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What Is The Bruce Banner Strain, And Why Is It  Good? | Complete Review

What Is The Bruce Banner Strain, And Why Is It  Good? | Complete Review

what is The Bruce Banner Strain

Do you want to know how Bruce Banner made peace with his mean and green alter ego, Hulk? It was because he took a few puffs of the Bruce banner strain. This strain of marijuana is famous for two things – its name and its potent effects if you smoke it. 

This weed strain is called Bruce Banner because it helps you relax and chill when you get angry. It turns you back into your casual Bruce Banner mode from being angry as Hulk. This is why many stoners prefer this weed as their go-to session pot. 

So after reading this, are you interested to know more about this mean and green strain of marijuana? Then keep on reading to find interesting details about this next bud that you will buy. 

What Is The Bruce Banner Strain? – Overview

Bruce Banner Strain - Overview

The Bruce Banner Strain, also known as the Banner strain or the OG Banner strain, is a hybrid marijuana strain. This weed mixes the OG Kush strain and the Strawberry Diesel strain. It was thought of by premium marijuana growers Dark Horse Genetics.

This strain is known for its trippy effects because the joint will stone you to cloud nine if you smoke this weed. However, just taking a few puffs of a Bruce Banner joint will make you high instantly and make you relax better than Netflix.

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Since it’s made of two different strains, you can say that it is a mix of Indica and Sativa strains. It is 60% Sativa and 40% indica. Therefore, you can enjoy the mixed high of both types of kush. 

When it comes to its THC and CBD content, it is purely on good terms with THC. It is composed of 24% – 30% THC and only 1% CBD. This makes this weed good for getting high and less used for medicinal purposes. 

Since its THC composition is varied, three variations of the Bruce Banner strain exist, numbered #1 to #3. Out of these three, Bruce Banner 3 strain is the most potent, containing about 30% THC. 

Bruce Banner Strain Info

  • THC – 27%
  • CBD – 1%
  • Sativa – 60%
  • Indica – 40%
  • Parent Strains – OG Kush / Strawberry Diesel

Bruce Banner Strain – Properties

Bruce Banner Strain - Properties

So how do you identify the Bruce banner strain from other strains of marijuana, like the Candyland strain? Here is an explanation of what makes this weed different from others:

1. Appearance

When you look at it for the first time, you will understand why it’s called the Bruce Banner strain. The bud is big and bright green, reminiscent of the Hulk. In addition, it has some orange leaves on the sides to give it a healthy and fresh look. 

This green ganja has a darker shade of green on the insides of the bud, where the leaves are a bit longer and thicker. In addition, you might find the outer leaves full of trichomes, which look like sugar dust on the leaves. 

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2. Aroma

Hold the bud and take a sniff of it. You will get a pleasing aroma that smells like diesel with fruity and flowery undertones. You will get this scent because they are reminiscent of the OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel and some pink lemonade strain. 

3. Flavor

If you think that this weed might taste like diesel, you are wrong. When you smoke this weed or have a bite of weed brownies, you will get a sweet, fruity taste. Its taste will remind you of berries, especially strawberries – perfect for summer smoke sessions with friends. 

How High Can You Get On The Bruce Banner Strain?

 Can You Get On The Bruce Banner Strain

If your objective in reading this blog was to know how high you will be after smoking the Bruce Banner strain, then this is the trippiest part. 

Since it’s a hybrid strain with a 60/40 split between Sativa and Indica weed, its effects are split too. It gives you both a body and “head high” – precisely what a stoner would want. Its euphoric effects are pretty solid and similar to the MK Ultra Strain

You will feel energetic at first, becoming very lively and full of smiles. However, it slowly calms you down and then couch-locks you to sleep. The transition from active to sleepy is smooth and tranquil, giving you a euphoric high as long as it lasts. 

Typical Effects of Bruce Banner Strain

  • Relaxed and chill.
  • Dry eyes and mouth (cottonmouth) 
  • Dehydration
  • Paranoia – you become hyper-alert to everything that is going around and end up overthinking.

These effects are great for people who have ADHD, ADD, and other psychological disorders. This weed helps calm them down and control their symptoms. 

However, the high you get depends on your reaction to it. This differs from person to person, based on their tolerance towards THC and weed. While most react well to it, many still get paranoid with headaches after smoking it. 

Medical Benefits Of Bruce Banner Strain

Medical Benefits Of Bruce Banner Strain

Good weed has always been used to treat people suffering from chronic diseases and even psychological disorders. The euphoric and calming effects of the Bruce Banner strain are great for people who have ADHD and ADD, along with others suffering from chronic pain and stress. 

This weed is great for either controlling or letting go of your pent-up emotions like anger and frustration. It took Brice Banner to control his angry alter ego Hulk by just taking two drags of marijuana named after him. 

You can smoke this strain in a joint, bong, or pipe, or even eat it as an edible in the form of hash brownies, weed cakes, and canna candies. Consuming this strain of marijuana is great since it helps people combat the effects of depression, fatigue, anxiety, stress, migraines, and frustration, helping you relax and chill as you log in to Netflix. 

However, we will always advise stoners to be cautious and chill while consuming weed. Taking it in small doses is the best way to get high. 

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Can You Grow The Bruce Banner Strain?

Can You Grow The Bruce Banner Strain

Yes, you definitely can grow the Bruce Banner strain in your house with a little bit of attention and effort.

Like its parent, the OG Kush, the plant reaches tall heights. Therefore, ensure adequate space in your house while growing this weed. However, the Bruce banner strain yield is pretty high, rewarding growers for the effort that they have put into it.

See Also

We recommend growing this weed outdoors if you live in coastal areas since the yield gets fatter due to moderate humidity and climate. The Bruce Banner flowering time is approximately 9 to 10 weeks. 

Something that will be discussed in the next section in detail. 

How To Grow?

The Incredible Hulk is an amazing strain that you can opt for. However, things get a little complicated when you think about growing the strain. This is a rare strain that does not have too many seeds in circulation. Therefore, you really need to forage for the seed. But if you cannot find the seeds, you can use clones of the strain as a starting point. 

As explained earlier, this strain is known for its fast-growing properties. This is a strain that takes around 42 days or about 6 weeks to cross its vegetative stage and reach the flowering stage. And the strain finally matures at the 10th week mark. 

One great thing about this strain is that it is mostly resistant to most pests. Therefore, you can rest assured that the strain is immune to common pests and diseases. Howevevr, you should be concerned about mold and mildew. One way to combat this is to not overwater your plant. And if you do find some spiders and mites making your new Banner strain home, just spray it with isopropyl alcohol. 

The best climate where this strain thrives is in a warm, dry climate. So if you are somebody who is growing the strain indoor, just make sure that you keep a check of the humidity level. The humidity level should not exceed 50%. Otherwise, the strain might get damaged or there can be a mold buildup. As for the yield. The strain has a moderate yield which can range from 600 grams to 1000 grams, depending on the location of the growing operation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is Bruce Banner A Sativa Or Indica?

It is a hybrid strain consisting of 60% Sativa and 40% Indica.

2. Does Bruce Banner Make You Sleepy?

Since it’s a hybrid strain, it starts by making you energetic and lively and then slowly makes you sleepy.

3. Is Bruce Banner Good For Anxiety?

Yes, this weed is excellent for treating anxiety issues.

4. Are Bruce Banner Buds Dense?

Yes, the Hulk Buds are dense and leafy.


The Bruce Banner strain is perfect for turning you into the Hulk and then back to Bruce Banner. This is a hybrid weed consisting of 60% Sativa and 40% Indica. This weed gives you an excellent high and is excellent for treating anxiety and stress. 

It has a pungent, diesel-like smell mixed with the taste of sweet strawberries. This makes the weed great for making fruity weed brownies. Also, if you plan on growing this weed in your house, then make sure you have enough space to support the tall trees. 

See you in the comment section.

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