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Weed Shakes: What Are Weed Shakes And How Can We Prevent Them?

Weed Shakes: What Are Weed Shakes And How Can We Prevent Them?

Weed Shakes

If you are an avid weed smoker, then you are definitely familiar with some of the effects, rather the side effects of smoking too much weed. Symptoms like cannabis cotton mouth and also chopping down on the munchies are more subtle and common than a few. 

While the intense craving for burgers and fries or pizza is not a serious medical concern, some cannabis symptoms are worth giving concern to. 

Weed shakes are among those serious concerns that you should take care of. What are weed shakes, you asked? Keep on reading to know what they are.

Understanding Weed Shakes

Understanding Weed Shakes

If you are an avid smoker, then you would know what happens when you smoke a lot of weed at one time; you get the weed shakers. These weed shakers have different symptoms for different people, but the most common type is muscle spasms, tremors, paranoia, and even anxiety. 

Although these symptoms may seem somewhat serious, in reality, they are not taken seriously at all. But someone who is not a regular smoker but consumes a lot at once can freak out due to these symptoms, but you shouldn’t worry about that. 

What Causes Shakes From Weed?

There are a number of causes that can cause these tremors to happen, and a few of these reasons are stated below. 

Cold Environment

Taking weed in Cold Environment

Cold weather is a big reason why these shakes and shivers occur when you smoke too much weed. One of the main ingredients in cannabis is THC, which lowers body temperature and causes you to shiver and shake. 


weed with other substances like tobacco

When it comes to micing things, it is never a good idea, whether it is mixing alcohol or cannabis with another stimulus. Overstimulation is one of the most common types of causes of marijuana shakes. 

It is recommended by the Executive Editor and CEO of the Ministry of Hemp, “This usually occurs when you take your weed with other substances like tobacco or caffeine.”

Low blood sugar

In certain clinical trials, it has been determined that if you smoke too much weed when you have low blood pressure, then also weed shakes are a common issue. 

The ECS or Endocannabinoid System that balances the glucose and the cannabinoid receptors of the muscles are all involved in balancing the glucose in your body. 


Just like when the weather is cold, the onset of these tremors and weed shakes are common; if you are anxious, they are common as well. Cannabis has a tendency to cause shakes and tremors when the dosage of THC is higher than usual. 

Overabundance of THC

One of the reasons for the shakes from weed is the too much consumption of THC. If the concentration of THC is higher in the weed, it can definitely give the cannabis shakes to the newbies who are less experienced. 

When this happens, paranoid and even psychoactive behavior is quite possible and, in most cases, common. 


Crossfading can be an extremely strenuous affair on your body. If you are consuming both cannabis and alcohol simultaneously, you are more likely to experience weed shakes!

How Long Do These Shakes Last?

If you have vaped or smoked weed, then the shakes shouldn’t last for much longer. The maximum duration should be not more than 30 minutes max. But in case you have consumed weed edibles, the effects can be much longer than you might want, possibly a few hours.

The length of these tremors also depends on the concentration of THC in the weed. The higher the concentration, the longer the weed shakes. 

How Can I Stop These Shakes?

Although these shakes don’t tend to last for a longer period of time, there are still certain ways you can reduce the likelihood of reducing the shakes weed. 

Stand Up And Move Around

If you want to take control of your weed shakes, then don’t just sit still and let it control you. Get up, move around and be in control. 

Change Of Environment 

Like I already told you before, a cold environment is not at all good; when you have the weed shakes, do shift to a warmer environment. When the shakes happen, shift to a warm environment and stop consuming the cannabis anymore. 

Lay Off The Stimulants

If you are experiencing weed shakes while consuming other stimulants while smoking, why not stop that and see what happens? It is often advised not to consume any other stimulants while you are smoking weed, as it can create a bad reaction and insensify these weed shakes. 

Take Deep Breathes

Take Deep Breathes

When you are having an anxiety attack or weed shakes due to anxiety, the best thing you can do now is to go out in the open and take deep breaths. 
Often, taking deep breaths helps to calm your nerves and help with your anxiety by activating the parasympathetic nervous system. To calm you down you can even listen to smooth, soothing music to mellow you down.

Consume CBD

Do you know CBD can be the solution you were looking for to deal with these weed shakes permanently? Unlike THC, CBD doesn’t result in any forms of weed shakes or similar symptoms as such. 

With the consumption of regular THC, health issues like psychomotor impairment and anxiety are high chances. 

Are Weed Shakes Dangerous?

Typically, weed shakes are not considered to be dangerous for most individuals. They are generally considered to be a harmless and temporary side effect of consuming too much THC. 

However, the impact and severity of swede shakes can depend on the person, their overall health, and their tolerance level. For most individuals, especially the ones who have pre-existing medical conditions or even a low tolerance for cannabis, weed shakes might cause an increase in discomfort or even exacerbate underlying health issues. 

Individuals must be aware of their personal limits and simply consume cannabis responsibly in order to minimize the risk of actually experiencing weed shakes or even other dangerous side effects. In very rare cases, if any individual experiences any severe symptoms like fainting, breathing, or other concerning reactions in connection with weed shakes, they should seek emergency care immediately.

If you are worried about weed shakes or even their potential influence on your overall health, it is always a great idea to connect with a healthcare professional.

Wrapping Up!

If you are a stoner, then you are probably aware of your limits of smoking and when to stop so that you don’t get the weed shakes. 

But if you are new to the game, you might not know about your limits and get scared when the shakes happen, but don’t be; Weed Shakes just happen. Take the precautions stated here seriously, and then you won’t panic, at least when you are shaking. 

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