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Cannabis THC Tincture 101: How To Make, Consume And Dose Them?

Cannabis THC Tincture 101: How To Make, Consume And Dose Them?

THC Tincture

The whole cannabis landscape has evolved, and now innovations like transdermal topicals, nanotechnology beverages, and even rosin vape pens have been increasing in popularity. The question is, are classic, tried-and-tested products like THC tincture under the pressure of being forgotten? 

In fact, tinctures were perhaps the first innovative products in the plant medicine landscape. There’s even documentation dating back to 1025, and the book is known as The Al-Qanoon fi al Tibb (The Canon of Medicine). The millennium actually have opted for several innovations post that. But we tend to disagree – we feel that both good marijuana as well as good products never really went out of fashion. 

Keep reading to find out more about consuming THC tincture and its subsequent doses. 

Cannabis THC tincture 101: What Is Cannabis THC Tincture?

What Is Cannabis THC Tincture?

Basically, cannabis tincture is cannabis extract – in this, a type of liquid gets infused with cannabis, that is meant for a distinctive sublingual consumption different from smoking or vaporization. While the plant just soaks a type of base liquid like food-grade alcohol, oil, or even glycerin, the basic plant matter gets strained out after steeping for several days. 

The terpenes, cannabinoids, and even other compounds get melded with a type of base liquid, simply ready for dosage and consumption. Generally, ‘tincture’ is a term that usually refers to a product that is made from an alcohol base and another product made from glycerin or oil – it’s a type of infusion, but here we will use it like an umbrella term. 

In different adult-use markets, tinctures are typically used in exactly 1fl oz or 30 ml glass bottles accompanied by droppers for administering both consistent and low doses. Since these are not assumed to be food, these can easily exceed the whole 100 mg Tetrahydrocannabinol cap on different edibles in several markets.

A THC tincture might not be as innovative or fun like a dab or a gummy, but these come with so many health benefits while providing an intoxicating yet comfortable experience. 

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Using A THC Tincture In 2022: Consumption, Benefits, And Dosage

Consumption, Benefits, And Dosage of Thc tinture

Now that you what is a cannabis THC tincture, let’s talk about consumption and dosage. So without wasting any time, scroll down to read about the benefits of THC tincture, and the related dosage. 


While a THC tincture does not seem that edgy as compared to different other methods of consumption, these have after all endured in different dispensaries and apothecaries for several centuries since this is perhaps the healthiest methods of consuming cannabis

Here are some of the top benefits of THC tincture!

  • THC tinctures do not contain any sensitive ingredients or even food allergens.
  • These products give you the discretion you need since these resemble wellness or skincare products. 
  • THC tinctures are all about flexible dosing. 
  • THC tinctures are also pretty fast-acting.


You can never learn about how to use THC tincture without understanding how the dosage works. So check out the table mentioned below for a guide to THC tincture dosage. Please note that the chart is based on one bottle containing 30 ml of tincture and 300 mg of tincture. 

Dosage (ml)Approximate Dose (mg)Effects
0.10 ml3 mgLow intoxication for micro dosage
0.25 ml7.5 mgLow intoxication for light dosage (for both sensitive consumers and beginners)
0.50 ml15 mgSlight intoxication for standard dosage.
1 ml30 mgMore than an average dosage (for all experienced consumers)
2 ml60 mgPotent dose (for all patients suffering from different serious ailments and experienced consumers)

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Making A THC Tincture: How To Make These Goodies?

Making A THC Tincture

Now that you have a clear idea about benefits, consumption, and dosage, let’s find out how to make THCtincture – scroll down to read about the same! Did you know that these tinctures are perhaps an easy product that you can make simply at home? 

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They hardly require any equipment – moreover, you do not require high levels of scientific knowledge, you will need a whole lot of patience. The basic ratio of the base to the flowers determines the THC concentration in the tincture. 

For instance, if the THC tincture is made simply from one ounce of marijuana, it will have to be steeped inside 25 fl OZ at the very least for mild a mild dosage. And that too in one bottle of 1 fl OZ. If you need a relatively more potent tincture, just increase the amount of weed or even your base liquid. 


In order to make the best THC tincture, scroll down to find out all the ingredients that you will need. 

  • Between 3.5 grams to 14 grams (eighth and half an ounce) of cannabis flowers.
  • Between 3 to 12 fl OZ of food-grade ethanol or glycerin, or even carrier oil like coconut oil.


The equipments you will need for making grade A treetown tincture are as follows,

  • A few masons or normal glass jars.
  • A cheesecloth or even coffee filters.
  • A dropper cap.
  • A glass bottle of one fl oz.


Follow the steps mentioned below to make the best THC tincture out there.

  1. Start with decarboxylating your cannabis flowers. If you are seeking intoxication from the THC, you will need to make your buds active. Since there’s absolutely no need for hear in the tincture-making procedure, get your cannabis decarboxylated.
  1. Now pour your cannabis and base into different mason jars at your preferable ratio. If you are looking for more potency then you cut the amount of base or even increase your flower count. Make sure that the cannabis is completely submerged within your base. And then simply stir all the contents well. 
  1. Then store all your tincture mix inside a place that’s cool and dry for about four weeks. Make sure that you are stirring or shaking all the contents once every day. This helps the base liquid to soak inside the flower in an improved way. 
  1. It will take some time for the terpenes and cannabinoids to infuse (glycerin) or to dissolve (alcohol) with the main base. A steeper and longer time will automatically yield a tincture that’s relatively more potent. 

And It’s A Wrap!

So now you have a fair idea about a THC tincture. What next? Yes, if you are planning on finding out the cannabis tincture prices and other details you need for trying these then we have successfully convinced you to join the tincture craze. Trust us – it’s healthy and it gets you stoned.

Tell us what do you think about these tinctures. And at the same, don’t forget to share your experiences about the same in the comments below.

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