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Marijuana Overdose: Green Out

Marijuana Overdose: Green Out

green out

Understanding cannabis greenout is the first step in preventing it. But what is cannabis green out? In this article, we will answer every question related to this weird yet unique phenomenon. Without further ado, let us dive right in. 

What Is Cannabis Green Out?

What Is Cannabis Green Out

If you have been consuming cannabis as long as I have, I am sure you have experienced some really bad trips. Trips where the world felt like it was crumbling and you were just tearing from the seams. This phenomenon is popularly known as cannabis green out in the marijuana community. It is a result of over-consuming cannabis to the extent that it has started altering the neurological levels of your brain. In simple words, greening out is basically overdosing on cannabis.

Greening out is something that cannot be documented or explained with data as it is a less-studied phenomenon. However, user experience claimed that the greening out can be due to some reasons, which include:

  • Not gauging your tolerance level optimally can trigger greening out. 
  • Exceeding your normal volume by a huge margin.
  • Mixing cannabis with other substances like alcohol or similar can trigger a greening-out episode.
  • Getting too dehydrated while smoking session is one of the biggest reasons that can lead to this.
  • Being sleep-deprived can also result in marijuana overdosing. 

So, green out can be a result of any of the aforementioned reasons. Still, it is something that cannot be anticipated completely. In my experience, three out of five newbie cannabis users have experienced this phenomenon at least once.

Cannabis Green Out Symptoms

Cannabis Green Out Symptoms

Overdosing on cannabis is nothing fatal. It can be handled if you give yourself some time. However, in order to deal with it effectively, you need to first identify the markers of a green-out. This section will help you learn about those markers. But before we proceed with the list of symptoms, I just would like to clarify that each human being would react to greening out differently. So the symptom list should only serve as a guide and not a manual. You or your friend might be experiencing something completely different, so traverse carefully. Here we go!

  • Turning a little pale is the very first sign you need to look out for. This is something that is synonymous with any case of overdosing.
  • Getting lightheaded is another sign that you need to look out for. 
  • Losing mobility or having blurry vision.
  • Trouble hearing or having problems deciphering complex information.
  • Hallucinating or your eyes playing tricks.
  • Heightened unease, anxiety, paranoia, and panic attacks.
  • Low blood sugar. This is a rare scenario and can even lead to fainting.
  • Heart rate shooting up.
  • Feeling nauseous and vomiting incessantly. Generally, this is not that extreme. However, if the vomiting is not stopping, this can be a serious issue. This can lead to extreme loss of fluids, which can further aggravate the whole situation. 

Tips To Handle Green Out

Tips To Handle Green Out

While consuming cannabis via bong, bowl, or joint, you often do not keep track of how much you are consuming. As a result, it is very easy to lose track and end up consuming more cannabis than your overall capacity. This is not a rare phenomenon. Regular users will tell you that it is very common. In fact, handling the situation tactfully can help you greatly. 

Having A Bud Buddy Helps

If you are a newbie, try not to smoke or consume cannabis without a buddy. Make sure that this buddy is fairly experienced in such experiences. You might not need the person at all, but it is always good to have friends with you. 

Safe Space To Space Out

I only offer this piece of advice to people who are trying concentrates or edibles for the first time. I personally prefer trying out new things in the comfort of my home. This is because it gives me the space to enjoy the trip without worrying about getting home. Familiar faces and familiar faces can make a great amount of difference. 

It Shall Pass

Greening out or having a bad trip is nothing permanent. I still remember my very first bad trip. I was feeling this is how I die. My heart rate shot up, and I was having tunnel vision. But the feeling slowly passed since I was in my own house and was surrounded by my cousins. It helped me realize that this was a temporary state, and I dealt with it accordingly. 

Hydration Is The Key

Dehydration is one of the major causes of cannabis green out. So, whenever you feel like it is too much to handle, just drink some water. Trust me, this will greatly help you in dealing with the situation. I personally prefer drinking juice if I am tripping too much. It helps me in dealing with the low blood sugar caused by the trip. 

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Lying Down 

Lying down is a double-edged sword. On one hand, your body will be craving for some downtime. On the other, you will experience extreme discomfort when you lie down. This is because your homeostasis is all messed up. Try lying down in stages. Sit for a while, and fix your body’s homeostasis. Only after that go on to lie down. Take it slow, and do not rush the process. 

Keep Yourself Distracted

If you ask me, bud buddies are quite important. While going through a case of a bad trip, I often crave company. I will suggest that you do the same. Try not to watch something or listen to music. Instead, laugh it out with your friends. Keep yourself engaged in group activities. It will help you greatly. 

The End

In summation, green out is nothing but overdosing on cannabis. This is a phenomenon that is so common that four out of five cannabis connoisseurs have experienced it. However, it is not fatal by any chance and is rather a temporary state that can be cured with some simple remedies

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