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How To Ghost With A Vape? The Easiest Vape Trick For Beginners

How To Ghost With A Vape? The Easiest Vape Trick For Beginners

You have arrived here because you have just started vaping, and we all know what happens when you just start vaping – you want to find out how to ghost and perform so crazy tricks in order to impress your friends. You happen to be in luck today because we will totally talk about ghosting and some other crazy tricks for all vaping beginners. 

While smoking, your options are limited when it comes to performing tricks, but when you are vaping, the number of options for you is pretty much a whole lot! Keep reading to find out about vape tricks and the right way to ghost. 

The Art Of Ghosting: How To Ghost With A Vape?

The Art Of Ghosting: How To Ghost With A Vape?

Thank God we are not going to talk about how to ghost someone, but instead, we will talk about how to ghost vape! This ghosting, fortunately, will not deal with your unexplained disappearances from the lives of acquaintances. 

For the ones who are new to this game of smokey tricks, ghosting is an OG vapor trick. The vapor that comes out after vaping has a ghost-like appearance with a solid-like texture. But that’s not all – you also have to know how to inhale this vapor back inside in order to accentuate the ghost effect!

So without wasting any time, let’s find out how to ghost with your vape!

But Before That, Why Should You Try Ghosting?

Why Should You Try Ghosting?

Yep – before we can teach you how to do a ghost with your vape, let’s talk about the why factor first! See, ghosting is really fun, especially if you are new to this world of vaping tricks. Ghosting is so simple to learn and even easier to perform for all beginners. 

Moreover, ghosting is one vaping trick you can impress your friends with without putting in too much effort – it doesn’t test your skills and lets you impress people. Plus, you don’t really need several props, tools, or even materials for performing different vaping tricks. This also means you can LITERALLY do this anywhere.

All you need is a good vape and some practice – in no time, you will know how to ghost with a vape!

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So, How Do I Ghost Vape?

Finally, we are here – so without wasting any time, let’s talk about how to ghost a vape, as in how to ghost with a vape. There are three basic steps that you have to follow in this context – these steps are as follows,

  • Inhale – Step 1,
  • Release – Steps 2, and
  • Inhale – Step 3.

Step 1 – Inhale

Step 1 - Inhale

You can start practicing ghosting once you have practiced some inhaling since inhaling happens to be one of the most vital aspects of this trick. While learning how to ghost with a vape, you have to keep in mind that you are vaping, and you are not smoking – so you will have to avoid taking mouth hits and opt for taking lung hits. 

However, if you have never smoked tobacco in the past, then it’s likely that you have never taken a mouth hit – learning how to take a lung hit would be easier for you in that case. It’s very similar to drinking or, rather, slurping from some straw. But instead of swallowing or gulping down what you inhaled, you gotta keep it inside your mouth.

Once you are about to perform the ghost trick, avoid from breathing via your nose during this part since it can affect the whole vapor quality during the ghost.

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Step 2 – Release

Step 2 - Release

Once you have inhaled the vapor, it’s about releasing the vapor and inhaling it back for performing the trick. Moving to the second part of the trick, you have to release the vapor, and that too in the shape of a ball. This is absolutely different from releasing smoke rings or ordinary cloud-shaped vapors.

Here, how you choose to shape that mouth of yours matters – the shape of your mouth will determine the shape of the cloud you release. It’s best to opt for forming an ‘O’ shape before you start releasing the vapor. Make sure you are pushing out the vapor from your mouth slowly with the help of your tongue. 

When you use your tongue for pushing the vapor, the O-shape of the same is retained. Here, another thing that becomes crucial is the force you are using on your tongue for pushing the vapor out. The amount of force actually determines the distance your vapor cloud will, in fact, travel.

Here, it’s better to apply a lesser amount of force since a softer push keeps the vapor close to your face. This also makes performing the last part of the trick relatively easier. At the same time, in case you want a vapor cloud that has solid-looking appearance and dense texture, then you have to softly flick your tongue. 

Step 3 – Inhale

Step 3 - Inhale

While inhaling and releasing is the major part of the ghost trick, we are now going to talk about the third step – the step that perhaps is a little tricky to perform. Let’s talk about how to ghost inhale easily! Once you have released your ghost vapor cloud, you will have to inhale it back. Here, of course, the shaping of your lips and mouth is pretty important. 

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You will have to shape your lips or mouth ether away from one another or outwards – this will simply help you out in terms of capturing the cloud more efficiently. If you make a bigger shape, then you will be inhaling the cloud faster, but if you make a smaller shape instead, you can slowly inhale the vapor cloud. 

If you ask us, we would ask you to opt for inhaling the vapor back slowly. A slow inhale looks more impressive and appealing – so why not impress people instead of just performing a trick for no good reason? 

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The Mistake That You Can Avoid Making!

While learning how to ghost vape, it’s best to keep those movements stuck to the bare minimum while you are inhaling. This will control or even reduce the whole risk of ruining your ghost cloud of vapors. 

Now, this happens to be one of the most common mistakes made by beginners – of course, it’s understandable. What most beginners do wrong is how they attempt to capture the vapor right back immediately out of fear that their carefully crafted cloud of vapors might lose the shape or even disintegrate before getting captured. 

Yes, we understand your concerns, but it is vital to understand that any fast movement, especially of your face or head, will simply push the airflow toward your ghost vapor, thereby ruining the same. So, its best to keep all movements slow and steady, allowing the vapor to linger for a longer time period before you can proceed to capture the same.

And It’s A Wrap!

It doesn’t matter how you choose to ghost, you simply have to remember one golden rule – it is your practice that will eventually make you perfect. The more practice you will put in, the better for you, and soon before you even realize it, you will be nailing the while ghosting trick. People will wonder about your vaping tricks, all ready to learn how to ghost with a vape from you!

So that’s how your ghost with the help of a vape. It’s a simple trick to learn and perform – you don’t even require any special device. You do not even need those customized atomizers, other accessories, or even vape mods. You just need a nice, portable vape and lots of patience. Tell us what you think – and don’t forget to share your vaping experiences in the comments below.

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