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Trio Who Ran Lincolnshire’s ‘Largest’ Cannabis Farm Jailed

Trio Who Ran Lincolnshire’s ‘Largest’ Cannabis Farm Jailed

Largest Cannabis Farm Jailed

According to police, three men were running the largest cannabis production operation in Lincolnshire. It was an industrial-scale operation in the building, which is why the trio was jailed. All the convicts are in their 20s, and none have a permanent home or job address.

What Did The Police Find?

It was an industrial unit of 50,000 square feet, and it was all filled with cannabis plants. They found a total of 2985 plants in four rooms. The building in Boston was recently raided on 26th March, and the trio who are the heads of this operation, Xhemal Derdi, Ismail Elezi, and Alfred Alla, could not hide the operation this time.

According to Lincolnshire police, it was the largest cannabis production in the whole country. The electricity inside the building was bypassed. There were ventilation ducts and hydroponics installed there to release the smell. But, the trio seemed to be quite smart as they used balsamic vinegar to disguise the smell of the drug.

The police said that none of the members of the trio have any permanent address. Instead, they have living quarters inside the building. Police arrested 24-year-old Dardi inside the unit as soon as they entered the building. They found 21-year-old Alla hiding in the ventilation ducts. Finally, when they came back later to the building, they arrested 26-year-old Elezi. 

The Verdict

As all three of them confessed their crime of producing cannabis illegally, the judge figured out how big the enterprise was. The street value of the cannabis would be £2.4 million, and its wholesale value is estimated at £1 million.  

The police also found out in the court that the trio illegally entered the country from Albania. So, upon their release, they will be deported to their respective nations. The judge also said that the trio was aware of their business’s massive scale, so they were in it solely for financial gain. 

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The market value of the cannabis found in that building is estimated at the lowest of £800,000 at the moment. However, it was between 79-239 kilos, so the operation was indeed going on a large scale. So, when the trio was taken to Lincoln Crown Court for the judgment, they were sentenced to jail for 39 months. 

What We Think

The increasing demand for cannabis in the young generation has given birth to such crime, and it’s time the government puts an end to it. It is indeed fair to put the trio in jail because they have committed a massive crime, but we hope the government will take some initiative to stop such businesses from flourishing so much. We hope when the trio gets out of jail; they find a positive direction in their lives. 

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