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Top 10 Benefits Of Lava Cake Strain In 2021

Top 10 Benefits Of Lava Cake Strain In 2021

Lava Cake Strain

With the genetics of cake, the Lava cake strain comes on the list of most delicious strains. As a result of their delicious taste, cake strains are pretty much appealing. When we are talking about tastes, this lava cake strain also belongs to the sweetest marijuana strains. 

In case you are thinking about the very name, “Lava cake,” the “cake” represents the sweet tastes of this marijuana strain. The resinous glands have the ooey-gooey cannabinoid content. And this is the reason for the “lava” word in its name. 

Lava Cake Strain Content

The crossing of Grape Pie and Thin Mint GSC has been created in this strain. This Indica dominant hybrid strain has 30% of Sativa and 70% of Indica genetics. With an amount of 15%-18% THC, this strain is also a THC potency strain. You also can check the chocolate lava cake near me for more details. 

Top 10 Benefits Of Lava Cake Strain In 2021 

#1 Fragrance

Lava cake weed strain has a pleasant and lite scent of moist and rich vanilla flavored cake. The cakey taste of the molten cake is also stuffed with a hint of nuts and pine. With the first breath of this smell, your mouth will automatically get watery. 

#2 Taste

Your mouth will definitely get wet with the first whiff. With the first consumption, you will feel a taste of mint in your mouth. This is an inherited characteristic that this Lava cake strain has gotten from the Thin Mint GSC or mint cookies strain.

#3 Appearance

In the whole marijuana family, the Lava cake weed strain is the most beautiful one. This highly coveted anthocyanin gives this strain a royal purple hue, just like other weed variants. The strain consists of purple, olive greens, along with burnt orange pistils. The silvery layer offers this strain a clean finish. Just like most other Indicas, the nugs are low-lying and large. Lava cake strain provides high yields, just like ice cream cake strain yield.

#4 Positivity and Relaxation

For positivity and relaxation, Lava cake is one of the best strains. It belongs to the potent Indica family; thus, a moderate intake of lava cake strain offers a gentle couch lock effect. This seductive effect starts with the higher torso and upper limb and spreads in waves towards the toes. You will feel totally stretched out on your limbs, and as time passes, the heaviness will exceed. Eventually, you will feel like you are running out of energy, and you won’t be able to move your limb as well as your body. You will only have the energy to take a nap. Go for this refreshing nap. This is a good wedding cake Leafly.

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#5 Euphoria

The amount of THC that is present in the Lava cake strain is enough to create an energized euphoria. A higher level of increasing pressure, which forces out all the disturbing thoughts along with leaving the user without caring for the rest of the world. In case you are going through a rough time and want mental sanity very badly, Lava cake can really help you in order to relax your mind. 

#6 Social Setting

Lava cake strain is also great for social settings. It is basically a strain that leaves you with giggles and laughter. In order to set the tone for any social events, this is really good. Persons with a social anxiety disorder also get a benefit from this strain. 

#7 Deep Relaxing Strain

For those lazy weekends and evenings when you do not want to do anything, this Lava cake is a profoundly relaxing one. You will have a sort of mental energy, which will let you focus on creative activities that do not require a lot of physical movements. When you feel stressed out and want to take a break, you can try Lava cake strain for wonderful results. 

#8 Depression and Anxiety issues

Lava cake strain has the capability of uplifting your mind and wipes out the negative thoughts from your mind. This will help you to relax and also great for depression and anxiety issues. It is also useful for PTSD and OCD

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#9 Combating Chronic Pain

The THC content present in lava cake strain is also able to combat pains that are really chronic in nature. In order to manage backaches and migraines, this strain works wonders, and people use this as well.

#10 Less Appetite

Lava cake makes munchies. This is really good for those who have less appetite. It has been reported that after the consumption of lava cake strain, people felt an increasing desire for food along with less nausea. The patients who are being given the chemotherapy has developed a poor appetite as one of the side effects of that particular treatment. As per some studies, it is stated that the high-marijuana strains have a capability of increasing the appetite of such patients along with reducing vomiting and nausea. 

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An Extra #11 Ease Chronic Fatigue

This Lava cake strain is also effective for easing chronic fatigues that have built up over the years in muscles. After the consumption of Lava cake, the inflammations in the muscles are also likely to disappear. This will allow you to relax and rejuvenate. 

Other Similar Strains

Here are some other similar strains with some common characteristics, 

  • melonade strain
  • la cake strain
  • grape cake strain

Some Pro Tips

Just like some other high THC strains, the Lava cake strain also creates a cottonmouth effect. It is not something to try at first for the newbies or those who have not tried marijuana before. So, chewing on some ice cubes can be helpful. In order to reduce the cottonmouth effect, hydrating during and before consumption can be beneficial. However, this strain is generally well-tolerated by most of the users. In case you over-do it, it can cause anxiety, panic, and paranoia. Those who can not handle the powerful gush of euphoria often face this. So, it is better to stick with some handleable doses.

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