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Gushers Strain Review – Everything You Need To Know

Gushers Strain Review – Everything You Need To Know

Gushers Strain

It is possible that you didn’t know that the Gushers Strain has been ruling hearts for some time now. Named after a popular candy, the strain is known for its fruity, citrusy taste and aroma. Plus, the potent high of the strain works pretty fast, ending up helping anyone suffering from chronic pain, stress, and low moods. 

Don’t you think stoners are spoilt with options these days? Just some years ago, all that you could find were those brick weed strains, low in THC. And there wasn’t much hype about flavors – it was more about smoking what was available and asking hardly any questions. But things have changed. 

These days, there are so many flavors that are available, and that too with a popular fruity taste – the Gusher’s strain is one such strain. So, today, let’s talk Gushers! Keep reading to find out more. 

So, What Is the Gushers Strain?

Also known as the Fruit or White Gushers Strain, this strain is a hybrid that’s evenly balanced, created from the Cookie Fam Genetics. The strain is named after the popular Gushers candy, and the best part? When you end up sampling the fruity flavors of the strain, you will agree on the name! 

What Is the Gushers Strain?

While the strain’s flavors are ideal for blazing your taste buds, the effects are quite different. Its high THC percentage guarantees a type of potent intoxication that novices must treat carefully. In fact, you can always expect such effects to hit home fast – so it’s best you are prepared!

While the Gushers strain is an evenly-balanced hybrid, its effects lead towards Indica. You will not just feel euphoric and uplifted, but you will also experience a cerebral high initially – this will give way to complete body relaxation. Yes, it might not lead to a couch lock, but it will definitely make you sit down and chill out. 

And then there are users who have claimed that the strain made them feel aroused. 

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Gushers Aroma, Flavor, And Appearance

Any marijuana strain’s taste and smell always depend upon its terpene content. Regardless, the Gusher weed has limonene as its dominant terpene, which makes users notice the citrusy taste and smell. 

Gushers Aroma, Flavor, And Appearance


The Gushers Strain is a hybrid cross between Triangle Kush and Gelato #41. While several users say that the strain is slightly Indica-dominant, it happens to be a well-balanced (50/50) hybrid, as you will find out. 

THC Content – Highest Test

There’s a significant difference in the whole THC range in the case of testing the Gushers strain. While we have often heard that the strain has somewhere between 15 to 25% of THC, we later found out that the THC percentage is mostly on the higher side at an average of 23%. So naturally, it’s obvious the strain is quite potent – so it’s best to use the same with caution. 

CBD Content – Highest Test

There’s a minimal CBD percentage in the Gushers strain, with a percentage significantly lesser than 1%. But if you are lucky with the strain, you will be able to obtain a CBD percentage close to 1%. 


The Gushers weed strain has a distinctive lemony aroma, one that appears to be instantly appealing. However, you might also be able to taste different undertones of cookies, diesel, herbs, and sour tropical fruit, once you light the joint up.


Just like the aroma, the flavor of this strain will not overwhelm your taste palette. It doesn’t matter whether you are smoking purple gushers weed strain or some other strain, this strain is known for its subtle flavors. You can also taste a hint of tropical fruits and creamy cookies, accompanied by a lemon taste – and that’s not all. 

You will also be able to taste spicy elements and herbal undertones. 


The strain is characterized by bright, green-colored leaves and olive green-colored nugs. Also, there’s an abundance of crystal trichomes and amber hair. And there’s no need to mention that a high trichome percentage indicates that the strain is high in THC. At the same time, remember that the appearance might vary depending on what variety you are smoking!

The grape gushers strain, for instance, will vary appearance-wise from the biscotti gushers strain.

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Growing The Gushers Strain: Growth Info

It is quite difficult to obtain any variety of the Gushers strain seeds, and it’s not even easy to grow the strain. That doesn’t mean you grow some platinum gushers strain or whatever variety works for you at home. You just need to be consistent with the amount of time and effort you are giving to maintenance.

Growing The Gushers Strain

Coming back to the strain, you can easily grow the Gushers strain both outdoors and indoors. But in case you reside in a relatively warm area with a humid climate, it’s best to cultivate the strain outdoors. Unlike most strains, Gusher usually provides a relatively small yield. When these are grown outdoors, you have to harvest the same by October end. 

However, most growers like growing these strains indoors. In that case, you have to make sure that the humidity inside the room is anywhere between 55 to 65% in the beginning. Then with time, you will have to reduce the percentage of humidity gradually once your crop is in the flowering stage. 

No matter what variety you are growing- purple or pink gushers strain- the flowering period will last anytime between nine to eleven weeks! And you can easily obtain a solid yield of six ounces for every square meter used. 

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Medical Benefits Of Gushers Strain:

The Gushers strain is a highly potent strain that can reduce the effects of chronic pain. Therefore, you can consider using the strain if you suffer from any conditions, such as Fibromyalgia or Arthritis, known for causing extreme pain.

Medical Benefits Of Gushers Strain

Since the strain has a relaxing high, you will find out that the strain can calm you down, helping you to unwind after a stressful day. In addition, individuals who have stressful jobs will find the strain’s ability to relax them both physically and mentally. 

Many users even suggest that it was an uplifting high. This means that MMJ patients suffering from depression can definitely use Gushers strain for eliminating negative thoughts.

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Is It Worth It?

The strain is definitely worth it if you are somebody who is looking for a strain that will remind you of gushers candy as a kid. The sweet undertones of the Gushers strain will make you hark back to the old days of childhood when candies were the currency and life. 

Apart from the nostalgic factor that dominates the flavor profile of the strain, this strain is also a great analgesic strain that can help you deal with most chronic pain. So, arthritis or any similar conditions can be helped using this strain. Some people also claim that this strain is an amazing mood-altering substance that is perfect for helping people with mood-altering ailments like anxiety, depression, etc. So if you are somebody who is going through such things, then you can definitely find this strain amazingly helpful for you. 

Best Time For Consuming The Strain

Well, this is something that does not have a real and proper answer to the question. However, I believe that the perfect time for consuming the strain is during the early evening or morning of a weekend. But The strain is quite unpredictable in general. Therefore, if you are consuming medically, do so according to the prescribed dosage. Otherwise, the experience can become a little too overwhelming. Even though the limonene in the strain really makes it more sativa-like. But the strain needs to be particularly consumed in moderation for better effect.

And It’s A Wrap!

Similar to the candy, the Gushers strain is known for its mouthwatering fruity taste and subtle lemony aroma. This potent strain has been used by several MMJ patients in order to reduce the effects of regular chronic pain. And that’s not all. In case you want to combat stress or low moods, then this strain is the perfect one. 

Growing the gusher’s strain needs lots of effects, but ultimately, it’s a journey! However, if you embark on it and complete the same successfully, you will be able to obtain huge amounts of top-shelf marijuana buds, which you can sample anytime. So share your thoughts and experiences of this strain with us in the comments below.

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