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Trivia Hour: How To Get Rid Of Weed Smell

Trivia Hour: How To Get Rid Of Weed Smell

How To Get Rid Of Weed Smell

How to get rid of weed smell? If this is in your search bar, then I have got you. I have discussed some DIY and advanced tips on masking and removing weed smell from your house, shoes, room, etc. Stick around to know more. 

The Iconic Skunk

The Iconic Skunk

Cannabis is a smelly plant. Anybody who is familiar with cannabis will tell you that it has a potent odor. Cannabis is made up of several chemicals like THC, CBD, CBG, terpenes, etc. It also contains trace amounts of sulfur. And sulfur is a smelly substance.

In other words, sulfur odor can be easily detected in the smallest of amounts. Subsequently, whenever cannabis goes through a process of hydrogenation, newer chemicals formulate. These chemicals are often heavier than the air itself. As a result, these chemicals leave a trace on the surroundings.

The smell of weed is very potent, as it can stay in your house, car, apartment, etc., for an extended period of time. As a result, regular smokers often need to deal with the smell of weed more often than they would want. 

Therefore, today, I will guide you on how to get rid of the weed smell. Scroll Down. 

Can You Get Rid Of The Smell?

Can You Get Rid Of The Smell

Yes, you can get rid of the weed smell out of your vicinity. Is it tough? No, if you know what you are doing. In fact, I am pretty sure that you might know a few of the techniques. Still, in this section, I will educate you on how to get rid of weed smell using simple techniques. 


The first rule of smoking weed is to smoke in a well-ventilated space unless you are hotboxing. Do not smoke weed in an air-conditioned room with no windows. Try smoking in rooms that overlook balconies or have windows for ventilation. I personally prefer smoking up in the kitchen. As a result, I turn on the exhaust.  

Incense Or Scented Candles

Incense and scented candles are perfect for masking the stench of cannabis. The best part is that these products are pretty cheap and can be used at will. However, this is a band-aid solution. The fragrances from incense and scented candles have a short life and will not do anything for the smell in your curtain, carpet, or couch. As a result, this should be kept as a last-minute option and nothing else. 

Neutralize The Odor Using Products

One of the tried and tested methods for dealing with cannabis stench is sprinkling air-freshening products. If you are a regular smoker, you should opt for automated air fresheners. However, if you are on a budget, try to buy products that have chemicals like baking soda, chlorine, activated charcoal, etc. These chemicals bind with the terpene profiles and mask the stench in a specialized manner. 

Good Hygiene

The final DIY tip on how to get rid of weed smell is none other than hygiene itself. Smoking cannabis is acceptable. Smelling like a lit joint is not. Use breath mints, drink water, clean your house, use air fresheners, etc. Follow a proper hygiene routine, and you will see that you and your environment do not stench of cannabis anymore. I personally have made some lifestyle changes that impacted my smoking habits positively. 

How To Get Rid Of Weed Smell From:

How To Get Rid Of Weed Smell From

With the basics out of the way. I think It is time that I help you understand some of the more specified and advanced methods of dealing with cannabis stench. Here are some of the more advanced tips on how to get rid of weed smell from different objects of daily use. Without further ado, let us dive right in. 


Smoking inside your own house is the best feeling ever. I mean, You can smoke, chill, and do whatever you want at your own leisure. But then again, once the smoke dissipates, the stench does not. I suggest that you smoke in places that do not contain fabric or have an exhaust. The kitchen and bathroom are the best places to smoke. Or, buy an air diffuser. This will help you with the stench. 

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Fabrics are stench magnets. Therefore, a corporate cannabis user’s biggest concern is the weed smell from their clothing. Use fabric softeners or let your clothes dry out in the open. These two methods will help you to let your clothes breathe and smell fresh. 


Apart from clothes, shoes are stench magnets as well. Therefore, it is very important that you try to dissipate the smell of cannabis from your shoes. Take some sodium bicarbonate and place it on a coffee filter paper. Roll it up into a ball and drop it inside your shoe. You can even add some lavender oil to add some aroma. Leave it for one or 2 days, and you will see some positive results. 


Couch seems to love marijuana stench the most. Regardless of the build material, your couch will suck in the cannabis stench and will not let it go. I suggest that you leave your sofa out in the sun or use a special vacuum and couch fragrances to fix the stench of the couch. Otherwise, try not to consume cannabis in the presence of a couch. 


Anything that has fabric will suck in the smell of cannabis. And the carpet is the bigger lover of the cannabis smell. Like your shoes, your carpet can also use some baking soda and lavender oil so that they do not smell like the inside of a pot farm. Otherwise, leaving it out in the air is also a good option to consider. 

Closing Thought

And there you go. I have provided some useful tips on how to get rid of the smell of weed. Even though cannabis usage is acceptable and cool, smelling like a joint is not. It makes you look like a junkie and takes away whatever gravitas you might have. Let’s hope this article could change that for you.

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