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Cannabis Business Social Network: Best Ways To Grow Your Cannabis Business

Cannabis Business Social Network: Best Ways To Grow Your Cannabis Business

cannabis business social network

One of the best things you can do for your cannabis career is to build your cannabis business social network. This might sound like a little bit of overwork. Even some might also find it a waste of money. But that is not how we perceive things. We believe that investing in the cannabis business social network is an investment made in your business and your future.

How Cannabis Business Is Connected With The Social Networking?

The key factor affecting social media networking for your business is not greed but generosity. You as a business need to stand by your consumers’ needs instead of giving your concise to your greed.

Lucky for you, there are several online cannabis businesses that are looking for businesses and individuals to build cannabis business social networks. You can take this opportunity to build your personal cannabis business social network brand and create relationships that will last longer and support your business.

Cannabis Business Social Network: Best Ways To Grow Your Cannabis Business

There are several ways to grow your cannabis business through social network and boost your cannabis business. Here we have listed down some of the best practices in the industry.

1. Know What You Are Looking For

You would be surprised to see just how many people have entered the cannabis business social network without having a single thing to do.

Do not be one of those people!

Before exhausting your network, it is important that you need to have an idea of what you want. Do you want your cannabis grower to work for a dispensary or get involved with the federal government regulations?

Once you have found out what you need to do, add them to potential contacts to grow your cannabis business social network. It is important that you choose people that align with your interest.

2. Attend Cannabis Industry Trade Shows

Cannabis Industry Trade Shows

Looking to expand your cannabis business social network? What can be better than trade shows? Trade Shows are a great place to expand your cannabis business network in a single day.

Due to the pandemic, 2020’s cannabis trade show was a total flop as people could not meet people face to face. This has raised the bar of expectation in 2021. You can expect to walk through the tradeshow with fewer people and companies and other businesses giving you an explained overview of their business model.

3. Join Cannabis Business Social Network

Join Cannabis Business Social Network

There are hundreds of cannabis business social networks where people can engage with people and businesses sharing the same interests. These digital communities are the perfect place to put yourself out there and communicate with other professionals from the cannabis industry.

Networking is similar to social meetings; etiquette is important. Before you can create contacts or have a profitable discussion, try researching them. Start your conversation by being friendly, but do not hesitate to talk about business. After all, that is the reason you are there for.

4. Connect With Cannabis Professionals On LinkedIn

This might surprise you, but yes, LinkedIn is a great place to expand your network. LinkedIn has become a professional ground to create a network. Today almost every industry professionals use LinkedIn in one way or another.

While optimizing your LinkedIn profile, ensure that you tell your network a story. Where did you come from, what are your skills, and are your ambitions?

If you are out of work, ensure to update as well. Complete your profile to the best of your abilities, and try reaching out to HRs, Managers, and Businesses.

5. Surround Yourself With Marijuana Business On MjLink

MjLink is a professional business network only for cannabis. It is a platform where professionals meet and discuss the cannabis industry. As a business, you can list your company in their directory. This will help you reach out to individuals of the same niche.

MjLink is the best place for beginners seeking professional guidance or looking for mentors who can guide them in the cannabis industry.

6. Build Your Online Presence

Now that you have explored some of the cannabis business social networks, it is time to build your online presence. Much like the other companies and business brands themselves in the market, you can even do the same to create a cannabis business social network.

However, you need to have a clear idea of your goals for what you want from a boosted online presence. Once you have known what you want, share your brand in the form of a story to your audiences. If the story is worth telling, people will be interested to hear you out.

7. Leverage Your Referrals

Once you start spending time in the industry, you will start growing your cannabis business social network. Your network will become a valuable asset for your business. Use your network to set up meetings and talk with them about your ambition and goals.

Nothing is better than getting feedback from a trusted source that has been in the cannabis industry.

10 Best Cannabis Business Social Network

People and businesses love connecting with others sharing the same interest. It is what has created the concept of “social network”. Over the past few years, the cannabis business social network has grown significantly. Today we enjoy some of the better cannabis social networks.

Here are some, to name a few.

1. Grasscity Forum

Grasscity Forum

Grasscity is one of the oldest cannabis business social networks and cannabis forums. Originally, Grasscity was a forum where people used to discuss how to grow weed, the best practices to grow weed, a beginner’s guide, and much more.

And from there, it has expanded itself into one of the largest weed social forums online. Hence this is the largest and oldest once you can get the connections of some of the dedicated cannabis players.

2. WeedLife


WeedLife is still a new leaf in the industry, but being a new generation platform, many people are signing up. This is the first platform on the cannabis business social network, which features marijuana videos.

Even when you are a beginner in the marijuana world and you want to start with cannabis cultivation forums. This social media platform is pretty old along with the business help you can get hundreds of the cultivations tips from here.

If you are a business, brand, or individual looking to create your brand page to interact with the audiences, WeedLife is just perfect for you.

3. Weldable


Weldable is a one in all platform. Here, you can share posts, like the post, and if you find something appealing, you can even make a purchase order. They will soon launch an app that will help you grow your cannabis business social network.

4. Duby


Duby recently became the largest online cannabis community. It works like any other social media platform where you can share posts, and videos and communicate with other people.

Are you searching for any cannabis business plan which is fast and effective. You can search the query here. And you will get plenty of suggestions which are fast and effective.

5. 420 Magazine Forum

Among the all cannabis business social network, 420 magazines are a traditional print media outlet for the cannabis business. This is more like community sites. The live forms communications are always helping the participants to find the latest news about the company. 

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And this is the right place from where you will get the spontaneous answers for all types of cannabis cultivations and business-related queries. The best advantages of these forums are you will get the news of the latest types of seeds and new government issues.

6. Bud Hubz

This is a cannabis website that allows you to meet new people who are associated with the cannabis business social network. You can find the nearest head shops to doctors. Bud hub is easy to handle. You no longer need to search on any search engines. You can get all the latest information about the cannabis business from this website. 

You can connect with the nearest cannabis enthusiasts from this website. If you are traveling to a new place, you can get the latest information about the cannabis business from their network.

7. MassRoots

Mass roots are the first cannabis-themed social media network. These social media networks are created to link up all the college students. This network has more than 1.2 million connected members in the Cannabis world.

Are you searching for a cannabis dispensary business plan? Then this is the right place you will get an ideal deploying cannabis branding techniques. Massroot social media is encouraging individual members to leave comments and rate the items. So this platform is not only an excellent place where you can make the connection with the cannabis users and participate in the forum discussions. This is where you can see all the feedback on the products and know the disadvantages and advantages of the products. You can buy Cannabis festival tickets and get a pass from this platform.

8. LeafWire

Are you in the cannabis business? Then this professional social networking platform can do wonders for your business. Leafwire functions are more like the LinkedIn social media of the cannabis business world. As a result, Leafwire is the most preferred cannabis business social network. You can find any type of business-related news and new cannabis business market opportunities from this platform.

Hundreds of cannabis wholesalers are giving the advertisement here. And you can get the connections of these wholesalers. The distributors and wholesalers connections will give you better business opportunities. And this is the place from where you can get everything under a single roof.

9. CannaSOS

Canna SOS is one of the massive weed strain connections. The comprehensive information is the biggest advantage. You can find all types of THC ratios and other types of characteristics and drugs.

The dispensaries are tailored for individual personal requirements. They can create and distribute individual advertisements. In addition, they can make and broadcast for the business. The platform is user-friendly and easy to handle. You can find multiple types of drugs and individual dispensaries which are tailored for the particular person’s requirements. You can get any type of marijuana-related information which the weed experts answer.

10. MJlink

MJLink is one of the modern-day cannabis sectors which is specially designed for the Cannabis Industry and other practitioners. You will get all these things under the same roof from manufacturer to farmers, vendors, retailers, and sellers connections.

This modern-day cannabis business social network encourages individual viewers to have solid connectivity. You can get all sorts of connections from the platforms. The entertainments and work for every type of purpose have solutions from these platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cannabis Business Social Network

Q1:What Are The Most User-Friendly Cannabis Business Social Media Platforms?

Grasscity Forum is still now the most popular social media business platform.

Q2:Can You Advertise For The Cannabis Brands On Facebook?

Google and Facebook both have different protocols for Marijuana selling. Google is prohibiting the selling of marijuana, bongs, and pipes. Facebook ads do not promote the sales of the individual illicit and recreational drugs or any types of unsafe substances. So unless you do not have a cannabis social media account, you can promote your cannabis.

Q3:Can Cannabis Companies Give Advertisements On TV?

The different states have different rules for the advertisements. The federal communications commissions do not allow the cannabis companies and advertisers to give the ad on television. This way, the cannabis company’s reach is going to be limited. If you like to advertise your cannabis, then the cannabis social media platforms are the best place to start.


The cannabis community is growing, and so does the cannabis business social network. If you are a business owner, following the ways we have mentioned above will really help you to boost your business.

We hope that this article helps you in a lot of ways. If there is anything you need to ask, do so! We are always here to answer your queries.

To know more about cannabis and its product, visit our homepage.

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