a certain amount, then the individual cannot be arrested or tried in court.

However, the butane-laced concentrates do not enjoy the same status. In fact, in several states where marijuana is legal, BHO is still deemed illegal. Therefore, this is the current legal status of hash oils throughout the United States of America. 

Final Thought

So, on that note, we have reached the end of our article discussing everything related to hash oils and their legality, benefits, side-effects, etc. Being one of the most potent cannabis products, hashish oils enjoy a cult status in the THC community. In fact, many cannabis aficionados treat the substance equivalent to someof the strongest psychoactive substance on the planet.

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