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Cannabis & Metabolism: Does Weed Make You Gain Weight?

Cannabis & Metabolism: Does Weed Make You Gain Weight?

does weed make you gain weight

Does weed make you gain weight? Is this what you are looking for? Well, then, this article is the right place for you to be. Let us look at some of the most important aspects and issues related to cannabis and weight. We have tried to come up with our version of the debate in the hopes of making something sensible. 

Marijuana And Weight: Overview

Marijuana And Weight

Ever since I started using cannabis, I have often been subjected to a question, does weed make you gain weight? And I finally have a conclusive answer that can allay such doubts. Back in 2010, a study was conducted by the American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse, and it claimed that cannabis actually helps in losing weight. 

The study picked subjects of varied ages, backgrounds, and races. These subjects were then subjected to experimentation to study the causal relationship between cannabis and body weight. Subjects demonstrated a lower prevalence of obesity and other weight-related problems.

Subsequently, a 2011 study conducted by the American Journal of Epidemiology further confirmed the findings of the first study. The 2011 study concluded that people who used cannabis at least five times a day demonstrated a lowered rate of obesity and similar problems. According to the studies, 22% of the non-users demonstrated problems regarding obesity, while 16.1% of persistent users demonstrated signs of obesity. Therefore, it is evident that cannabis does not further the chances of weight gain. 

Cannabis & Metabolism

Cannabis & metabolism

Cannabis is believed to be one of the most accessible psychoactive substances that is out there. Researchers often believe that cannabis has integral properties to make an individual lose or gain weight. 

Scientists believe that cannabis has potent qualities to boost metabolism. This is because studies show that it has the capability to interact closely with cannabinoid receptor 1. This affects not only food intake but also metabolism. In fact, studies show that cannabis has the power to enhance carbohydrate metabolism. This means it helps break down sugar molecules faster.

Cannabis is also observed to help people who struggle with alcohol consumption. Users who use cannabis persistently tend to consume lower amounts of alcohol. This is primarily because cannabis satiates all their craving for external stimulations. In fact, cannabis helps them to abstain from their habit of drinking. This is why several medical facilities use cannabis to help people deal with addiction. 

Stress is one of the biggest reasons behind obesity and overweight. This is because overeating is one of the biggest methods for coping with stress. If a substance already aids an individual to feel relaxed, then he or she would not need to find other coping mechanisms. 

Weed Enhancing Appetite: Munchies Problem Explained

Weed Enhancing Appetite

Even though research has shown that cannabis does not catalyze weight gain. Howevevr, persistent users have said that smoking cannabis makes them hungry. This is something users will agree on far and wide. In fact, snacking is one of the longest-standing traditions in the cannabis community. 

A recent study across several states of the United States of America showed that sales of junk food went up in legalized states. These foods include chips, cookies, ice creams, etc. Therefore, this is a clear indication that cannabis does increase a person’s appetite. However, we need to remember that correlation is not an indication of causation. Just because the sales went up, it does not indicate that cannabis is the sole driving factor. 

However, if the assumption above is true, then how come people are eating more and still losing weight? This enhances the overall complexity of the situation. Scientists claim that the explanation is a two-part explanation. 

First, cannabis is known to affect the cannabinoid receptor 1 of our endocannabinoid receptor. This regulates the sensation of hunger and appetite. When a person smokes or consumes cannabis, he or she is activating this receptor. As a result, he or she feels hungry. Subsequently, cannabis also affects your overall metabolism and puts it into overdrive. So, whenever you are smoking cannabis, your metabolism is running on overdrive, but your mind is making you feel hungry.

The best way to trick your system is by not giving in to the frivolous wishes of snacking. Otherwise, you will gain weight due to the placebo effect, where your mind convinces your body about something. This can have long-lasting effects on your body. 

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The Catch

Our ‘Cannabis & Metabolism: Does Weed Make You Gain Weight?’ article might convince you that cannabis is a great way to lose weight. But before you go down that road, just consider a few things about the whole discussion.

Even though several studies and research studies were quoted, not a single study was able to provide a conclusive answer. 

While cannabis has some really important and prominent health benefits, it can also be addictive. Over-indulgence can cause great harm to your body.

Smoking is one of the leading causes of pulmonary and cardiac issues. If you keep on smoking, you might face these added issues. 

The Closing

What do you think? Does weed make you gain weight or lose it? We have tried analyzing and answering an age-old question that has been bugging the cannabis world for a good while now. Still, we were not able to provide a conclusive yes or no answer. Let us hope that one day, we might get a chance.

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