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The Wedding Cake Strain: All That You Need To Know Before You Give It A Try

The Wedding Cake Strain: All That You Need To Know Before You Give It A Try

Wedding Cake Strain

There have been hundreds of hybrid strains created over the past decades. The last decade witnessed the concept of breeding kicking into high gear, with savvy consumers seeking out exclusive collaborations and the latest drops. But only once in a while, a strain appears in the cannabis scene that can actually stop time.

Once that ends up hitting differently, cementing itself as a part of the whole cannabis industry – the Wedding Cake strain is no different. This Indica-hybrid strain is characterized by a potent high and decadently rich flavor. It was no surprise when the strain became an instant success after its release, and in 2019, it even won Leafly’s Strain of the Year.

Since then, the wedding cake strain has remained consistently popular in all legal cannabis markets in the world. So, today, we will discuss wedding cake marijuana, its consistent popularity, and all that you need to know before trying it.

Stay tuned to find out more about the wedding cake strain in detail.

Exploring The Wedding Cake Strain: Chasing A Mond-Numbing, Smooth High!

Exploring The Wedding Cake Strain

Today, we will talk about the elusive wedding cake weed strain, its consistent popularity since its release, and other details you need to know before you can chase its mind-numbing, smooth high. So without wasting any time, let’s get started – scroll down to find out more about the wedding cake strain.

Wedding Cake Strain Genetics: A Storied Family Tree

The wedding cake marijuana strain is also called Triangle #23 and is even known as ‘Pink Panties’ sometimes. The strain was created for the first time by a talented team at Seed Junky Genetics. Seed Junky Genetics is also known for crossing Animal Mints with Triangle Mints.

Interestingly, Triangle Mints happens to be a cross of Animal Mints, while the strain’s other parent is Triangle Kush, another famed strain. The famous Triangle Kush is nothing but quintessential Indica and is developed in sunny Florida. However, the lineage of this Kush is unknown, but experts do think that it has Hindu Kush ancestors.

On the other hand, the family tree of Animal Mints is so much more complicated. It has potent GSC roots and is a descendant of Durban Poison and OG Kush. Then there are Blue phenotype notes as well – these come from Afghani and Thai ancestors.

Which Strains Come From The Wedding Cake Strain?

Wedding Cake Strain

Now that you know what strain is wedding cake, let’s talk about which strains come from the wedding cake strain. Breeders became aware of wedding cake’s specialty the moment it debuted. And not just because of the strain’s potency but also the possibility of creating children’s strains. And today, we have more than one potent strain that came from the wedding cake strain.

One of our favorite descendants of the wedding cake strain is the Ice Cream Cake strain. A blend between Geltato #33 and Wedding Cake, this is one of the most-acclaimed descendants of the wedding cake strain. This Vanilla-forward ice cream cake was a success instantly and has become the cannabis equivalent of what you would call ‘a nepo baby.’

Another popular offspring of Wedding Cake is called the Wedding Crashers – it’s perhaps the perfect cross between grape-fuel Purple Punch and the creamy Wedding Cake. Wedding Cake’s consistent popularity will perhaps make it a notable genetic marker in the near future.

Wedding Cake Strain: Terpene And Cannabinoid Content

Wedding Cake Strain: Terpene And Cannabinoid

One of the biggest reasons why the wedding cake cannabis strain is legendary is simply its high THC percentage. Typically, it contains 25% THC, but depending on how the strain has been cultivated, its THC percentage can easily increase into the 30s bracket.

Additionally, the wedding cake strain can also include upto 1% CBG. Known for its different therapeutic uses, this happens to be a minor cannabinoid that’s non-psychoactive.

The cannabinoid blend in the strain makes it a hyper-potent strain, providing consumers with their money’s worth and leaving them wanting for more.

The primary terpenes in the wedding cake strain are as follows,

  • Caryophyllene,
  • Myrcene, and
  • Limonene.

These terpenes are responsible for giving the strain its unique aroma, flavors, and effects. The result? The result is a mouthwatering sweet palette accompanied by hints of spice – it’s like creamy vanilla frosting that’s flecked by citrus and pepper.

The Wedding Cake Strain Experience

Wedding Cake Strain Experience

Are you already looking up purple wedding cake strain or other descendants of Wedding Cake? Then stop – because it’s always best to read about the experience before you can try it out. Wedding Cake strain might be worshipped for its delectable taste and intoxicating smell, but it is the effect that ultimately makes the strain so popular.

In spite of its saccharine flavor, the Wedding Cake marijuana strain is likely to put consumers in a fulfilling food coma instead of a crazy sugar rush. Consumers have reported how the strain serves deeply relaxing and comforting vibes accompanied by euphoria and subsequently a zen-like state.

Dabbing or smoking the wedding cake strain will hit you squarely in the head with flavors, earthy when you exhale and sweet when you inhale. You will instantly feel the effects with the buzz lasting for a while. The incredible potency of the strain will definitely convince you to go back for a second round.

The Wedding Cake: Medicinal Benefits 

So, this might come as a bad news, but wedding Cake is not a strain that is known for being an easy one to deal with. In fact, growers have suggested that this is a strain that can be one of the most challenging strains to grow. The primary reason behind this is that the original growers of this strain kept the secret of their business under some really heavy lock and key situation. In fact, up until a few years back, the seeds of wedding cake strain were not even available to the market. Hence, people resorted to clones or alternatives to the Wedding cake strain.

See Also

I personally believe that the strain can be best grown indoors. The reason why I suggest growing this strain indoors is because it automatically increases the overall success rate. When you are growing outdoors you will not be able to control elements like rain, hail, heat, etc. Also, the wedding cake strain is a very pest prone strain. Which means, you need to monitor for pests. The best way you go about it is if you grow the strain indoors.

The yield is generally moderate to high if you grow the strain under right conditions. But, you need to monitor the strain for pests and other detrimental aspects otherwise, the crop yield can go bad very quickly.

Trying Out The Wedding Cake Strain: Reviews From Real Users

Wedding Cake Strain Reviews

We can’t write about the wedding cake strain and forget to provide reviews from real consumers. And here we are with some of the top reviews on the internet. Stay tuned to read the top Leafly consumer reviews on the wedding cake cannabis strain.

1. Review By Charolette Mansfield

It’s me and my husband’s 13-year anniversary today, and we wanted to get something to smoke together. This was a great choice on this special day. We smoked a gram joint while staring out at the waterfront, watching boats and seagulls and jellyfish and other weird creatures that we’re still not sure we really saw. I blanked out for about a minute, contemplating whether that jellyfish was really an octopus. Because that’d be cool. So yeah. Recommend. Now we’re eating tacos.

2. Review By Robin Miller

I love this strain. Smoking this strain through a pipe will hurt, but it leaves that sweet taste in your throat for at least two days. While in this strain, I experienced mass relaxation and even to the point where my friend just passed the fuck out. Listening to music makes the experience ten times better as usual, and god damn, it gives me a sweet tooth. Have cherry pop tarts on deck for the best food, or watch The Eric Andre show or Reading Rainbow. I have no idea why but it’s so amazing.

3. Review By Karan Jones

So far, the best strain I’ve smoked. I get anxious easily when I smoke weed, and my ADHD usually speeds up that problem. This is not how I feel when I smoke wedding cake. So far, it has been a great help in dealing with my stress and feels me feel light, sparkly, and comfortable. This isn’t going to be the best weed for those who want to experience a heavy head-high sativa or those who want to be sprawled on the floor relaxed off a heavy indica. But the two elements come together in an unforgettably smooth mixture.

4. Review By Laura Witt

This wedding cake !!!!!! It is a blessing from God himself. This is a great high. And if you have SEX on it, be ready to get pregnant cause the juices will be flowing like a white water rafting river. This is a great high. It puts you in an amazing mood . And you will just want to be touched. Like you’re on cloud 9, getting literally whatever you do, it feels good doing it.

We Love The Wedding Cake Strain: It’s One For The Ages!

Not very often a new strain influences the market and culture the way this Wedding Cake strain has done. With legendary genetics, mind-blowing effects, delectable flavors, and, more importantly, impressive sales have made the wedding cake strain a natural shoo-in for the Marijuana Hall of Fame.

Cultivators love the wedding cake marijuana strain, thanks to the strain’s consultant growth charts and sustainable ROI. Even retailers prefer keeping this strain on their shelves in all seasons since cannabis connoisseurs look at the wedding cake strain as their favorite post-dinner treats. While the strain is ideal for all flower fans, it also happens to be a big attraction for dabbers as well – if you like dabbing and love a smooth, rich high, then this strain is ideal for you. So, what are your thoughts on this strain? Feel free to share your thoughts, experiences, and stories with us in the comments below.

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