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Know Your Cannabis: Bacio Gelato Strain

Know Your Cannabis: Bacio Gelato Strain

Bacio Gelato Strain

The Bacio Gelato strain is one of the most perfect hybrid strains out there. A 50/50 difference between the Indica sativa profile makes this strain one of the most perfect strains out there. Stick around to know more about this strain. 

Strain Overview

The Bacio Gelato strain is one of the finest hybrid strains out there. The strain is a mixture of Sunset Sherbet and the famous Thin Mint Cookies. The strain shares a genetic lineage with the ever-popular Girl Scout Cookies. Meanwhile, Sunset Sherbet brings Pink Panties with Girl Scout Cookies to the mix. 

The overall family tree of the Bacio Gelato strain has one of the best genetic mapping of all the strains we have reviewed. Users call this strain a perfect hybrid strain. This is because of the way the strain reacts to the endocannabinoid system and the overall distribution of the sativa and indica profiles. The strain is 50% sativa and 50% Indica.

According to growers, the strain boasts a 25% to 29% THC content. Apart from a high THC content, the strain is also popular due to its other characteristics, like its appearance, aroma, and flavonoids. In this next section, we will see some of the most important characteristics of the strain. 


A strain can be identified using several different markers. These markers are called characteristics that set the strain apart from other strains. One of the most prominent qualities of the strain is its strong potency and analgesic qualities. Apparently, users have found respite from their chronic pain due to this amazing strain. Here are a few other characteristics that you need to know about. 

Terpenes & Cannabinoids

Bacio Gelato is a hybrid between the Sunset Sherbet and the Thin Mint cookies. Caryophyllene is the most dominant terpene In both parent strains. This terpene gives the strain a slight peppery aftertaste. It is not only a terpene, but it has anti-inflammatory effects. Users noted that the strain is a powerful regular of the endocannabinoid system and the biochemicals. Caryophyllene is known to help people with IBS, depression, anxiety, etc. 

Apart from Caryophyllene, this strain also contains terpene profiles like the Limonene and myrcene. While Limonenelends a citrusy aftertaste to the strain, Myrcene adds a sweet flavor. Both terpenes are known for a myriad of other health benefits like antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, stress relieving, anti-emetic, antihyperalgesic, and anti-diabetic. 

The Bacio Gelato strain has a high CBG content. CBG contains all the positive properties of THC but minus the psychoactive characteristics. Apart from that, CBG is a chemical that can help people with health issues like glaucoma, Huntington’s Disease, and handling Chemo pain. 

Appearance & Aromas

This is a Gelato strain spinoff. Therefore, the strain has a purple hue to it. However, the crisp green and orange pistils add a note of splendor to the strain. The nugs of the strains are packed tightly. Therefore, the strain looks much fuller. 

The strain shares a strong similarity with the ice cream flavor of the same name. Smoking this strain delivers a nutty, chocolaty flavor that will remind you of an ice cream sandwich. This is a highly flavorful strain that needs to be explored more by users. 

The Experience

The Experience

The Bacio Gelato is a hybrid strain. But it shares more characteristics with the Indian side of his family. As an Indica leaning strain, this strain will provide heavy couch locking and sedative qualities. This is a great strain for people who want to enjoy a good quality Indica along with the kick of Sativa

The strain provides a balanced high. The strain provides a great uplifting energy to its users, which then gets subsided with a string body-high. This means the high or the experience can be broken into two distinct stages. 

In the first stage, the strain directly interacts with the mood-altering parts of the brain. Subsequently, the strain interacts with the sleep and fatigue-inducing parts of the brain. Therefore, this is a dynamic strain that provides a dynamic high. 

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Growing Experince

Growing Experince

This is an easy-to-grow strain. Growers do not need to invest a lot of time and energy in order to grow this strain. Under correct conditions, this strain can have a yield of 60 grams per square foot. The strain has a flowering time that ranges from 50 to 60 days. If you want to grow this strain outside, the correct time is from mid to late October. If you are growing inside, you need to remember that the strain grows best in warm and dry climates. 

User Experience:

“If your came here to hear if this is worth it or not. ITS WORTH IT, Instant relief in stress, I take Xanax For anxiety I skipped My dose and this makes me feel better than the meds, you get that stoned indica feeling And only my indica people know wat I’m talking about. POTENT NO MATTER WHAT YOUR SMOKING FLOWER , DABS. I’m smoking out of a cartridge and I am pretty high writing this. So yeah I’m stoned I never write reviews I just read them.”- Willy Boy

“This is my favorite gelato strain. I believe it fully embodies what a good gelato is. The flavor is standard and pungent for the strain category. Nice sense nugs caked in trichs that will show themselves to be incredibly potent. Great smoke. Have not yet tried any concentrates of this strain but plan to once it becomes available for me.”- Barry

 “Extremely dense green nugs are a little hard to break up by hand. Pungent green smell with lemony mint overtones gives a hint at the potency. The taste carries through the exhale and you can tell its a quality bud. Nice body high that leaves you aware enough to do things, and relaxed enough to want to. Strong stuff so it doesn’t take much and give the fact it’s dense and hard to break up I wouldn’t recommend it for joints.” SHANMAN23

End Note

With that, we have reached the very end of our article discussing the best and the finest aspects of the Bacio Gelato Strain. It is an amazing hybrid strain that is setting the whole cannabis world on fire. Keep following us for more such content.

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