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Which Is The Best Liquid Marijuana Drink For The Summer Of 2024?

Which Is The Best Liquid Marijuana Drink For The Summer Of 2024?

liquid marijuana drink

Want to know the name of the best liquid marijuana drink? Then, this is the perfect article that you stumbled upon. From weed-based champagnes to Pepsi-flavored cannabis drinks, this article has it all. Stick around to know everything about cannabis-infused drinks that you should try out once.  

What Is A Liquid Marijuana Drink? 

Cannabis has gone through deliberate rebranding in recent years. It went from a taboo topic of conversation to one of the most marketed products out there. Over time, the substance has gradually become a pop cultural icon. From movies to music, cannabis has become one of the most marketed products. 

As a result, people went from smoking cannabis to ingesting it in the form of edibles, distillates, concentrates, etc. Furthermore, cannabis legalization in states like West Virginia, Michigan, Florida, etc., also played a role in popularizing cannabis.  

Since cannabis has become so profitable, legal cannabis brands have resorted to building their own variations of the substance. And one such product is the new and iconic liquid marijuana drink. These drinks have cannabis extracts from premium strains like the Horchata, Marshmallow, Jealousy, etc.  

THC drinks are meant to provide the same psychoactive effects as cannabis buds. Howevevr, these drinks come in beautiful packaging and are discreet. THC beverages come in various forms and formats. While some only contain THC or CBD, others can be a mixture of the two chemicals and even full-spectrum. Therefore, consumers get a whole range of options to go forward.  

Pros Of Liquid Marijuana Drink 

Liquid Marijuana drinks have become increasingly more popular with time. This is solely because of some of the pros that these beverages have. Hence, here is a brief rundown of some of the most basic pros of these beverages.  


More Sociable 

According to several users, liquid marijuana drink is a social drink. As a result, this beverage has become a go-to drink for many party-going pot connoisseurs.  Cannabis-infused beverages function similarly to edibles.  

You will feel the effects of these beverages after about 45 minutes of consumption. Subsequently, the high will last for at least 2 hours. During this short span, you will feel the textbook effects of cannabis. I personally felt that these drinks helped me be more social and free of inhibition.  


Apart from being sociable, these drinks are also quite discreet. If you are smoking a bong or a joint, you will give off a smell and smoke. This makes it easy for people to spot you.  

However, if you are drinking something out of a can, you can hardly be distinguished from other people. This makes these drinks highly discreet and acceptable by the society. You can easily crack a cold one open and start drinking anywhere.  

Comes With Different Dosages 

Cannabis companies are becoming increasingly more cooperative and accepting of low tolerance. As a result, most liquid marijuana drink companies bring their products in various dosage options.  

The standard dosage is 10mg. Still, companies have gone the mile to bring milder and stronger dodge options like 2.5 milligrams and 15 milligrams. This is a great step taken by the companies to increase customer engagement. In fact, it also makes these drinks increasingly more popular than most other cannabis edibles. 

Cons Of Liquid Marijuana Drink 

Even though marijuana beverages are very popular and come with several pros, they do have some drawbacks. I think it is my duty to educate you on some of these cons in order to guide you towards a more informed Liquid Marijuana Drink experience. Here are some of the most potent and basic drawbacks of cannabis-infused drinks. 


Can Be A Little Too Much 

If you are new to edibles, you need to know that edibles are not fast-acting psychoactive substances. Which means edibles take time. I have often noticed that newbies often end up consuming more edibles than they should have. This is primarily because they are unaware that edibles kick in after 45 minutes. Do not be one of those people.  

Start off slow, and you will see that you are high as a kite in no time. However, this experience can be a little too much for some people, and they can end up experiencing a greenout episode. 

Uncertain Dosage 

Finding the right dosage for you is a game of trial and error. You never really know the ‘right’ dosage for you. Like for example, 10 mg can feel different on different occasions. If you are tired, 10 mg can be a lot. Therefore, the dosage is also dependent on your physical and mental state.  

Hence, you need to understand and be very careful about choosing the right dosage. This can be very challenging for somebody who started off new. This enhances the chances of greening out considerably. Users claimed that they had to be taken to the ER due to extreme case of greening out.  

Not Accessible 

The final con of these beverages is the lowered accessibility. Liquid Marijuana Drink is a very popular form of edible, but it is not easily available. This is primarily because of the legal status of cannabis. Secondly, companies are still experimenting with the idea of creating their own lineup of cannabis-infused beverages. As a result, they only produce a limited amount. Hence, you will often notice that these drinks are out of stock, unlike THC gummies and other edibles. This makes these drinks hard to get and inaccessible across several states.  

Comparative Analysis 

Cannabis-infused drinks are classified under edibles. As a result, it is very important that we look at it from an objective point of view. Here is a small table that compares Liquid Marijuana Drink beverages with other forms of edibles and formats of consuming cannabis. 

Type Potency Onset Duration Of High 
Liquid Marijuana Drink 10mg THC per serving Up to 2 hours 6-12 hours 
Other Edibles 10mg THC per serving Up to 2 hours 6-12 hours 
Vape 60% THC or higher Almost immediate 2-6 hours 
THC Inhalers 2.5-5mg THC per dose Almost immediate Up to 6 Hours 
THC Pills 10-20mg THC per serving Up to 2 hours 6-12 hours 
THC Topicals non-intoxicating 15-30 minutes non-intoxicating 
Smoked Cannabis 10-30% THC Almost immediate 2-6 hours 

Liquid Marijuana Drink vs. Alcoholic Cocktails 

Hold up! We are not done with conducting a comparative analysis of cannabis-infused drinks. There are several similarities and differences between alcoholic beverages and liquid marijuana drinks. As a result, it is only natural to assess these two in order to decide which one is better.  

Both forms of drinks are known to produce intoxicating effects. Users report mostly similar effects across the spectrum. However, the cannabis industry is still in its infantile stage.  Meanwhile, the alcohol industry has been around for decades. This is why lawmakers and other officials believe that alcohol is a much safer option.  


Cannabis has always been seen as a gateway drug. This means people believe that cannabis addiction leads to multiple drug addictions. Recent studies show that this is not the case. In fact, the National Center For Drug Abuse Statistics has found that around 95,000 Americans die due to alcohol-related ailments. Subsequently, around 10,500 people die due to DUI.   

After considering both sides of the discussion, it is safe to assume that intoxication is the real problem. You can easily wreck yourself if you do not check yourself. So be safe.  

Best Liquid Marijuana Drink For 2024 

With basics and boring stuff out of the way, I think it is time that we start listing the fun stuff. Here are some of the best liquid marijuana drink and beverages that you can try out in the summer of 2024. But before we start listing, just know that none of the products are listed according to rankings. On that note, let us dive right in.  


Cann X Sweet Flower Passion Peach Maté 

The very first liquid marijuana drink is the iconic Sweet Flower Peach Passion Maté from the brand named Cann. The brand is known for its iconic cannabis-infused products. And the Sweet Flower is its newest magnum Opus.  

The beverage grew so popular that Swedish singer Tove Lo said that it was one of the best things she had tried. However, I personally felt that the beverage missed the mark on cannabis flavoring. The beverage felt more like a soft drink. This can put off people who are more inclined towards the skunky flavoring.  

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Artet Mango Ginger Spritz 

A liquid marijuana drink that tastes like mango and ginger? Sign me up! Similar to Sweet Flower, the Mango Ginger Spritz is a beautiful blend of some of the best flavors anybody can think of. However, it also managed to retain a hint of the iconic weed flavoring.  

The next best part of this drink is its potency. I felt that Artet’s Mango Ginger Spritz was one of the most potent drinks that I had come across. The effects took over my senses after about 30 minutes of consumption and lasted for 6 hours straight. The high was more akin to sativa high. Hence, it kept me more alert and social.  


Keef Original Cola 

Keef is a Colorado-based brand that has brought their own line of cannabis-infused sodas to the market. Since 2010, Keef has launched five primary soda flavors including Blue Razz, Orange Kush, Purple Passion, Bubba Kush Root Beer, and Original Cola. I personally felt that the flavoring could be best explained as Coke but with a hint of cannabis. As a result, it has become one of my top five cannabis beverages of all time.  


Keef’s original cola is a revolutionary Liquid Marijuana Drink that packs a punch. I felt the effects of this drink for over 3 hours. However, one of my friends claimed that the drink made his speech slurry and gave him a bad headache afterward. Therefore, this is something that you might need to look out for.   

Wunder Higher Vibes Blackberry Lemon 

Each can of Wunder’s magical liquid marijuana drink contains 10 mg of THC and 10 mg of Delta-8 THC. Sources suggest that this cannabinoid was used in order to tone down the potency. Therefore, this gives these drinks a mellow high. As a result, this made the drink more suitable for party usage.  

While consuming the drink, I noticed that the weedy aftertaste was missing in general. As a result, it felt like I was drinking soda out of a bottle. I personally feel that they could add a cannabis aftertaste in order to make things more interesting for users. Otherwise, the drink is absolutely on point.  

Rickett Brewing Jolie Fleur Pink 

The final drink on our list is none other than Rickett Brewing Co.’s Jolie Fleur Pink. This champagne-like drink is famous not only for its beautiful flavoring but also for its vibrant hue. I felt that this is the most premium one can go while exploring the best liquid marijuana drink.  I felt that this drink had a bit of everything. It tasted like rosé, felt like champagne, fizzed like coke, and made me high like my favorite Mimosas weed strain. Hence, this is a stellar 10 in my books.  

The drink provides a smooth high that lasts for more than 3 hours. Subsequently, the high felt more akin to sativa high. This means I was more social and chirpy throughout the experience. I felt that the strain was apt for party consumption. However, I personally felt that the drink was a bit too sweet for me. Otherwise, it is definitely one of the best liquid marijuana drink(s) that you could buy.  


With that, we have reached the very end of my article about the best liquid marijuana drink that you can buy. The market is currently filled with several brands that bring their own variation of cannabis-infused drinks. However, not every drink is up to the mark. Keep following our page for more such cannabis-related stories and articles.  


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