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Canna Products You Need To Know: Disposable Weed Pen

Canna Products You Need To Know: Disposable Weed Pen

Disposable Weed Pen

Understanding Disposable Weed Pen is the first step of being the next-gen cannabis connoisseur. Even though these devices are simple, there are certain aspects that you need to know in order truly understand the relationship between vaping and cannabis. Here we go!

Overview Of Trend: Vaping

Vaping or smoking an e-cigarette is all the rage right now. Youngsters are ditching conventional cigarettes in order to opt for more sleek and portable devices called vapes. Unlike conventional cigarettes, vaping is supposedly more conventional in nature and has several positive implications, like they are non-addictive, less harmful, and, more importantly, they are absolutely stylish. Still, more study needs to be conducted in order to know how safe e-cigarettes are. 

Moreover, whenever you are talking about vapes, one important factor that comes to mind is the variation in flavor profile. Vapes come in different shapes and sizes and with a myriad of delectable flavors. This is another factor that has made vapes all the rage.

What Is A Disposable Weed Pen

A Disposable Weed Pen can be best explained as a device that helps individuals consume cannabis employing the primary proponents of vaping. The primary role of cannabis vape pens is to heat cannabis extracts like oils using a heating coil. This then transforms the extract into vapor, which can then be inhaled. Manufacturers claim that this method of consuming cannabis is more effective and efficient than the conventional methods. But the jury is still out on that.

Similar to a bong or a joint, vaping uses heat to transform cannabis extracts into vapor. But the heat applied here is indirect in nature and does not destroy the natural terpenes and cannabinoids. In fact, some users claim that the terpene profile of a strain can be better experienced in a vape than in the conventional method of smoking. The primary reason behind this is that direct heat chars the natural elements present in the cannabis. So, users get a more burnt and smoky experience.

Things To Consider Before Switching

Disposable Weed Pen is a perfect way to get into the foray of cannabis vaping. They are discreet, they smell nice, and you can literally do it anywhere you want. Moreover, the disposable nature of these devices makes them perfect for a lot of beginners as it is of lesser commitment. Still, you must not get into something without knowing everything about it. In this section, we will look at some of the most important factors that you need to know in order to start your journey toward vaping with a more informed mind.


Safety must be at the very top of your list if you are dealing with a psychoactive element like cannabis. Unless you are really unlucky, these pens will not blow up in your face. However, vapes do run the risk of short circuits from time to time. 

Batteries are the biggest concern for new vape users. Unless the vape is of good quality, there is always a risk of battery liquid leakages, rapid discharging, surges, etc. These are serious issues you need to look out for. If things get out of hand, you can even get electrocuted. However, this only happens in rare cases.

Heating Technology

Earlier, manufacturers used non-ferrous metals to make the heating coil. But those coils were harder to handle and had the propensity to overheat the extracts. As a result, manufacturers started using ceramic heating coils. These are easier to handle and have a better heat-to-vapor ratio. It must also be noted that ceramic heating coils are much safer than metallic heating coils. The latter can overheat to a point of critical failure. Therefore, always opt for vapes that have ceramic heating coils, even though they can be a tad bit more expensive than the other vapes. 

Matching The Extracts

Different cannabis extracts have different consistencies and textures. While shatter is hard and brittle, crumble is sand-like, and resin has a honey-like viscosity. Not only that, different extracts have different potency levels. So, if you are consuming cannabis vapes, you need to be aware of the potency level of the vape and your capacity to handle it.  

Try to start off slow with vapes that have lower potency levels. Try not to go above and beyond from the get-go. If you do feel like going above and beyond, try doing it in a safe environment. Otherwise, you might be going through the worst trip of your life without any heads-up. 


The mouthpiece is a very important aspect that needs special consideration. The mouthpiece should be away from the heating chamber and the coil. Secondly, the mouthpiece needs to be made with food-grade silicone. As per current FDA regulations, vape mouthpieces need to be made with silicone and must not contain microplastic or heavy metals. So, keep a look out before buying. 

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Health Implication

The final point of concern for you should be the health implications. Many manufacturers argue that vaping is non-addictive, healthier, and can help combat the habit of smoking. While some users do back up these claims, researchers have a different outlook altogether. 

Several researchers believe that things are not so simple and hunky-dory for e-cigarettes. Firstly, vapes are fairly new. As a result, studies are still going on to determine its health implications. However, some researchers claim that vaping can greatly increase the chances of a condition called the popcorn lung

Moreover, a general consensus shows that vapes are not effective in helping people fight smoking compulsions. In fact, recent research showed that people who wanted to use vapes as a means to combat smoking actually ended up switching back to conventional cigarettes.


In summation, Disposable Weed Pen is an amazing gizmo that every smoker needs to try at least once. However, one should be well-informed and not fall for the marketing gimmicks that vape companies try pushing. Keep following our page for more such content.

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