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What Is HEMP – A Complete Beginners Guide Of 2021

What Is HEMP – A Complete Beginners Guide Of 2021


Hello my fellow readers, today we are going to be taking a closer look at the famous plant called hemp. Yes, I know whenever you hear this name, the only thing that comes to your mind is the good old ‘Mary Jane’ that you enjoyed smoking back in your college days. 

Yes, marijuana is indeed a hemp-derived product, but the story of the hemp plant does not just end there. There are a lot of benefits of hemp-derived CBD products. The industry of hemp-derived CBD products is worth a staggering 20 Billion USD. 

Therefore as weed enthusiasts, it is important for us to let our readers know the nitty-gritty of this magical plant. And as you are reading this article, I bet we share some common interests in regards to weed and hemp-derived CBD products.

Lately, the mainstream media has been covering hemp-derived CBD products quite extensively, and that is why CBD products have been gaining people’s attention. So without wasting any further time, let us take a look at what hemp actually is so that you can have a clear idea about hemp-derived CBD products.   

What Is Hemp, And What Are Its Uses?

Hemp is a sister plant of the Cannabis plant, but it is very different from Cannabis in a lot of aspects. For starters, hemp contains only 0.3% of THC. Furthermore, it is legal since the concentration of THC is so low. 

Hemp is used to making CBD products. These CBD products serve as a dietary supplement that is used by many people to lose weight. Hemp-derived CBD products are often prescribed by doctors as it also serves a ton of medical benefits. Medical practitioners have been serious advocates of hemp because of the benefits it provides.

  • Hemp Cures Cancer

Hemp Cures Cancer

Yes!, you read that right hemp-derived product can actually cure Cancer. Research has proved that consuming hemp-derived products slows down the growth of cancerous tumors in your body. Though a lot of research is yet to be made on this issue, research so far has proved that it can help to cure Cancer. 

  • Hemp Is Used As A Sleeping Aid

Hemp-derived products are far more effective than prescribed sleeping pills. First of all, hemp is non-addictive, and secondly, it does not cause any headache the morning after. 

If you are suffering from insomnia and mental stress, you should definitely consider taking hemp-derived CBD pills. They work like magic and are bound to give you the results you are expecting. 

  • Hemp Helps In Coping With Arthritis

Old people who suffer from arthritis are often prescribed hemp-derived CBD products for coping with arthritis pain. I personally know old people who said that smoking hemp-derived CBD joints helped them to cope with their arthritis pain. Since it works as a muscle relaxant, it helps with arthritis pain. 

  • Hemp Helps With Menstrual Cramps

Hemp is proven to be very effective in dealing with menstrual cramps. Women have made it clear that smoking CBD joints and placing CBD oil under the tongue help in dealing with the tremendous pain that menstrual cramps give. 

Gynecologists of famous medical institutes have reported that they prescribe CBD oil for women who deal with menstrual cramps. 

Side Effects Of Using Hemp-Derived Products

Even though hemp products serve a lot of benefits, it also has its fair share of side effects. There is a flip side to the coin as well. 

  • Can Be Addictive

Can Be Addictive

We do not condone the use of hemp-derived products on a daily basis as they can be addictive. Hemp in itself is non-addictive, but the Fact is that consuming hemp makes you feel very good, and you can easily get addicted to that feeling, which is why we do not recommend using hemp on a day-to-day basis. 

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  • Not To Be Taken During Pregnancy

CBD products are not meant to be taken while you are pregnant. As while you are pregnant, a lot of hormonal changes happen in your body. CBD does not perform that well when a woman is pregnant and can cause brain damage to the baby she is carrying. We do not recommend using hemp-derived CBD products during pregnancy.

Precautions While Taking Hemp-Derived CBD Products

There are a lot of things to be aware of while taking CBD Products.

  • Not To Be Consumed By Children

People over the age of 18 can indulge in smoking CBD Products. CBD is strictly meant for adults. The reason why it should not be consumed by children is that the brain of a child is not developed. Hemp can permanently cause brain damage to children.

  • Allergic

Some people are allergic to Cannabis, so people with cannabis allergy should skip hemp-derived CBD products. There are reports that many people ended up in hospitals after taking a dose of hemp-derived CBD oil. 

Their faces were all swollen, and they reported that they felt like they were dying. If you are allergic, you cannot consume CBD products. 

  • Surgery

You should never consume CBD products before or after major surgery. There is a lot of protein in hemp, and it can lower blood pressure which is probably the last thing you would want during surgery. We would recommend you stop taking hemp-derived products at least two weeks prior to surgery.   

Final Thoughts On Hemp

There you go, now you know what hemp is and what are its uses and side effects. I hope that this article helped you to gain some insight in regards to hemp and its uses. We are sure now you will be able to make your judgment, whether to use hemp-derived CBD products or not. 

We at try our best to present hemp-derived products in good light clearly because of the ton of benefits it serves. Governments of most nations have legalized hemp as the content of THC in hemp is less than 0.3%. Soon more countries are going to join the trend.

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