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Understanding The Big Skunk: Garlic Breath Strain

Understanding The Big Skunk: Garlic Breath Strain

Garlic Breath Strains

We all crave some skunky-smelling weed from time to time. As a result, I have brought to you today the iconic Garlic Breath strain that can help you experience newer highs and amazing flavor profiles. However, you just need to be brave enough not to go toe to toe with its fangs.  

Overview Of The Garlic Breath Strain

Overview Of The Garlic Breath Strain

Hey guys, I hope you were missing me and my cannabis reviews. So, today, I decided to bring you guys my all-new favorite cannabis strain called the Garlic Breath Strain. This is a new Indica-dominant strain that has currently taken over the cannabis industry.  

The reason behind this strain’s popularity is two-fold. First, it contains one of the highest THC content that ranges between 20% THC to 25% THC. However, some cultivars managed to grow phenotypes having around 30% THC.  

The Indica side of things makes this strain extremely popular for Indica cannabis enthusiasts. The sedation and analgesic properties are strong with this strain. However, it would help if you were very cautious while dealing with this strain. This article will celebrate the iconic Garlic Breath Strain and educate you on some of this strain’s important and cautious aspects.  

Genetic Lineage Of The Garlic Breath Strain

Genetic Lineage Of The Garlic Breath Strain

Understanding the genetic aspect of a strain is essential. This will enable you to understand and make sense of whatever goes inside a strain. This section will look at this aspect and will help you make sense of things.

The Garlic Breath strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain bred by the ThugPug genetics. The grow house spliced two iconic strains, namely the GMO Garlic Cookies and Mendo Breath. As a result, the product is an iconic strain that has some really amazing characteristics.  

Here is a detailed rundown of the parent strains that made up the genetic mapping of the Garlic breath strain.


GMO or GMO Garlic Cookies is one of the parent strains of the Mendo Breath. This is a highly potent Indica-dominant strain that has taken over the cannabis community. Several users claim that this strain has a funny flavor profile. However, I enjoy the strain’s diesel-ish undertone that is akin to the iconic Sour Diesel Strain. 

The GMO Garlic Cookies strain is a cross between the Chemdawg and the Girl Scout Cookies Strain. The euphoric and relaxed essence of the GMO makes it one of the best strains for weekend usage. Otherwise, 28% THC will certainly derail your plan.

Mendo Breath

Mendo Breath is the second parent strain that added its genetic heritage to the mix. Like its predecessor and offspring, the Mendo Breath strain is a hybrid strain. The Mendo Breath strain is a product of crossing OGKB and the Mendo Montage strain. As a result, it is worthy to be included in the big leagues.  

I personally feel that the Mendo Breath is one of the finest sweet-tasting cannabis. However, do not be fooled by its sweet nature. The strain contains 22% THC. As a result, try not to consume this strain during the day. Otherwise, you will not have a productive day. The high of this strain is capable enough to hit you like a truck.

Characteristics Of The Garlic Breath Strain

Characteristics Of The Garlic Breath Strain

Understanding a strain’s general characteristics is very important in order to know what sets it apart from other strains. Therefore, I have made a point of studying some of the most basic and important aspects of the Garlic Breath Strain.  

In this section, I will familiarize you with three basic aspects of the Mendo Breath Strain. These aspects include the terpene profile, aroma/flavor profile, and the appearance of the strain.  

Understanding these markers will help you identify this strain in a sea of cannabis strains. As a result, I think it is essential to know the following markers.


A cannabis strain is made up of several chemicals called CBD, CBG, THC, and Terpenes. Each of these chemicals is equally important. However, in this section, I will talk about the terpene profile of the strain.  

The overall terpene profile of a strain determines several aspects of it. These include aroma, flavor, potency, effects, etc. Here are some of the terpenes that can be found in the Mendo Breath strain.  

Limonene: It is one of the most common terpenes found in citrusy fruits and strains. Apart from that, this strain works as a mood-elevating substance as well.  

Myrcene: Myrcene is an earthy and sweet-tasting terpene. This terpene is mostly found in flowers and earthy cannabis strains. The terpene has one of the highest sedative properties. 

Caryophyllene: Caryophyllene is primarily a spicy terpene that is found in chilies and peppers. This terpene balances out the overly sweet nature of the strain. Subsequently, this terpene also has some really potent anti-inflammatory properties.  

Aroma & Flavor

For me, the olfactory senses of a strain matter a lot. I like a specific form of cannabis, and I cannot lie. I am not too fond of sweet-tasting cannabis strains apart from some very specific strains.

Therefore, I was happy while reviewing the iconic Mendo Breath strain. It is a unique strain that not only made me high but also left me satiated with its flavor and aroma profile. I personally picked up hints of cheese, garlic, and diesel.  

As a result, the olfactory experience of the strain is best explained as a mix of a lot of different things at the same time. This strain could be enjoyed by people who want to experience something new and iconic. But, newbie cannabis connoisseurs would not enjoy this strain. The aroma and flavor profile might become a bit too much to handle.  

Appearance & Structural Integrity 

Many of you might claim that a strain must never be judged by its appearance. I kind of disagree. I personally enjoy a good-looking cannabis strain more than anything in this world. As a result, I make a point of discussing the aesthetic appeal of the strain.  

The first thing you will notice about the strain is its green hue. It might not be the prettiest strain in existence. But it certainly catches the eye of the looker. The interplay of colors of the Mendo breath strain really makes it one of the best-looking strains in existence.  

The buds of the strain usually range from small to medium. In fact, it is one of the most structurally stable strains in existence. The buds are a treat to touch and crush. I never felt like I had to work a lot in order to break or crush the strain.

Effects & Usages Of Garlic Breath Strain

Effects & Usages Of Garlic Breath Strain

Lineage and characteristics of a strain matter a lot. But a true way to understand a strain is by consuming it. As a result, I ended up reviewing this iconic strain this weekend. I mostly review strain blind. This means I rarely research a lot about the strain I am reviewing. However, I had some idea about what to expect.

Mendo Breath is one of my favorite strains of all time. As a result, I had some idea about different aspects of the strain. Still, this strain managed to surprise me in some ways. As a result, This section will deal with that aspect only.  

Recreational Usage

I would like to start this section by discussing the recreational aspect of the strain. In my experience, this is a perfect strain for end-of-the-day or weekend usage. The overall potency and its terpene profile give the strain some very iconic characteristics.  

In my opinion, ths strain’s high comes in stages. The first stage is all about the feeling of relaxation. The strain instantaneously made me feel the rush of dopamine that helped in order to regulate my mood.

The second stage of the experience was all about sedation and feeling sleepy. Subsequently, I noticed that the strain has a potent hunger-inducing capability. I spent most of my afternoon relaxing while munching on snacks. Therefore, it was a zany experience, to say the least.

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Medicinal Usage

Given my personal experience, I can safely vouch that the strain might possess some really potent medicinal properties. However, as I started researching in order to write this review, I came across journals that seconded my opinion. The Mendo Breath strain is genuinely being considered an alternative medicine for several medicinal purposes. 

From my experience, people who are dealing with ailments like anxiety, insomnia, anorexia, depression, etc, can use this strain in order to alleviate their discomfort. Furthermore, the sedative capability of the strain is equally important as it can help people deal with acute as well as chronic pain.  

Several of my friends and my partner agreed that the strain helped them feel rejuvenated and satiated. As a result, this strain is a great medicinal strain. However, always remember that I am not a medical practitioner by any chance. Therefore, please do not take my word as professional medical advice.   

Side-Effects Of Usage

The Mendo Breath strain is a highly psychoactive substance. As a result, several users might experience some side effects. During my review sessions, I encountered no major side effects. However, I do feel that this strain might be a little too much for some people to handle. Here is a detailed rundown of some of the most common side effects of the Mendo breath strain.

Dry mouth: The Mendo Breath strain is infamous for dehydrating the user’s body. As a result, users have often confirmed that the strain made them severely dehydrated. This can be discomforting but never fatal.  

Paranoia: Paranoia is another potent side-effect of the Mendo Breath strain. I never experienced cannabis-induced paranoia. However, several users have come forward with their stories of cannabis-induced paranoia due to the Mendo Breath Strain.  

Increased Heart Rate: While reviewing the Mendo Breath strain, the strain has the capability to heighten the heartbeat. This can be really dangerous for people with cardiac issues. 

Greenout: Greenouts are one of the rarest adverse effects of the Mendo Breath strain. One in a thousand users might experience this extreme side-effect of cannabis. This includes severe loss of memory, orientation, and motor skills. It might not be fatal, but it can certainly land you in the ER. So be careful.  

Growing The Garlic Breath Strain

Growing The Garlic Breath Strain

The Garlic Breath strain is one of the most visually appealing strains of all time. However, growers claim that it is not the easiest strain to work with. In fact, a veteran grower clearly said that the strain has a mind on its own and does not comply with the wishes and wants of the grower.

Growing Station

As per growers, this strain thrives best in outdoor growing stations. Sources suggest that this strain grows better under the natural sun and air. However, I think an indoor hydroponic cultivation system would enable you to control more elements. Also, this will aid you in keeping pests at bay. 

Flowering Time

As per sources, the flowering period of a strain oscillates between eight to ten weeks. Therefore, the Garlic Breath strain is quick to grow. This is a great aspect of the strain. The flowering time would differ for different phenotypes. Some phenotypes really can grow much quicker than most other phenotypes.  


The Garlic Breath Strain might be a difficult strain to deal with. However, it is certainly one of the most rewarding strains. If done right, a single Garlic Breath Plant can produce up to 10 pounds per plant. Still, the plant has a mind of its own. Therefore, be ready to experience some hiccups. Indoor growing tends to produce lesser volume. However, indoor growing is more reliable than outdoor growing stations.  

The End Note

With that, You have reached the end of my article about the Iconic Garlic Breath Strain. The mendo breath is a unique strain that boasts some very specific characteristics. So, if you are brave enough, just give this unique strain a swing so that you can speak for yourself.  

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