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Top 7 Best Sativa Strains: Sativa Weed Strains For Creativity And Energy

Top 7 Best Sativa Strains: Sativa Weed Strains For Creativity And Energy

Sativa Strains

After the all-day work, most of the people feel less energetic and less creative. If you want to revitalize yourself with Sativa strains, use the best one to meet your requirements. You can use the best Sativa strains that can help you meet your requirements as per the needs of the situation.   

There are several benefits of using the Sativa Weed Strains for maintaining the strains, creativity, and energy. People think that the indicas have some relaxing effects on your body. It can make you feel stress-free and cheerful all the time. Here the selection of Sativa strains plays a vital role. 

Best Sativa Strains That Can Help You To Maintain Your Energy & Creativity   

Several Sativa strains can help you maintain your body’s energy and creativity to a great extent. Let’s explore facts that can help you maintain your body’s energy and creativity to a great time. 

1. Green Crack   

Green Crack



These Sativa strains are there for ages, and for a long time, it has been used by its users. In most cases, it is developed underground. It may be the product of the Afghani landrace. The strains that were bred with shrunk -1. There is no saying for sure.   

It is one of the most popular sativas in the world so far. It can help you to achieve your self-satisfaction. One of the oldest strains that still exist and one of the most popular globally. It has a flavor profile that includes tropical fruits and oranges.  

2. Durban Poison 

Durban Poison

The genetic roots are strained back in South Africa. The best thing about the German poison is it is a heavy hitter. A puff of two will make you feel that you are ready for the day. It is also one of the best Sativa strains that can make you feel relaxed and energetic.   

Some people have heard about this Sativa strain, and the Durban poison is one of the best that you can have with you all the time. If you want to feel uplifted and creative, it is probably the best thing to do with Sativa. 

3. Super Silver Haze 

Super Silver Haze

It is one of the most well-known strains for daytime people who have a little bit of trouble getting up and moving. It is also one of the best Sativa strains that you can use in your body while you use it. 

It’s used for the energy rush. It means that you need to plan things for the energy rush, and you may start to feel restless while you consume it. It has the potential to wake and bake strains. Also, it provides a pleasant flavor profile for Earthly Citrus. 

4. Sour Diseal   

Sour Diseal

It is one of the best Sativa strains in the world that you must use, and hard to see why. An accidental cross between the super shrunk and Chemdawg 91. It is one of the best ways to make people feel more comfortable and relaxed all the time.   

The strain that is there feels, and it will smell like gas. It will help you to achieve things that will help you to get the things done correctly. The dosage of this Sativa Strain must be appropriately taken; otherwise, it can numb down your senses. 

5. Tangie 


It is a mix of hybrid skunks that comprises hybrid orange and California orange or Tangerine dream. Also quite hard for Sativa Strains to create some nervous disorder if you do not consume it in the right amount. 

It is known to be loaded with terpenes that comprise the citrus smell as well as taste. Only a small amount of it can make you feel alert and awake, but if you consume it in a more significant amount, you can feel like a haze.  

6. Strawberry C0ugh 

Strawberry C0ugh 

From the sweet smell of berries, it has become famous. You can consider it a good option for those who like the fruity cannabis strain with Sativa effects. It comprises strawberry fields and haze.   

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For people who like the smoke before the creative pursuits, strawberry cough is best for them. It will revitalize your energy to get the work done on time with high effectiveness. It will help you to achieve your goals for staying fit and active. Also, it will help you get things done in proper order at the right time. The strawberry cough is among the best choices for many people and smokers all over the world. It will help you get the things done in proper order at the right time. Here you need to plan things accordingly as per the situation’s needs to make the best of it. 

7. Blue Dream     

Blue Dream

The blue dream is another one of the best strains that can help you to stay active and energetic all the time. It is made from a combination of blueberries. It comprises some of the sweet berry notes that make it one of the famous cannabis.   

The consumers of this strain often are of the opinion that it soothes their body and mind. Despite that, they will stay active and alert all day. It will help your body to remain relaxed and energetic once they consume cannabis. It is one of the best Sativa strains that can help you stay fit and active all day long. 

Some Honorable Mentions

Even though the list of top sativa strains is mostly complete and has some really good additions. I still believe that we must talk about two more strains that were part of the discussion but did not make it to the list. And this is not because those strains are sub-par, but because they did not score as highly as the seven strains mentioned. Still, these strains are easily some of the best strains out there. So here we go!

Jack Herrer

The first and most prominent honorable mention strain that we bring you is the iconic Jack Herer. Users claim that this strain is one of the best Sativa dominant strains that beautifully brings together the characteristics of Haze, Shiva Skunk and Northern Light #5. If you do not want your cannabis to smell skunky then this is the strain you must gravitate towards. Even though one of its parent strains is Shiva Skunk, it is still one of the most pleasant cannabis strains that you will come across. The overall THC content of this strain ranges around 23%, which is unusually high. A fun fact about this strain is that this strain is actually named after a famed cannabis activist named Jack Herrer. Herrer is one of the most prominent figures in the history of cannabis consumption and legalization. His book The Emperor Wears No Clothes has laid the groundwork for the ongoing modern cannabis legalization struggle. 

Purple Haze

Another great Sativa strain with 70% sativa content. The strain is one of the most iconic strains when you talk about aesthetics and Sativa high. The purple hues of the strain have really given it a cult classic status amongst cannabis enthusiasts. A cross between the Haze strains and Purple Thai, this strain has purple-colored buds and a THC content bordering at 20%. The primary effects that this strain include a potent cerebral high along with a great burst of creativity. Another important aspect of this strain is that it is one of the easiest strains to grow at your convenience. The strain has a flexible growing pattern that can grow indoors as well as outdoors. 


Hence, if you plan to get the best Sativa strains, then the above options will be the best. It can help you to stay active and fresh all the time once you consume it. But you need to be careful while you are using these Sativa Strains for yourself. Consider the dosage limits as they can impact your body in the long run. You must follow the safety norms before you use these strains.   

You must consider some of the crucial facts that can help you achieve your goals in the best possible ways. The more you can think cautiously in this regard, the better results you can derive for your mode of relaxation and rejuvenation.

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