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SCROG: Complete Guide For Growers 

SCROG: Complete Guide For Growers 


What is SCROG? How to use SCROG? If these are some of the things that you know about SCROG, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will deal with some of the seminal points of SCROG so that you can make a decision yourself.  

What Is Screen Of Green (SCROG)? 

What Is Screen Of Green (SCROG)

Cannabis plants are vertical growing plants primarily. This means an unchecked cannabis plant will grow vertically instead of horizontally. In fact, a cannabis plant actually grows like a Christmas tree. Narrow at the top while wide at the bottom.  

The Screen of Green or SCROG disrupts this natural growing pattern and changes it to the grower’s needs. SCROG is one of the many training techniques that change the natural structural integrity of a cannabis plant by using a screen as a trellis. 

Growers primarily use SCROG to raise the lower branches in a way that the plant creates a canopy. This helps the plant receive an even amount of light and other nutrients during the vegetative and flowering stages, which enhances the overall yield. 

But what are the key points that you need to remember as a grower while employing SCROG? Well, this article will educate you on that front.  

When To Use SCROG? 

When To Use SCROG

SCROG has some clear advantages over other training techniques. Still, there are certain signs that you need to look out for in order to know when and how to use SCROG. Identifying these signs might not be the easiest thing for newbie growers to do.  

Hence, In this section, we will look at signs that will help you identify some of the signs that you need to know in order to start with your SCROG journey. These signs are not arranged in any ranking so you can start with it in any order.  


One of the first signs that you need to look out for is the size of your plant and the growing space. If you have a small growing space, then you do not want a towering cannabis plant that exceeds the optimal height. This will not only affect the space of the growing tent but will also hamper optimal growth. Only the buds near the lights will develop fully.  

In such cases, using the Screen of Green method will enable you to use the space more effectively. The method will help you to even out your canopy and help buds get optimal amounts of light. 


Indoor growers often try to maximize their yields by potting several plants in a single cramped space. This can result in several complications, like poor light penetration and mold buildup. As somebody who tried growing his own cannabis, I can vouch that these two factors are very detrimental to cannabis growth.  

Hence, SCROG can be highly helpful in such situations. SCROG evens out the canopy in a way that de-clutters the growing space. This can greatly help growers to deal with mold and poor lighting. Subsequently, it will also keep the buds healthy and fresh.  


Another sign or reason behind using SCROG is to maximize the yield. SCROG, amongst other training techniques, is one of the most heavy-yielding growing techniques. Cannabis grows fine without any sort of interference. However, it is good to add some pizzazz to the whole mix in order to enhance the yield. 

As per veteran growers, SCROG can yield 30% more cannabis than the vanilla growing method. Howevevr, SCROG is a tough technique to master. So, do not experiment right away, especially if you are absolutely new to the cannabis-growing game. I suggest that you try to take some guidance before you embark on the journey.  

Things You Need For SCROG-ing 

Things You Need For SCROG

With the basics out of the way, I guess it is time that we start preparing ourselves for the SCROG growing technique. And the very first thing to do is to curate a list of things that you might need in order to master the art of SCROG-ing.  

In this section, we will look at some of the most important materials that one might need in order to start one’s journey of SCROG. Here we go: 

  • Seeds of the cannabis strain that you want to grow.  
  • 11-litre pots. 
  • Garden ties and strings 
  • A latticework screen with 10 cm spacing between the lattices. You can buy ready-made or use bamboo sticks.  

Step-By-Step Approach To SCROG

Step-By-Step Approach To SCROG

SCROG might be the best growing technique. However, it is certainly not the easiest thing to master. Hence, here is a step-by-step breakdown of growing your open cannabis via SCROG.  

Before we can embark on this journey, just know that growing cannabis is not the easiest thing that you will do. A good yield depends on several factors, so make sure that you tick off all the boxes in order to have a healthy yield.  

Without further ado, let us dive right in.  


The very first step is about setting up your grow tent. There are certain parameters that you need to understand. First things first, try to position your light at an angle so that the blooms remain at the very center.  

Next, you need to prepare your grow tent and the screen according to the requirements of the bud. Some grow tents come with ready-made SCROG screens. If you are new to SCROG-ing, I suggest that you use this. Otherwise, you can use bamboo sticks to make SCROG screens.  

If you are using a ready-made SCROG screen, just make sure that the spacing is compact. Excessively big SCROG screens are ineffective and can lead to detrimental effects. Most of the veteran growers I have talked to prefer a 5cm x 5cm screen for SCROG-ing.  


A veteran SCROG-er will always try to adapt to different growth stages. Hence, as a grower, you always need to understand the gaps in the growing process in order to maximize your yield and give your crop breathing space.  

As a SCROG grower, you should always aim for a 75% filling up of your screen. The rest of the 25% should be kept open in order to give your plant space. Some Sativa plants can increase in size up to 50% to 75%. Hence, adjusting your setup to accommodate this growth spurt is the next thing that you need to remember.  


The next step is to know when to tuck your plant. As a SCROG grower, you should have a clear idea of the stages in the cannabis growing process that need some extra bit of care and tucking. 

Several veterans have suggested that using ties is more effective than pruning. This process is called training the plant and is very useful for SCROG growers. As plants grow increasingly larger in size, it is seminal that you start tucking the plant effectively under the screen. Every day, dedicate half an hour to tucking your plant effectively. This will not only ensure healthy growth but also give your plant a proper shape.   


Every grower I have talked to fundamentally hates pruning their cannabis plants. However, each and every one of them has acknowledged that pruning is a seminal part of growing. It is seminal in making way for the light to reach the base of the plant. So, do take the tough call and prune your plant from time to time in order to ensure proper growth.  

Understanding when to trim is one of the most challenging things for new SCROG growers. I prefer trimming only when it is needed. I personally prefer tucking. However, in some cases, pruning or trimming is inevitable. If a leaf is obscuring a large amount of light, then it has to go. This is the general rule of thumb that I follow.  

Another inevitable stage that you will face is running out of the room. This is why I have suggested keeping extra room beforehand. Still, if you run out of room, all you can do is adjust the light or flatten the canopy in order to accommodate more growth. This is something that cannot be taught. As you continue your journey growing, you will eventually figure this factor out for yourself.  


The final stage of SCROG growing is the flowering and harvesting stage. In usual cases, the plant will stop stretching one or two weeks before flowering. During this stage, try not to interfere with the natural process. Instead, let the plant flower and reach the end of the growing stage.  

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Useful Tips To Maximise Yield 

Growing your cannabis using SCROG is one of the most challenging yet satisfying things to do for growers. If you are a veteran grower, I am sure that you might be familiar with some of the things that we will talk about. So, here are some useful tips for new growers that you need to know in order to maximize your yield. 

  • Upgrading From LED lights to HPS is a great move. It can increase your yield by 25% to 30%.  
  • Do not be over-generous or stingy in your nutrient management. Try not to overfeed or vice-versa for ‘better’ yield. Even if you are attempting to force the flowering stage, be careful with your move.  
  • I would suggest that you go for fabric root pouches or air pots. These offer better circulation and oxygenation to your cannabis plants and enhance the quality of your yield.  

Best Suited Strains For SCROG 

Best Suited Strains For SCROG

SCROG is an amazing way to grow your cannabis. It ensures effective growth and heavy yield. However, it is not suited for all the strains out there. This primarily depends upon the overall structural integrity and the quality of the plant.  

So, in order to set you on the right path, here is a detailed rundown of some of the best strains that are suited for the SCROG growing method.  


Desfran or the Destroyer strain, is one of the top-shelf strains that is perfectly suited for SCROG. The slender and flexible branches of the strain allow it to be a perfect candidate for stretching and bending.  

Desfran is a heavy-yielding strain that can only be grown using the SCROG technique of growing. Otherwise, it is known to take over the grow spaces with its big and bushy structure. In fact, growers have unanimously agreed that the strain is best suited for the SCROG method of growing.  

Desfran is a Sativa-dominant strain that boasts a moderate level of THC that ranges from around 20% to 25% THC. The usual bloom time of this strain is around 9 to 10 weeks.  

Outlaw Amnesia 

The next strain that is perfect for the SCROG method of growing is none other than Outlaw Amnesia. This is a great strain from the HAZE family that is known for its smooth high, and amazing yield.  

The branches of this strain are stretchy and wiry. As a result, bending becomes easier and less challenging. Also, the strain grows with amazing vigor, so expect a heavy yield and full canopy by the end of the flowering stage.  

The Outlaw Amnesia is a sativa-dominant strain with 20% THC. The blooming time of this strain ranges from around 10 to 12 weeks.  

Power Plant 

The final strain that I would like to highlight is the legendary South African strain known as the Power Plant. As per several online forums, this strain is one of the most sought-after strains of all time for SCROG growers.  

The structural integrity of the strain is perfect for SCROS and other cannabis training programs like SOG, etc. The wiry and malleable branches make it easy for growers to handle it while SCROG-ing.  However, the strain is prone to mold buildup. So make sure that your buds are well-ventilated and receive an equal amount of light. 

The Power Plant strain is another Sativa-dominant strain with a moderate THC level that ranges from 18% to 20%. The usual grow time for this strain ranges around 8 to 10 weeks.  


With that, we have reached the end of our article about the Screen of Green or SCROG method of growing. A revolutionary method that uses intelligent ways to maximize yield by building a canopy and ensuring proper light dissemination. Keep following our page for more cannabis-related content.

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