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Marshmallow Strain: A Detailed Review Of This Super Popular Cannabis Strain!

Marshmallow Strain: A Detailed Review Of This Super Popular Cannabis Strain!

Marshmallow Strain

The Marshmallow strain is a hybrid marijuana strain made from a genetic cross between Jet Fuel Gelato, Triangle OG, and Chemdog. Marshmallow OG has 20% THC, making this particular strain a perfect choice for most cannabis users. Consumers on Leafly have even mentioned how the effects of the strain include happiness, hunger, and relaxation. 

Medical marijuana consumers typically select the strain while dealing with symptoms related to depression, stress, and anxiety. Bred by the well-reputed Compound Genetics, the strain features flavors such as pepper, vanilla, and butter. The strain’s dominant terpene is called Limonene, while the average price of the strain ranges typically between $35 to $45. 

While you might be seeking a chocolate marshmallow strain or other unique flavors, unfortunately, we have only heard about (and obviously consumed) three flavors. These are as follows,

  • Butter,
  • Vanilla, and
  • Pepper. 

Marshmallow Strain Details:

Marshmallow Strain Details

The marshmallow strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain that was created by crossing an unknown strain with the classic OG Kush X. Although the strain’s second parent is not known due to breeder secrecy, the Marshmallow strain is known to be the Bubble Gum family’s descendent because of its mellow indica effects and sickly sweet sugary flavor.

As the strain’s name suggests, Marshmallow comes with a sweet, candy flavor accompanied by a touch of fruitness and nutty honey tones. The aroma is sweet with a subtly pungent rotting overtone that can be very overwhelming at times on exhaling. 

The high does hit the balanced hybrid sweet spot accompanied by Indica-heavy effects that are usually complemented by a nice, cerebral high. First, it hit in the forehead and then behind the eyes with an uplifted sense of euphoria, leaving you happy and hazy and sometimes a little out of it. 

Once the high starts to build, it will spread throughout your entire body in warming waves – leaving you with a sort of tingly feeling from your head to toes, numbing away any pains or aches. This will actually lull you into a complete state of relaxation, pulling you down gradually into a hungry yet sleepy state, almost always ending in a nice nap. 

Because of these particular effects, as well as its moderate 14% average THC levels, the Marshmallow strain is perfect for treating insomnia, chronic pain, muscle spasms, and even nausea. This bud has dense and fluffy popcorn-shaped olive green nugs, accompanied by a white frosty coating of milky-crystal trichomes and rich purple undertones. 

Marshmallow OG Strain Experience:

Marshmallow OG Strain Experience

Most notably, pinene is a terpene prominently known for increasing attention as well as alertness, playing a vital role in both learning and memory. Slowing the breakdown of acetylcholine, pinene actually mitigates the side effects of THC, like short-term memory loss. 

Thus, cannabis strains that are high in pinene are relatively less likely to lead to short-term memory loss. 

With the existence of the Triangle Kush strain, the potential euphoria might be relaxing and calming to an extent. The rise in popularity of the Marshmallow OG strain might be because of its clear, cerebral euphoria. Most importantly, this strain might offer a consistent feeling – plus, it’s a true Indica-hybrid strain. 

It is easy to see why the strain is becoming popular as a go-to nighttime strain that might offer a sense of clarity and comfort. It is a well-turned strain in terms of providing relaxed comfort and mental clarity. 

Growing Info

The Marshmallow OG Strain is an amazing strain with quite high THC level. The THC content osscilates between 25 to 27.9%, which can be quite high for somebody who is not used to the ways of cannabis. Still, the strain offers a balanced high that will you feel relaxed  and calm, but will keep you mind alert. This is why, thus strain is one of the most sought after strain that you can find or look for. So, it is no wonder why the strain faces some availability issues. So, I prefer to grow it myself. And just to help out a fellow pothead, this section will look at the best and most prominent aspect of growing the Marshmallow OG strain. 

As somebody who has some experience with the Marshmallow OG strain, I think the strain can be best grown in an indoor environment. In that way, you as a grower will have more control over the growth cycle. This is a strain that needs very controlled environment to grow. Try considering  getting a hydroponic weed cultivation system as it will help you grow any strain in a much more controlled manner. 

The strain takes around 9 to 12 weeks to grow into maturity. Once the strain matures, the yield you are looking is somewhere around 2 to 5 ounces when grown outside and 2 to 3 ounces while grown indoors. But in a indoor cultivation system, the chances of failure gets minimised. Therefore, going about that way is better than outdoor cultivation.

What Are People On the Internet Saying About The Marshmallow Strain?

What Are People On

If you have already begun searching for the black marshmallow strain, white marshmallow strain, or some other form of the strain, then stop right now! First, let’s check out what people on the internet are saying about the very popular marshmallow strain!

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Review By MotaLocote:

OMG, this bud is mouthwateringly delicious! It tastes exactly like campfire-toasted marshmallows; if the strain could be higher in THC, I give credit where credit is due; I got this at Sandia Botanicals. My absolute favorite, delicious dessert strain!!!! Mmmmm!!!!! My dream is to smoke it with some solvent-free diamond sauce; oooh, weeee!!!!

Review By TW:

I went in skeptical because it was a BOGO promo special, but the price was worth the risk. Glad I did it. The lineage of this strain says Chemdog-D x Triangle Kush x Jet Fuel 23% THC. It is a time creeper that hangs out in the forehead before it oozes into the rest of the body for the perfect stoned feeling.

Review By Kennykusch:

I usually stick with sativa leaning but picked this up on the store person’s recommendation (Reef in NV) It is definitely on the Stoney side of the scale, but only slightly. was pleasantly spacey after 2-3 hits and ready to snuggle into bed after a bowl + half. definitely some body feeling. Calming.

Review By Bigchainsaw:

One of the most incredible strains in MY 45 years of smoking cannabis to date.Not for newbies, but a must-try for the rest of us! Out of 6 different quality strains, THIS one stood out. It’s highly recommended. Good stuff, first hit and can immediately feel it behind the eyes, the rest, well, we’ll say it for you to determine 😁

The Alternatives Of Marshmallow Strain:

So, you enjoy consuming the Marshmallow Runtz strain, and sometimes you are more into the Marshmallow OG strain. Just like the Federal Laws about marijuana legalization, our preferences are also subject to change – this is precisely why we have the best alternatives for this strain. 

And It’s A Wrap!

The marshmallow strain is a lovely strain, and we have always liked the impact of this strain. But if you are new to marijuana consumption, then it’s better to wait around a little and try out some relatively mild strains before you go for the big guns. But if you have already tasted the delicious sweetness of the marshmallow strain, feel free to tell us about your experience. 

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