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Masking Marijuana Smell: How To Hide Weed Smell (And Not Get Caught)?

Masking Marijuana Smell: How To Hide Weed Smell (And Not Get Caught)?

How To Hide Weed Smell

Although a majority of states have managed to legalize marijuana for recreational or medical use, cannabis consumers might still have several reasons for wanting to musk the smell of marijuana post-smoking. There’s no definite answer to – how to hide weed smell?

Marijuana plants comprise terpenes that are typically responsible for the smell weed is known for. Of course, low-odor strains are available out there, but most trains have a potent smell. The powerful aroma can easily seep into your carpets, furniture, clothes, and more. Consumers might feel like masking the smell in any room in case the company drops in unexpectedly. 

Or if their landlords, neighbors, and parents don’t approve of the use of marijuana, even recreationally. 

We get it – and we are here to help! Stick around and discover some of the most effective tips for masking the smell of marijuana. 

Masking Marijuana: How To Hide Weed Smell?

Whatever might be your reason for masking the enticing smell of marijuana, here are some crazy tips on how to hide weed smell after, during, or before smoking – or eliminate the aroma altogether.

Try these tips when you feel like smoking weed secretly – experiment first to check out which tips work best to mask the smell of your favorite strain

1. Use Essential Oils, Scented Candles, Or Natural Incense:

Not only will natural scents mask the smell of marijuana, but they will actually make the room concerned room smell so much better. We recommend lighting scented candles like Sandalwood or Palo Santo. You can also consider using essential oils with the help of an air diffuser with different scents, such as eucalyptus or lavender

Getting used to burning some scented candles regularly will keep the aroma from building inside your room. Just ensure that you are not using any kind of artificial deodorizer since they tend to mix with the weed smell instead of masking the same. 

2. Make Room For Proper Ventilation:

If you are smoking indoors, it is essential that you make room for proper ventilation. Having plenty of ventilation so the marijuana smoke has some space to go will prevent it from

dramatically lingering everywhere – from the walls and furniture to your hair. 

Just open a window and try to point a fan at the window so that there is some sort of airflow. While doing so, you have to ensure that you are not blowing the marijuana smoke right into your neighbors. The best thing to do is smoke in a room that faces outdoors and not the inside of the building, in case you live in an apartment. 

3. Consume Capsules, Tinctures, And Edibles:

Once upon a time, marijuana consumers only loved the idea of ‘smoking’ weed – consuming edibles was usually a rare, oh-we-are-on-vacation story. But things have changed, and we have evolved. To enjoy the benefits of medical marijuana or even to get high, you don’t have to literally ‘smoke’ the strain. 

Instead, you can consider consuming marijuana in the form of capsules, tinctures, or edibles, especially when you want to consume marijuana discreetly or without the presence of any lingering aroma. 

4. Use An Air Purifier:

Finally, before you begin a marijuana smoking session, you just have to turn your air purifier on. It will easily absorb all the smoke and then neutralize any smell of weed. It is so much more effective to hit the air purifier’s start button before you start smoking instead of doing the same after you are done smoking.

This is because the purifier can easily help you prevent the marijuana smoke from directly penetrating the upholstery and furnishings in your room. 

5. Make a Sploof At Home:

A sploof is a kind of filter you can utilize for catching the smoke of weed on its way out. While you can buy a commercial spoof without any hassle, you can also make one at home on your own. You will need a roll of toilet paper or a cardboard cylinder, an elastic band, and a paper towel or dryer sheet. 

In order to make your homemade sploof, just place your dryer sheet right on top of the toilet paper roll or cardboard cylinder, and then secure the same with the help of the elastic rubber band. 

Masking Marijuana Part II: How To Clean Up The Smell Of Weed?

If you are expecting your landlord to visit or move to a brand-new rental property, you will need to eliminate any smell or odor that might have seeped into your house. You might also want to eliminate the scents that have somehow managed to make their presence on your clothes. That is where cleaning up becomes important. So, without wasting time, here’s how you can clean up the smell of weed. 

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1. Take Out The Trash:

It is any day easier to eliminate the smell of marijuana if you do not have any marijuana left. When it is time to actually clean up, just empty that ashtray and throw your used marijuana in the trash. You must also take out any smelly residue outside.

Then, give your smoking accessories, ashtray, and even your trash can to eliminate any kind of lingering smell. 

2. Shampoo The Carpet And Curtains:

Carpets and curtains are notorious when it comes to soaking up the weed smoke. It keeps the smell lingering around your home. Before any home inspection or just moving, get your carpets and curtains cleaned professionally to eliminate any kind of smell.

If it happens to be a once-off visit and you do not possess the funds to actually pay for a professional cleanse, you can easily hand-wash your curtains, renting a steam cleaner for cleaning your carpets on your own. 

3. Clean Your Clothes, Hair, And Teeth:

Personally, if you don’t feel like smelling weed, then just take a shower. Ensure that you are washing your hair and brushing your teeth before leaving for your destination. And obviously, wear some fresh clothes. In a pinch, chew some gum and apply eye drops so that you can make the whole thing discreet. 

You have to remember that using marijuana medically is legal in a majority of states. However, this is not always true for recreational marijuana consumption. So, if you are going for an interview, take a valid, legal medical marijuana consumption card. This will help in case your potential employer asks you any questions. 

And It’s A Wrap!

Now that you have a fair idea about how to hide weed smell, what are your thoughts on the tips we have mentioned above? If you have some more tricks in your stash, then feel free to let us know about your ideas, opinions, and, most importantly, experiences of masking the smell of marijuana in a closed space.

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