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Fruit Of Hardwork: Jeeters

Fruit Of Hardwork: Jeeters


Want to know what Jeeters is and the brand that has been built around it? Well, this is the article that you were waiting for. We have all the necessary information that you will need in order to see what and the brand has done differently to become one of the biggest cannabis vrands out there. Read more.

What Is Jeeters?

What is Jeeters

Jeeters has always been seen as a slang used by the cannabis community. Howevevr, recently, two guys transformed this term into a multi-billion dollar industry. Jeeter is currently one of the most popular sellers of infused joints and vapes as well. From an extensive genetics library to the state-of-the-art infusion process, the brand has it all.

The Jeeter brand has one of the most extensive corpus of cannabis products that have different THC content and sizes. As a result, it is one of the best-selling cannabis brands in America right now. Here are a few of the facts that you need to know about the Jeeter cannabis company. 

 Five Facts About Jeeter

Five facts About Jeeter

The Jeeter brand was started by two cannabis enthusiasts, namely Lukasz Tracz and Sebastian Solano. The duo went through a lot to establish such a huge company that even does collaborations with some of the sickest and meanest celebrity pot aficionados. Here are five facts about the company you need to know. 

The Buds

Jeeters is a California-based company. This provides a good indoor as well as outdoor growing climate. However, the company has a strict code, and it only uses indoor-grown cannabis from its grow houses. The brand claims that it cultivates 100% of its flower yield on its 4.2-acre campus. On the grounds, the company boasts a sweet 18,000-square-foot facility that solely handles production. Every bud that goes into the Jeeter products is hand-picked. According to Lukasz Tracz, this makes the products authentic and curated. A customer knows that the product is specifically made by hand, and this makes the product even more special.

The Smoke Circle

Jeeter went from a back garage start-up to one of the biggest cannabis brands in existence. And this was not because the brand worked day and night. The duop believes in smart work instead of hard work. The co-founders of the brand saw an amazing opportunity to market their product by creating a fanbase among celebrities. Some of the most famous celebrities who belong to Jeeter Smoke Circle include Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Issa Rae, Ludacris, The Game, etc. And with celebrities came fame and recognition. Just look at their instagram feed, and you will know the kind of company the brand keeps. 

The Growth

Jeeter was first started by Lukasz Tracz and Sebastian Solano in 2018. In just five years, the brand went from nothing to one of the biggest cannabis brands out there. In fact, several cannabis dailies term Jeetrs as the best-selling pre-roll brand in the US. According to a business insider, the brand currently holds 40% market share of California’s pre-roll and cannabis market. The brand comes up with pre-roll variations that pay homage to pop culture icons like Kobe, Space Jam, Mario Kart, etc. This keeps the brand image fresh and happening for its users.  

The New Line Up

Innovation is one of the biggest driving forces behind the company’s success. Every now and then, the brand comes up with a new product that keeps the users on their toes. Recently, the brand released information about its own concentrate called the Liquid Diamond. The brand claims that this is one of the cleanest and strongest cannabis concentrates in the world. Such marketing keeps the company in the headlines. Subsequently, the company claims that some of their cannabis buds and products can even have 40% THC. This is higher than any other cannabis concentrates out there. 

The Holiday

You know you made it when there was a holiday dedicated to your name. Due to the brand’s roaring popularity, the brand has a specific day named after it. November 6 is popularly called the Jeeterday. Every year, the brand drops once-in-a-lifetime products for its loyal fandom. Every year, the brand selects an exclusive location to bring forth its newest merchandise. 

Some Of The Best Products From The Brand

Some Of The Best Products From The Brand

We have seen the brand, we have learned about the names that built the brand, and a few facts about it. However, we did not discuss the best products that the brand is known for. Here are some of the best products that came out of the factory floors of the Jeeter brand.

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Baby Jeeter Infused Joints – Churros

This product comprises five individual .5-gram joints. These joints are made up of high-THC indoor-grown flowers, kief, and distillate oil. This joint strikes a perfect balance between longevity and flavor. Usually, long-burning joints end up becoming bitter. But these joints retain their flavanoids and terpenes through and through. 

Jeeter XL Infused Joint – Apple Fritter

While Baby Jeeters are perfect for solo burning, the XL is for a social smoking experience. This 2-gram infused joint makes for an amazing cannabis experince. XL Infused Joints offer up to 40% THC. Subsequently, Apple Fitter is one of the most expensive and premium strains out there. The strain provides an amazing, tingly, fruity flavor that makes up for an amazing cannabis experience. Taking one hit of this 1 gram joint is going to keep you buzzed for a long period of time. Users claim that the effects of XL Infused Joint can last somewhere around 2 to 3 hours.

Closing Note

That is all we have for Jeeters and the green empire it has built around itself. It is an amazing start-up that has turned into one of the biggest cannabis brands in modern-day America. Keep following our page for all things green and the highness. See you again.

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