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The CBD Mag’s Valentine’s Editon: 20+ Romantic Stoner Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas

The CBD Mag’s Valentine’s Editon: 20+ Romantic Stoner Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas

stoner valentines gifts

My apologies to everyone who is single right now, but D-da…oops…I mean, V-day is knocking on the door. And while Cupid is a cheating bastard, today, I will only talk about two things,

  • Valentine’s Day.
  • stoner valentines gifts.

Yes, how could you think that we won’t consider your interests while talking about the day of love? Our beloved strain lovers, marijuana is not the only love of your life – we get it! So, today, I will talk about the day of love and all the romantic gifts you can give your stoner soulmate on Valentine’s Day.

Keep reading and stay tuned to find out what I have in store for you – light that joint up, and trust me!

Stoner-Friendly Gifts For A Very Chill Valentine’s Day: The Concept!

Gifts are typically a stressful affair, and when the conversation turns toward Valentine’s Day, it gets even worse. It doesn’t matter if you are exchanging gifts with your partner or friends – it’s just plain STRESSFUL! 

Do you want to surprise your bae with a fancy dinner? Or do you want to act cool and seal the deal with a low-key box of chocolates? Fortunately, if your circle has a few stoners or your bae is one, then chances are you could light their hearts and mind with a few stoner-friendly gifts for a chill Valentine’s Day. 

Whether your partner is in need of a new grinder or your friend wants to try some new edibles, there are several Valentine’s Day-themed gifts to choose from – just stay tuned, and leave the rest to us!

1. I Hope Your Flower Blooms: A Bouquet Of Greens

A Bouquet Of Greens

How about a homemade stoner gift basket for the love of your life? There’s nothing more romantic than getting your partner flowers, a bouquet of flowers precisely. But how about getting a bouquet of your partner’s favorite strains? I love the Princess Haze strain and would gladly accept a bouquet of the same!

2. Keep Calm And Order Some Brownies: A Box Of Edibles

A Box Of Edibles

How about a weed valentines box filled with brownies, a.k.a. Edibles? That sounds like fun to me – what about you? Yes, sure, you won’t remember much of Valentine’s day, but who cares about that when you will trip straight for eight hours? And why not go on a trippy date with your partner instead of giving in to the pressure of celebrating Valentine’s day for real? 

3. Blowing All Your Worries Away: An Aesthetic Glass Pipe Sounds Perf

An Aesthetic Glass Pipe

One of my favorite stoner valentines gifts, you can definitely consider gifting a glass pipe. These are not just useful but hella pretty. And there are so many options available on the internet that it’s crazy. Trust me, you will be spoilt for choice – just remember to get one for yourself, otherwise, you might just end up borrowing your own gift.

4. The Name’s Bong, James Bong: A Bong Is All Your Babe Needs

If you are looking for some DIY stoner gifts, then making your partner a customized gift box is a great idea. You can include a few stoner necessities inside, like,

  • Munchies,
  • A Tray,
  • A crusher,
  • A lighter, and
  • Kush Mintz strains.

Apart from that, anything else you want to include?

5. It’s Never Too Late For Candies: Don’t Disappoint Charlie

CBD Candies

There’s no better stoner gift basket than a basket full of candies! When your partner is really high, a few candies will only make the experience so much better. Plus, they will love you so much more – if you get high often, you know exactly how it feels when the munchies hit at night and there’s nothing to eat! 

6. Let The Good Times Roll: Festive Rolling Paper

Festive Rolling Paper

Another of our favorite stoner valentines gifts, how can you not think about a festive collection of rolling paper? Yes, I am most definitely talking about rolling paper with hearts – if you think your partner won’t appreciate those hearts, then in that case, don’t worry. There are so many different types of rolling people available out there that you won’t be disappointed. 

7. Love At First Bite: CBD Sweet Gummies

While a stoner gift box for him is perfect, why not fill up the box with CBD sweet gummies? And you can attach a small card that says ‘love at first bite.’ After all, when it’s love at first sight…oops…I mean ‘bite,’ it only means one thing – FOREVER! So why not give your man something sweet to munch on?

8. Eat Your Greens: Edibles, Edibles, And More Edibles

Edibles, Edibles, And More Edibles

If you have been planning a 420 gift basket, then just fill it up with edibles. After all, you would want your partner to share some greens with you – how will your partner share if you don’t get enough edibles in the first place? Just make sure that you guys are being safe while doing edibles. Bon Appétit!

9. Just One More Chapter: A Book For The Stoner Bibliophile

A Book For The Stoner Bibliophile

While looking for the best stoner valentines gifts for my partner, one of the best gifts that I stumbled upon was a book. A book that really started it all – yes, I am talking about “Food of the Gods: The Search For The Original Tree of Knowledge: A Radical History of Plants, Drugs And Human Evolution” by Terence McKenna! Trust me, it might not be a conventional gift, but if your partner loves to read, then this is perfect! 

10. Rolling Trays And All That Jazz: You Know Everyone Needs It

Rolling Trays

Rolling trays are pretty cool – you don’t really need them, but you need them! You understand what I mean…right? And searching rolling tray ideas for guys won’t help you out. You can, instead, DIY a rolling tray for your partner. It will be artsy, trippy, and even romantic – and if you can’t do art then you might as well check out a few Instagram artists!

11. Opening The Door To Intimacy: Time To Try Out CBD-Oil

Of course, what is Valentine’s Day without some passion and intimacy? With love in the air, even a non-stoner will enjoy an oil massage. One of the best ways to make the most of your cannabinoids is by opting for a non-irritating pH-balanced oil. With the help of a personal lubricant, you can easily elevate each other’s pleasure to new heights. 

12. And Just Like That, We Are Here Again: Yes, Nothing Better Than Dank Bud

If you are still in doubt, then just stick to flowers. Your Valentine will be happy to smoke to their heart’s content instead of staring at rotting flowers in a vase. There are so many strains to choose from – you will be spoilt for choice, really!

Bonus Sections: More On Stoner Valentines Gifts!

Bonus Sections: More On Stoner Valentines Gifts

Are you already typing something like ‘stoner boyfriend stoner valentines day gifts’ or ‘boyfriend stoner gift basket ideas’ on Google? STOP! Because we have some more stoner Valentines gifts for your partner – check them out before you can head over to a store and find out what you have been looking for! 

13. High Art by Estefanio Holtz and Robert Lambrechts – Did you know that Van Gogh was a stoner too? 

14. A Marijuana Subscription for 12 Months – Who doesn’t enjoy staying stocked with all the essentials? 

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15. A rechargeable Electric Lighter – a lighter? Not good enough…an electric lighter? Nah, still not good enough. A rechargeable electric lighter? Yeah, that’s what we are talking about!

16. Weed: Everything You Want to Know But Are Always Too Stoned To Ask by Michelle Lhooq – another book about getting high? HELL YES!

17. Resin Ashtray- clearly, you haven’t been on Instagram for some time if you don’t know how trippy these ashtrays look!

18. Bong Appétit By Editors Of Munchies – Yet another book because you gotta read about getting high when you are HIGH!

19. A Percolator Bong – if you appreciate quality and, more importantly, good weed, then in that case, you cannot ignore your partner’s demand or, rather, the necessity for a good hit!

20. A DIY Card – Nothing spells out love bigger and bolder than a cute, romantic card on Valentine’s Day…so why not a card with Gelonade strain taped inside? 

21. An Aesthetic Cannabis Candle – trust me, these are huge currently! And not getting one for your partner would be so romantic…right?

22. A vape – yes not very happy about vapes, but some people do enjoy vapes, and there’s not much I can do about it. But there are so many options on the internet – enjoy!

And It’s A Wrap!

No, there’s no need to type ‘weed gifts’ on Google and look for ideas when you can save this article for future use! With Valentine’s Day around the corner, your search for stoner valentines gifts is only about to get exciting and, sometimes, even frustrating. So, why the wait? Find out what to get your partner this Valentine’s Day.

Also, don’t forget to share your thoughts on this with us in the comments below – while doing so, feel free to tell us what you are getting the stoner on Valentine’s this year!

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