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Beginner’s Guide To All Things Cannabis: How To Smoke Wax

Beginner’s Guide To All Things Cannabis: How To Smoke Wax

How To Smoke Wax

Understanding wax is a different thing, and knowing how to smoke wax is a different thing. This article will deal with the latter so that you do not have to make the mistakes we all did while consuming cannabis extracts for the first time. Keep on reading. 

Overview Of Cannabis Concentrates

If you have been following us for a while, you must have gone through our articles about live resin, a comparison between resin vs rosin, etc. All of these products make up the roster of cannabis concentrates. Cannabis concentrates are concentrated substances that are sourced from raw cannabis plants. These concentrates are very high in potency and are perfect for season cannabis aficionados. 

Depending upon the texture and the method of manufacturing, cannabis concentrates come in several forms. Some of the most popular cannabis extracts include. 

Crumble: These are solvent-based extracts. Crumble concentrates are usually yellow in color. This form of concentrate has very little moisture content compared to other concentrates.

Live Resin: Resin is probably one of the most coveted forms of concentrates out there. Live Resin is made using complex pieces of equipment and in several complicated stages. These extracts have high THC value and the truest Terpene profile imaginable. 

Oil: Oils are the oldest concentrates we have on the list. Oils are not as pure as other concentrates on the list and sometimes contain plant material in them. 

Shatter: Shatter is also a solvent-based concentrate with a high enough THC content and terpene profile that can knock off your boots. However, this has the most unique texture out of all the other concentrates. They have a brittle, glass-like texture, and this is why they are called shatter. 

THC Diamonds: These are also called THC crystals. Diamonds are created using the distillate extraction method. This method of manufacturing targets a single element. This is one of the most premium concentrates you can procure. But, how to smoke wax? Stick around to find out. 

Wax: Today’s guest of honor. Wax and crumble are mostly similar in aesthetic. However, crumble feels like THC sand. Meanwhile, Wax has a semi-solid waxy texture. Wax has low moisture content and can pack a punch, similar to crumble.

Introduction To Dabbing

Every cannabis concentrate goes through a different manufacturing process. Regardless of the manufacturing, all of these concentrates can be consumed by a process called dabbing. In this article, we will learn how to smoke wax by dabbing. 

Dabbing has become more and more popular in recent years. The primary reason behind this is that dabbing can activate the THC and terpenes to the fullest. To get the best results, medical cannabis users have also started experimenting with non-psychoactive CBD concentrates using dab rigs. 

Therefore, understanding dabbing will enable us to understand how to smoke wax with the most effect. 


Your method of consuming THC or CBD is totally dependent on you. While some individuals believe that smoking is the best, others believe that edibles are the best. Therefore, to help you understand which one is the best, we will look at some of the best benefits of consuming cannabis by dabbing.

Better Flavors & Potency

Two of the biggest benefits of dabbing include better flavor and potency. Unlike smoking, you are not introducing fire to the mixture when dabbing. As a result, you are getting the best and the most authentic flavor. Also, dabbing vaporizes the substance instead of burning it. This helps in activating the CBD or THC molecules to its fullest potential. 

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Lesser Carcinogens

When there is no fire, there is no smoke. Therefore, While dabbing wax, you are adding heat but in an indirect method. This vaporizes the substance, which contains fewer amounts of carcinogens than smoke. In fact, researchers believe that dabbing is a healthier alternative to smoking. 

Step By Step: How To Smoke Wax (Dabbing)

Now that you know everything there is to know about dabbing, you are ready to proceed to the final stage. This section will break down all the key processes of dabbing. Here we go!

Rig Preparation

After you have procured your wax, the first thing you need to do is to prepare your dab rig. However, while dabbing, you need to remember that the quality of the glassware matters the most. Always procure high-quality dab rigs with crystal bangers. This will ensure a smooth dabbing experience. Set the rig in a safe space and away from any sort of interference. Take a small amount of wax and put it in the bowl of the rig. 

Heating The Banger Or Nail

The next step you need to fulfill is heating the banger or nail. Hold your nail firmly and start heating it up. However, do not heat the nail to the point that it turns red. Once the nail is optimally heated, let the nail sit and cool down for a minute. This wait will help you moderate the heat. The general rule of thumb is to let the banger cool for as long as you heat it. Overheating or over-cooling will result in a sub-par dabbing experience. 

Dabbing Dab Dab

With the banger all heated up, you are ready for liftoff. Take the banger and slowly push it onto the concentrate. Let the wax guide you do not push it too hard. At this point, you will start seeing some vapor rising up from the concentrate. Slowly inhale this vapor like you do for bongs. Gentle inhale is the name of the game. Inhaling too fast and strong is something we do not recommend, especially if you are new to the game.

Final Thought

With that, we have reached the very end of our guide on how to smoke wax using a dabbing rig. It is an amazing way of consuming cannabis concentrates that does not use fire but instead uses indirect heating methods to get their job done. Keep following our page to remain updated on all things cannabis.

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