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How To Pass A Drug Test In 2023: Tips, Tricks, And Methods

How To Pass A Drug Test In 2023: Tips, Tricks, And Methods

How To Pass A Drug Test

While we oppose using drugs in any job, we do believe that nobody should get forced to submit to testing for marijuana. Apart from opting for a legal defense, your best option or rather defense against drug testing is to basically stay clean.

Unfortunately, this might sound difficult considering urine tests can detect marijuana within 1 to 5 days for occasional consumers, 1 to 3 weeks and 4 to 6 weeks in multiple daily consumers.

Moreover, urine tests do not detect any psychoactive ingredient of marijuana, that is, THC, and instead detect other nonactive metabolites ingredients. As a result, these ingredients cannot measure impairment.

But this fact has no value to the anti-drug hysteria promoted by employers today. If you are currently in the job sector then it is only practical to avoid marijuana and expect to be get tested.

However, since drug testing can be done on a short notice, we have some tips, tricks, and methods for dealing with such emergencies (but, no promises!)

Stay tuned to find out how to pass a drug test in 2023!

How To Pass A Drug Test In 2023? Tips And Tricks!

How To Pass A Drug Test In 2023

According to NORML, there’s only so much you can do to pass a drug test, especially an urine drug test.

They have been working since 1970 to reform Marijuana laws – naturally, their viewpoint on drug testing in general is extremely relevant, which is precisely why you will find a section at the end of the article talking about all the things that are wrong with urine drug tests.

So how to pass a marijuana drug test? Of course, you have the certo detox method and even products like Stinger Detox to flush the drug out of your system. But can these methods or even products guarantee that the detox method will work?

Unfortunately, nobody is sure – while it worked for many recreational marijuana users, the same didn’t work for so many others.

After intensive research, here we are with the best possible tips and tricks, or rather, advice on how to pass a drug test in 2023. As we mentioned a while ago, we can’t make any promises. Instead, we can only hope for the best!

Wash Yourself Out

Wash Yourself Out  

So, how to pass a urine drug test? Or for that matter how to pass a hair drug test? The basic strategy behind passing an urine drug test is to just increase both your fluid intake as well as urine flow so that the drug levels inside your body gets diluted.

Just a few hours before you get tested, drink as much water as you can – you can also consider other fluids.

Water is ideal – there is literally not a single piece of evidence that Vitamin C, Vinegar, Goldenseal or Niacin can help, although it’s a popular belief. However, aspirin that has a high dosage can reduce the EMIT urine test’s sensitivity for only marijuana.

Several people actually wash themselves out in advance by just staying hydrated and exercising. Of course, there’s no evidence to support this as well. But no matter what you do, don’t include your first urine of the day in the sample, considering the drug metabolites develop in your system when you are sleeping.

What About Vitamins?

What About Vitamins   

Washing yourself out is a great idea, but how to pass a THC drug test with just staying hydrated? That’s a little risky, don’t you think? Again, we can’t make any promises, but you can combine washing yourself out with the vitamin intake of a really large dose.

Basically, when you are drinking lots of water right before your test, you can also consume a relatively large dose of Vitamin B2.

The purpose?

To ensure that your urine color becomes Yellow, otherwise, you will produce watery, clear urine which can easily make collectors suspicious. Yep, Vitamin C is not going to help you, but Vitamin B2 might help!

In very rare instances, several laboratories will most commonly reject samples that are too watery. But at the same time, they will provide you with another chance. This is your window – wait it out for the results before you can indulge in any compromising behavior.

You can definitely boost your overall fluid output just by taking diuretics – these can stimulate urination. While weaker diuretics include cranberry juice, over-the-counter pills meant for retaining premenstrual water, certain healthy food items, and coffee.

If you do end up taking a test on a very short notice, you should opt for diuretics that are more potent and are commonly prescribed for treating high blood pressure.

However, these strong diuretics are available for people with prescription for the same – perhaps, in Mexico and even in some foreign countries, you will get these over-the-counter.

Beware that these are considered to be dangerous for people with certain conditions like diabetics or even for pregnant women, especially when these are consumed over extended time periods.

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Yes, diuretics can easily get detected inside urine but that’s not really checked except for professional athletes.

Drug Screens?

Drug Screens

That was all we had on how to pass a drug test, as in an urine drug test – that’s the best option and if it doesn’t help you, nothing probably can, except maybe drug screens? In fact, if you were wondering how to pass a saliva drug test, it’s LITERALLY the same thing!

So, it was suggested that ingesting certain substances can alter your body chemistry just to disguise drug usage. Although several products are at the moment being marketed as ‘drug screens,’ only few have solidified evidence.

Activated Charcoal is a common detoxifier that can help to reduce metabolite levels in the long-term when consumer over weeks or several days.

At the same time, it has also been pointed out that Lecithin (a type of food emulsifier) can also prove to be useful when consumed over extended time periods.

Plus, there are multiple high-priced herbal powders and teas that are often promoted and sold as urine cleansers – but these have next to nothing in terms of medical rationale.

While there are multiple users who have reported about incredible success with the same, others have said otherwise.

In fact, independent experiments even suggest that the same might be a result of water dilution and not really the screen itself which contributed to success in some cases.

And It’s A Wrap!

And that’s a wrap on how to pass a drug test in 2023. The truth is there’s no guaranteed way to pass a drug test. There’s no point asking how to pass a blood drug test – instead, keep your system clean and avoid marijuana when you are in the job sector.

So tell us what are your thoughts on drug tests? In case, you have any prior experiences, feel free to share your stories with us in the comments below.

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