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Guide For Cannabis Enthusiasts: Smoke A Bowl

Guide For Cannabis Enthusiasts: Smoke A Bowl

smoke a bowl

Understanding how to smoke a bowl is not rocket science. However, if it was, we are the astronauts, so you are in good company. This article is not about anything technical but something simple and basic. So stick around to know everything there is to know about bowl, cannabis, and liftoff. 

Overview Of Paraphernalia

Cannabis is one of the most versatile substances that you can consume. You can smoke it in a bong, in a joint, make it up into edibles, turn it into concentrates, etc. Cannabis is one of the oldest psychoactive substances that is out there. Therefore, it is understandable why there are a myriad of ways to consume the substance, where each one differs from the other. 

Today, we will be looking at and learning how to navigate our way through a smoke session using a bowl. Typically, bowls are the most common form of consuming cannabis. The versatility that bowls bring to the table is truly unparalleled. They are perfect for beginners as well as seasoned cannabis enthusiasts. 

I agree that Bowls do not have the sophistication of today’s fancy cannabis gizmos, but they are amazing and consistent. When it comes to cannabis vapes, you have to worry about a number of things that can go wrong. But when it comes to bowls, they are simple, easy to use, and perfect to get bonked in an old-school way. 

Step-By-Step Guide To Smoke A Bowl

Even though smoking a bowl is not rocket science, it can still help you land on the moon. In this section, we will take you through a step-by-step guide that will help you understand the nuances of smoking a bowl and doing it right. The guide needs to be followed exactly as it is discussed. Skipping any step will result in a sub-par smoking experience. On that note, let us learn how to smoke out of a bowl like a pro.

Cleaning The Bowl

Cleaning the bowl is the first thing you should do. This is not related to smoking or getting high but is a general practice that everyone needs to follow. Consuming cannabis is all about experience. You are already defeating the purpose if you are consuming cannabis out of an unusable bowl. 

If the bowl you are about to use is a new bowl, you can skip this process.  But if it is an already used bowl, you might want to clean that baby up nicely. If you want to be all fancy, you can choose to buy a sophisticated cleaning solution. But if you want to go the old-school way, you can choose to rinse the bowl properly using warm or lukewarm water. I personally prefer letting the bowl rest in lukewarm water and then rinsing it using tap water. 

Grind It Up!

Okay, this is a step that is synonymous with all forms of cannabis consumption. No matter how preem your strain is, you need to make an effort to grind it up. Technically, the first and the second steps can be done simultaneously. 

As lukewarm water does its job of cleaning the bowl, you can start grinding up your strain. Many people prefer using a grinder, but I will suggest that you use your hands. Break the buds off from the stalks and then separate them. Once you are done separating the buds from the stalks, remove the seeds. I prefer the gravity method to do the seeding, it is fast and efficient. It will enable you to remove the bulk of the seeds at one go. 

Once you are done seeding and removing the stalks, you are ready to mix it up. I personally prefer adding a tinge of grounded tobacco leaves to my cannabis mixture to jazz things up. You can do that and try to pack a bowl of raw cannabis. 

Pack It Up!

Take a pinch of the mixture and place it loosely in the bowl. If you think that you have enough cannabis to blast off. Subsequently,  use your thumb or index finger to pack it in tighter. But do not pack the bowl too tight. This will stop the air from flowing, and you will not be able to light up the bowl properly. 

Light It Up!

This is where the magic happens. When you are smoking a bowl, you need to do it with finesse. Otherwise, the smoke can really hit your throat like a bus. If you are a newbie, you need to light the bowl in stages. 

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Start skow and try making a circle with your flame. The flame of your lighter must light up the bowl in concentric circles. This will ensure even burning of the cannabis along with an amazing, fuller hit. Jet flame lighters are best for smoking bowls, in my opinion. They add precision that other heating sources lack.

As for taking a hit, you need to be patient there as well. Do not rush the process. Do not take a huge hit. Keep things mild and slowly take the hit. If you take a rapid hit, you will end up coughing your lungs out. Slow and steady hits will enable you to relish the flavors and terpene profiles of the strain. Hold in the smoke for a good five seconds once you are done inhaling it. And then release it via your nose. Ash the bowl and then repeat. 

If you follow this method for one or two rounds, you are sure to get bonked enough to smell colors, my friend. However, do not go overboard if you are a newbie. Cannabis overdose might not be fatal enough to kill you but it will certainly be one of the worst trips of your life. So go slow.

End Note!

There you go, my friend, this was the information you will need to smoke a bowl like a pro. However, as I have already suggested, do not go overboard with cannabis usage. It can not be fatal in any way, but if you have conditions like anxiety, PTSD, etc, it might throw you into an all-out panic mode. Take it from somebody who knows it personally.

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