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THC Lube: All That You Need To Know About It.

THC Lube: All That You Need To Know About It.

THC Lube

What is THC Lube? If this is what is keeping you awake. Then you came to the right spot. This article will look at every facet of the products so that you can decide whether to opt for it or not. Stick around to find out more. 

What Is THC Lube?

What Is THC Lube

To put it in the simplest of terms, THC lube is a lube that has cannabis extract put into it. THC Lubes are made by infusing cannabinoid like THC into oil or water to make a lubricating agent. In fact, you can add cannabinoids to silicone-based lubes as well, so you can definitely find all kinds of cannabinoid-infused lubricants in the market. 

The primary purpose behind creating cannabinoid-infused lubes is to enhance the sexual act. But since the period of its inception, this has been used for myriad purposes, and one of the most popular is to use for massages. Users claimed that massages using THC lube really help with muscle cramps and pains. 

Users who have experimented with this product for sexual pleasure have come forward with their reviews claiming that the lube actually enhances the overall act of coitus. Like for example, some believe that THC lubes actually makes sex more comfortable, while other claim that it activates the nerve endings and enhances the overall sensation. Personally, I have felt that the lube delays the orgasm cycle, making me and my partner last longer in bed. Therefore, this is an amazing product that comes with a lot of benefits. 

How Does THC Lube Work?

How Does THC Lube Work

Over an extended period of research, scientists have found that cannabis or marijuana directly affects the endocannabinoid system. It is also studied that the endocannabinoid system is directly linked to the sexual behavior and functioning of a person. In other words, the endocannabinoid system greatly helps in increasing sexual desires, orgasm, satisfaction, etc., in individuals. 

The THC lube works by directly affecting the endocannabinoid system through the cannabinoid receptors. However, THC in the product is not absorbed by the bloodstream, it is only absorbed into our body through the skin. Hence, the overall effect of the lube is localized. The absorbed THC acts as a vasodilator agent.

This means it widens the blood vessel locally so that more blood flows to the area, making it more receptive to external stimulation. The general effects of the product last around 15 to 30 minutes. But if you have a more activated endocannabinoid system, then the effects might even last longer. An individual’s health and age also dictate the duration of the effects. However, the lube does not act like Viagra, so do not approach the product with similar expectations. 



One of the foremost things that you need to know about the overall usage of the product is that these lubes are primarily manufactured for people with vaginas. Scientifically it is proven that vaginas have more mucus membranes than any other part of the body. Hence, if the lube is applied to the vagina, it is bound to work faster and more effectively. If you are a woman, then the best areas to apply THC lube include the vulva, inside of the vagina, or the anus. 

Although the product is primarily manufactured for females, it does not mean that men cannot use it. But, if you are a man, you have to be a little tactful about the usage of the lube. The perfect place to use the lube is not the penis or any other obvious areas. In fact, the best spot to apply the lube is the rectum. This makes the absorption of the lube more effective.


If you are talking about a certain product, there is a query about the benefits of the product. Otherwise, why would you use it? This section will look at the benefits of THC lube. 

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  • Users claim that their arousal was longer and stronger.
  • The overall tactile sensation around the area increased due to the increased flow of blood.
  • The pain and soreness before as well as after sex were alleviated to a great extent. 
  • Helps dealing with vaginal dryness. Which in turn helps with smoother penetration.
  • The overall frequency of the orgasm cycles was increased. 
  • If used a massage lubrication, the lube assists in muscle pain

Risks Involved

Risks Involved

Just as knowing the benefits are involved. In the same way, one must also consider the risks that are involved in order to truly understand if THC Lube is the right product for you.

  • One of the biggest concerns while using such a product is sensitive skin. If you are somebody who suffers from frequent allergic reactions due to sensitive skin, then you need to be wary about using the product. You need to be more careful because you will be applying it near your genitalia, which already has sensitive skin. 
  • These lubes are not the right kind if you consider using them with latex condoms or silicone sex toys. The chemicals in these lubricants decrease the structural integrity of these products, therefore making the condom or the sex toy to be ineffective and damaged. Which in turn can open another can of worms which I do not think I need to reiterate. 

THC Lube Legality

THC Lube Legality

Given the nature of the primary component of THC lubes, there is always a question of legality that goes along with it. In essence, THC lube can be only found in states where the THC enjoys a legal status. Meanwhile, if you want something close and more readily available, then you can go for CBD lube. CBD lubes are available across 50 states of America. The reason behind this availability is the 2018 farm Bill which legalized derivatives of cannabis with a 0.3% concentration. 


And there you go, this was all the information you need about the topic of the day, THC Lube. A revolutionary chapter in cannabis and cannabis products. These lubes are known to increase sexual pleasure and can get you high while being horny. Therefore, this is definitely a plus in my book. Keep following our page for more cannabis-related content and news.

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