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The Whats And Hows: THC Vape Juice

The Whats And Hows: THC Vape Juice

thc vape juice

Want to know more about THC vape juice? You are in the right spot. This article will discuss everything related to THC vape juices that you need to know in order to make the switch in a more informed manner. So, hold on to your seats as we take you on a ride. 

What Is A Vape Juice

What Is A Vape Juice

If you are in 2023, you do not need a random guy on the internet to educate you about what vape juice is, right? Still, if you were living under a rock this past decade, vape juice or e-liquid is a mixture that is usually found in vapes or e-cigarettes that creates vapor resembling that of a cigarette

These juices sometimes also contain traces of alcohol and nicotine in order to give the users a mild buzz reminiscent of a cigarette or nicotine buzz

These vape juices broke into the scene in the last decade, ever since e-cigarettes or vapes came into the market. Well, that might not have happened. But Vapes are generally quite popular among youth who want to move away from cigarettes in an attempt to ‘save’ the environment by reducing cigarette waste. 

Now that you are aware of what vape juice is, I think you are ready to learn about THC vape juice or cannabis juice for your vape. These are not your run-of-the-mill vaping liquid. These vape juices are a whole new ball game, and you need to know more about them in order to understand them effectively. 

THC Vape Juice

To put things in the simplest way possible, THC vape juice is a vape juice that contains residue of THC in it. These are supposed to produce similar effects compared to a joint or a bong. These vape juices are mostly categorized as either THC O vape juice, Delta 8 vape juice, or Delta 9 vape juice, according to the THC composition included in the manufacturing process. Apart from the THC concentrates, these juices also contain other substances like water, flavoring, and PG or VG. 

The most common form of THC vape juices or THC liquid for vapes that are available in the US market is made from cannabis flowers. These cannabis flowers are extracted using CO2. As a result, this process produces a concentrated form of cannabis isolates like THC or CBD. 

As is obvious from the name, the most common way to consume a THC vape juice cartridge is by using your vaping device like an e-cigarette or vaporizer.  



One of the most primary components that are found in these liquids is the THC. This is a psychoactive substance that has potent effects. The general effects of THC vape juice are kind of similar to smoking a marijuana strain. The only place where the effects might differ is the intensity of the effects. The intensity is also dependent greatly on the volume of your intake and your general metabolism. Therefore, check your intake if you are new to this experience. Some of the general effects of THC vape liquids include:

  • Distortion of time
  • Drowsiness
  • Hunger or munchies
  • Sensitive to stimuli
  • Euphoria 

Side Effects

Side Effects

THC is the primary psychoactive agent that is present in marijuana. Therefore, if you are somebody who experienced any ‘bad trips’ after consuming marijuana, then be sure that THC vape liquids will also show some side effects if you do not stay careful.

These THC-laced e-liquids are mostly made by isolating the THC from CBD and CBG particles. CBD and CBG are two cannabinoids that make the experience more enjoyable or watered down. However, if you subtract these agents from the whole equation, then what you are getting is raw THC hitting your system. 

Users who have used THC-laced e-liquids and experienced some sort of side effects claim that the general effects include:

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  • Extreme nausea
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Extreme bouts of paranoia
  • Debilitating anxiety. 
  • Loss of time, place, and identity. 



When it comes to the question of the legality of THC vape juices, the discussion generally reaches a grey area. The United States of America is one of the first Western countries that have actively tried to bring changes to the marijuana law. However, since the government of the USA primarily functions according to the proponents of Federalism.

To simply explain whether THC e-liquid is legal in the USA, you have to read the marijuana law of your state of residence.

While some states of the USA have given the green light to medical as well as recreational usage, therefore, you are free to use THC vape juice legally. Therefore, the legality of the substance primarily lies in the state where you are living. 

DIY THC Vape Juice

Now, one of the biggest complaints that we have seen from THC users who prefer vaping is that most of the liquids that are available on the market are weak. In other words, most cannabis aficionados believe that the THC-laced e-liquids that are available essentially provide a watered-down experience. As a result, several users resort to making their own e-liquids. So, this section will tell you how to make vape juice at home using THC. The primary process includes:

  • Chop or grind up the plant and decarboxylate it at 230 degrees Fahrenheit for approximately half an hour.
    • Pour in around 32 ounces of proof alcohol. Might we suggest Everclear for this process? Try to stay clear of isopropyl alcohol. 
    • Cover the jar nice and tight and then shake the jar well. 
    • Then, store the major jar in a place that is dark, where the sunlight cannot reach. You can even wrap the jar in brown paper for an extra bit of protection. 
    • Let the jar sit for a period of around 30 to 60 days. 
    • Then, store the liquid in an opaque bottle to maintain potency and consistency.

    The Final Thought

    There you go, all the information that you will need about THC vape juices. And how to make them at home easily. But remember that vapes are relatively new. Moreover, there are studies that show that using vapes for a consistent period of time can give rise to a syndrome called popcorn lung syndrome.

    So, if you are thinking about switching to vapes for consuming your cannabis, then make an informed decision to make the experience better.

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