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Growing Your Mary Jane: Lemon Haze 

Growing Your Mary Jane: Lemon Haze 

lemon haze

Lemon haze is one of the most sought-after strains in the cannabis community. Howevevr, it is a mystery when it comes to growing. But we have decoded the mystery and have brought all the needed information. Here is an article about all the things you need to remember while growing the lemon Haze strain. 

Lemon Haze: Overview

Lemon Haze, or the Super Lemon Haze, is one of the best strains of this generation. This is a hybrid strain that is primarily a sativa-dominant strain. This means the strain shares more lineage with the Sativa genus than the Indica genus. The Sativa-Indica ratio of the strain is around 70:30. Which means 70% Sativa and 30% Indica. And this is why the strain offers some of the best creative highs.

The Super Lemon haze strain is equivalent to a beast. This Sativa-heavy strain packs around 21% THC. While 21% sounds less when you compare it with concentrates or heavy hitters like OGK. It is still potent enough to satiate the cravings of a veteran smoker.  Most of the characteristics of the strain are reminiscent of its parents, Lemon Skunk and Amnesia Haze. 

Advantages Of The Strain

‘Before you start growing, you need to understand the reasons why you should invest in this strain. Here are a few of the advantages that you need to know about.

  • Amazing flavor that is reminiscent of lemons, with hints of earthy undertones and mild spiciness. 
  • This is a Sativa-dominant strain. This means you can easily use this as your go-to strain for the wake-and-bake sessions. 
  • The THC content of the strain can go as high as 25% if grown correctly.
  • With proper care and techniques, this strain can be quite rewarding in terms of yield. 
  • Sativa-dominant strains are famous for their medicinal properties. Staying true to its lineage, the Lemon Haze strain is also medicinal in nature. As a result, it can be very profitable.   

Disadvantages Of The Strain

Even though there are some very potent advantages. It does not mean that the strain is devoid of disadvantages. As a self-respecting cannabis connoisseur, it is my duty to bring the positive as well as the negatives. Here we go:

  • The strain is infamous for its long flowering time. While the general time ranges from 7 to 9 weeks, this strain can take up to 12 weeks. 
  • The strain produces tall plants. So, you need to understand your plant’s requirements and have an optimally sized growing space.  
  • The strain is especially known for its propensity to attract all kinds of pests and diseases. You need to keep a special lookout for such things to keep your plant healthy and lush.

The Growing

The Lemon Haze strain is one of the most sought-after strains of the current generation. It is known for its unique cocktails of aromas, effects and benefits. As a result, the strain has grown very popular for recreational as well as medicinal users. 

Apart from its chemical and psychoactive properties, the strain is also known for its aesthetic appearance. The strain is vibrantly green and has orange hairs or pistils that are generously coated with trichomes. 

In this section, we will look at some of the most important aspects of growing the famous Lemon Haze.  

Environmental Requirements

Growing any strain is all about regulating the environment. It is crucial to provide the correct environment for the strain to flourish. Otherwise, the plant might end up growing as a mutated version that is practically unusable. Here are three things that you need to remember about the growing environment. 

  • The general temperature of your growing installation must be around 21 to 27 degrees Celsius or 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit. Subsequently, the humidity should range between 50 to 60 percent. If the strain is grown in more humid conditions, it will be susceptible to mold growth. And we all know what to do with moldy weed
  • The Lemon Haze strain is known to thrive in sunlight. During the vegetative stage, the strain must receive 18 to 20 hours of direct sunlight. Meanwhile, the flowering stage requires 12 hours of sunlight. 
  • This strain is primarily grown in warm and sunny climates. So, if you reside in a place with a colder climate, you need to employ a greenhouse to grow the strain. Cold climates are not favorable for growing this strain. 

The Set Up

Even though growing this strain is not an easy task to complete, the strain does offer some flexibility. This strain can be grown indoors as well as in outdoor growing set-ups. Therefore, it offers a certain flexibility to growers. 

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If you are growing indoors, you need to ensure that you have a big growing tent that has enough airflow and carbon filters. Use Mylar sheets to maximize light distribution. Indoor growing systems with hydroponic systems are the best-case scenario for growing lemon Haze. 

If you are growing outdoors, you need to select your location carefully. Choose a location that receives enough sunlight and has the perfect soil condition for growing. Always choose well-draining soil to grow your Lemon Haze.  

Flowering Phases

The flowering stage is like the end of the tunnel for all the growers. It is also the time when things can go very bad, very fast. Here are some of the tips for new growers during the Flowering stage:

  • Lighting: Adjust your lighting cycle so that your plant receives 12 hours of sunlight and 12 hours of darkness. 
  • Nutrition: During the vegetative stage, try to use nitrogen-rich formulas. But during the flowering stage, you need to use phosphorus and potassium-rich formulas. 
  • Temperature & Humidity: During the flowering stage, the temperature should ideally be around 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Subsequently, the humility must be around 45% to 55%. 

Closing Note

There you go, this was everything you might need to know about the famous lemon Haze strain. The strain is known to be straight as an arrow while it is being grown. However, this strain is not one of the easiest strains to grow for novice growers. Keep following us for more cannabis-related content.

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